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Quite a bit of information is circulating about cannabis these days. Many scientists are touting this age-old natural remedy for its many potential medical uses. Patients across the globe are benefiting from its diverse range of applications. At the same time, recreational marijuana users have access to an ever-growing lineup of new strains to choose from.

With cannabis’ legality growing by the year, more people than ever before are considering the prospect of growing marijuana crops. Though many of these are individuals who want to cultivate their own personal stashes, quite a few have much more large-scale plans for their cannabis gardens. For those in the latter category, USA wholesale seeds are the way to go.

At Weed Seeds USA, we’re here to supply growers with a vast selection of cannabis seeds. We offer several types of seeds and an extensive list of strains to suit growers’ unique needs and expectations. Call us at 1-844-807-1234 or contact us through our website to learn more about our lineup of wholesale seeds for sale and how you can order wholesale seeds online today.

What Are Wholesale Seeds?

In a nutshell, wholesale weed seeds are seeds sold in large quantities. We specialize in providing growers sizable order of seeds to grow their cannabis. Once their crops come in, they’re equipped with the bountiful buds they need to meet their customers’ demands.

We offer several alternatives for those who want to buy wholesale seeds. From boutique strains to the basics, our inventory includes virtually every type of cannabis seed imaginable. Whether you’re supplying raw products to the country’s growing number of dispensaries or creating your own edibles, isolates, and concentrates, we have what you need.

How Are Wholesale Seeds Made?

Generally speaking, wholesale seeds for sale online are made in the same way as other types of seeds but on a much larger scale. Some are developed via traditional methods, meaning male and female plants are left together for nature to take its course. In other cases, seed producers use the forced female self-pollination process to produce wholesale weed seeds.

In either scenario, the seed-production process is carefully supervised under highly controlled conditions. The seeds are harvested and stored in protected environments to keep them in top-notch condition until they reach growers’ hands. All this helps ensure the highest possible level of quality and maximum germination rates provided you order your wholesale seeds online from a reputable seed bank.

Why Buy Seeds in Bulk?

One of the main reasons to buy bulk marijuana seeds is to save money. When you purchase small quantities of seeds, you’ll end up allotting a significant portion of your budget to seeds alone. Why pay more for a few seeds at a time when you can get bulk ganja seeds for less without sacrificing quality and variety?

Saving money on superior seeds means you’ll have more capital left for additional supplies, like grow lights, fertilizers, hydroponics equipment, and other essentials. This gives you the opportunity to satisfy your customers and expand your business without dipping into your profits.

That’s only one of the benefits of choosing the wholesale route. Consistency is another advantage of purchasing wholesale seeds USA from a trusted seed bank like us. You’ll routinely see high germination rates and stable genetics in your bulk seeds, so you get more for your money.

We fulfill orders of 100 seeds or more, and we can package them in smaller quantities for your convenience. Our team also has high-yielding recreational and medicinal wholesale seeds designed to meet the varied needs of our customers. From crops of 100 plants to farms consisting of 100 acres or more, you can count on us to stock the seeds you’re looking for.

What Types of Wholesale Seeds Are There?

Numerous types of wholesale seeds are at your disposal. You’ll find everything from exotic blends to American wholesale seeds on the market these days. In fact, listing and discussing them all could take quite a bit of time.

Before delving into the various options available from our wholesale seed bank, we must first take a look at the basics. Back in the early days of cannabis, three fundamental strains existed: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis.

Cannabis Sativa

Sativa plants are indigenous to hot, humid, tropical areas. Many of today’s popular strains come from Central and South America and parts of Southeast Asia. Because of their origins, they thrive best in heat and humidity with plenty of sunlight to draw from. Of course, those conditions can easily be recreated in a greenhouse or indoors in a grow room with the right types of light, heat, and ventilation.

In terms of appearance, Sativas have a look all their own. They’re much taller and leaner than other varieties. When grown outdoors, they can reach heights of 10 feet. Some grow even taller. Sativa plants are also slender and streamlined with slim leaves. Their buds tend to be longer and more delicate than those of Indica and Ruderalis.

