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Growing Marijuana Outdoors – Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Growing Marijuana Outdoors – Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: March 21, 2021

Why Should You Grow Marijuana Outdoors?

Although many cannabis growers choose the indoors for growing their crops, there are plenty of benefits of growing in the outdoors. While there are more challenges to growing pot seeds outside, there are also many advantages. Growing marijuana outdoors, in the beauty of nature, is one of the most rewarding activities for those who love cannabis.

Reasons You Should Grow Marijuana Outdoors

There is a multitude of reasons for growing cannabis outdoors. When exploring your growing options, it is crucial to consider both methods. With this guide, you will learn why growing cannabis outdoors is so beneficial and how.

  1. Growing marijuana outdoors is more environmentally friendly than growing indoors. When growing cannabis indoors, there is a lot of energy expenditure. Experts surmise the energy expended while growing two pounds of marijuana equates to driving across the United States seven times. It has been said it takes around 200 pounds of coal to produce one pound of weed.

When growers grow their cannabis crops outdoors, as you can easily do in California or New Mexico, there is no energy expenditure because everything the plants need is provided by nature. There are no lights to burn, and no ventilation systems to operate. The plants simply need the soil, sun, rain, and wind to thrive.

  1. Another reason for growing marijuana outdoors is the lack of expense. Indoor growers in Idaho or Indiana must have a lot of equipment to be able to mimic nature. Even the smallest of setups can become expensive, especially when a person is just starting. When you grow marijuana outdoors, the only expense is the purchase of the seeds and nutrients, depending on the type being grown and the soil composition.
  2. Many people choose to grow marijuana outdoors because of high-quality crops. Bud that has been grown outdoors in the sunshine has a noticeably different smell, taste, and high. The quality of the cannabis is just much more superior when grown in nature.
  3. Many chronic enthusiasts claim they can smell and taste the earthiness of the plants being grown in natural soil. Growing marijuana yourself far exceeds the quality you will find when purchasing from a dispensary. Knowing what your plants have been exposed to is essential. Growing marijuana outdoors often leads to a much higher yield. Even though growers can closely mimic the growing conditions found in nature, it is not possible to duplicate them fully. When marijuana is grown in its natural elements, it ends up being able to grow to its highest potential, for a much larger yield.
  4. Many people grow weed seeds outdoors because they have much more space. Although not a lot of space is needed for indoor grow rooms, the required equipment can take up even more space. Growing outdoors allows for plenty of open spaces with fewer growing restrictions.

It is clear to see that there are multiple reasons for growing marijuana outdoors. Any time you can grow plants in their natural habitat, there will typically be a higher and healthier yield. Before starting planting, it is wise to understand what it takes to grow marijuana outdoors so you will be prepared.

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