If you’re looking for bulk CBD seeds that grow into plants with either low or moderate THC levels, we likely have a Sativa strain on our menu that matches that criteria. Sativa strains are perfect for generating a boost of energy, focus, concentration, and creativity. They also offer several medicinal benefits, such as alleviating pain along with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. They can help manage ADHD and appetite loss as well.

Cannabis Sativa can be the smoke of choice for both medicinal use and recreational use as well. Some contain both THC and CBD, which provides a more balanced experience than strains with lofty THC content and little CBD to back it up. Though CBD won’t completely eliminate the effects of THC, it can help prevent the fear or paranoia some users face when they consume THC on its own.

Cannabis Indica

Indica strains originated in arid and mountainous areas. Many of the most well-known plants in this family come from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and other areas of their native Hindu Kush region. Indicas are naturally accustomed to hot, dry conditions with cool, breezy nights. If you’re growing them indoors, you’ll need to keep a few fans blowing on them to simulate their preferred climates.

When you buy bulk chronic seeds in the Indica category, you can expect a crop that looks much different than a field of Sativa. Indicas generally grow short and bulky, only reaching maximum heights of around two to four feet. Their leaves are smaller and wider than those of Sativa plants, and their buds are typically wide and dense.

Those who are looking for a heavy stoned feeling from their recreational wholesale seeds should choose Indicas over the alternatives. They have high levels of THC that can provide some interesting psychedelic experiences and also a sedative effect that can leave you glued to the couch.

Though Indicas are primarily sought after for their recreational qualities, they can certainly provide medicinal benefits as well. They’re great for treating insomnia, inflammatory conditions, some types of pain, and anxiety among other conditions.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis hails from parts of Asia and Russia. It could be considered the black sheep of the marijuana family because it essentially went out on its own. Ruderalis grows naturally in areas where other strains wouldn’t dare venture.

When it comes to growing conditions, Ruderalis can easily tolerate cooler temperatures than Indica and Sativa. It thrives in areas with marginal sunlight and shorter growing seasons. It’s a small, stocky plant that usually only reaches heights of about two feet or so with wide leaves and small, thick buds.

Ruderalis isn’t the strain of choice for most growers. It’s not very potent when compared to other strains, and it doesn’t produce as many buds. At the same time, its buds usually contain minimal amounts of CBD and no THC.

In spite of its shortcomings, Ruderalis certainly has its place in the cannabis industry. It’s a nice choice for newcomers to marijuana farming since it’s a tough little plant that grows easily and is difficult to kill. If you’re preparing to plant your first crop, Ruderalis wholesale seeds US might be the best choice for you.

Some medicinal consumers prefer Ruderalis over the other strains because of its low THC levels. They have to consume more to get the desired effects, but they’re willing to do so because of the reduced risk of failing a drug test. Breeders often seek out US wholesale seeds in the Ruderalis category because of the strain’s strengths. We’ll discuss that matter further shortly.

Digging Deeper into the World of Marijuana Seeds

Now that we’ve covered the three fundamental strains of cannabis, we can move on to more in-depth varieties of wholesale pot seeds. This is where hybrids come into play. Hundreds of hybrids are on the market right now, and more are being developed even as we speak.

Breeders and engineers create hybrids by crossbreeding two or more types of marijuana plants. At least, that’s where the process begins. They can also develop a crossbreed and further meld its DNA with other strains to craft an even more diverse line of hybrids.

Wholesale seeds USA can be particularly useful for breeders because they often need an ample supply of different types of seeds to conduct their genetic experiments. Quite a bit of trial and error are involved in the process. It sometimes takes numerous attempts to create a strain with the specific traits they’re looking for.

Most hybrids are either Indica- or Sativa-dominant, meaning they have more DNA from one strain than the other. Breeders choose the plants they want to combine based on their physical traits, CBD and THC concentrations, effects, and other factors. When they crossbreed those strains, the end result offers an amalgam of advantageous qualities.

In many cases, breeders integrate Ruderalis genetics into the mix because of its hardy nature. Doing so makes crossbreeds more resilient in less-than-ideal growing conditions and more resistant to many botanical pathogens. Ruderalis DNA also gives cannabis plants an entirely different set of growth and flowering parameters.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

As the name indicates, regular wholesale weed seeds are standard, garden-variety seeds. They can contain the genetics of the three basic strains of cannabis or those of any type of hybrid. When planted, they mature into either male or female plants because cannabis is naturally a dioecious plant.

If you want a crop of both male and female plants, regular seeds are certainly a suitable option. Keep in mind, putting male and female plants together results in more seeds. When the male plants are allowed to pollinate the females, the females produce seeds rather than pure buds. Those who are looking for a massive harvest of juicy, resin-laden buds are bound to be in for a disappointment in such a case.

You also have the option of separating the males from the females after regular seeds begin to grow. This means knowing how to distinguish one from the other. Females begin producing flowers whereas males grow pollen sacs. Of course, the differences between the two aren’t easy to see when the plants are young. By the time they become more obvious, it may be too late to prevent pollination.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Wholesale feminized seeds are unique types of hybrids. They can be created in different ways, but each technique essentially involves forcing a female plant to develop its own pollen sacs and pollinate itself.

In some cases, simply separating female plants from the males and leaving them without a way of being pollinated is enough to bring on this development. Certain chemical solutions, like colloidal silver, can be sprayed on a single branch of a female plant to prompt it to develop pollen sacs and self-pollinate as well.

Breeders use one of those techniques to induce self-pollination. From there, the female plants produce seeds. Since no actual male DNA was involved in the process, the seeds have only female chromosomes. As such, they can only grow into female plants.

With feminized seeds, you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye out for the big gender reveals of your cannabis plants. Separating them to prevent pollination isn’t necessary, either.

All you have to do is germinate the seeds and wait for your full crop of female, bud-producing marijuana to grow and mature. Though you can force plants to self-pollinate on your own, it’s much faster, simpler, and more foolproof to purchase feminized seeds from a wholesale seed bank.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds come from either Ruderalis plants or strains that are crossbred with Ruderalis. They tend to be much easier to grow than other strains, and their plants often flower earlier than their counterparts. This makes autoflowering wholesale seeds USA a highly sought-after alternative.

Ruderalis operates on a much different timeline than other varieties of marijuana. Sativas and Indicas are photoperiodic. That means they need 18 hours of strong, blue light and six hours of darkness during their vegetative states. In the flowering phase, they require 12 hours of light from the red and orange end of the color spectrum followed by 12 hours of darkness.

That’s not the case with autoflowering strains. Since they evolved in areas with short days and limited growing seasons, they flower based on their age rather than the types and amounts of light they receive. Most autoflowering strains only remain in their vegetative states for two to four weeks.

Photoperiodic varieties can take several weeks or months to begin flowering. From there, you have to wait even longer for the flowers to mature into ripe buds. With autoflowering seeds, you could have a harvest-ready crop in as little as three months.

710 Cannabis Seeds

Wholesale 710 seeds are specialized hybrids. They’re specifically designed to produce high-yield plants with extremely sticky, resinous buds. They’re typically used for oil production, as evidenced by the cryptic name “710”, which of course spells OIL when flipped upside-down. Growers who use their crops to create isolates and concentrates need massive amounts of oil to make their products, and 710 seeds can give them plants that produce more oils than other breeds. Wedding Cake, Pineapple, and Lamb’s Bread are just a few of the popular 710 seeds that we carry.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

With all that said, some seeds offer the best of more than one world. Regular seeds are just what their name says they are, but some regular autoflowering seeds are available. They can be male or female, but they flower according to age instead of the light they receive. You won’t find feminized regular seeds because the two terms contradict each other.

Growers also have a long list of feminized autoflowering seeds for various strains and hybrids to choose from. They take almost all the guesswork out of the growing process. It’s possible to order wholesale seeds for 710 strains that are autoflowering and feminized as well.

Top 10 Wholesale Seeds USA

A long list of Four Twenty seeds has made its way to market over the years. New strains are continually being added to the mix. While everyone has a favorite or two, certain varieties are more popular than others right now.

Auto White Widow x Crystal Meth

As one of the most well-liked hybrids available, Auto White Widow x Crystal Meth is one of the fast-growing autoflowering strains we mentioned previously. This Indica-dominant breed matures in just over two months, and it offers a mixed bag of benefits.

Auto Sunset Sherbet

Auto Sunset Sherbet is a beautiful breed with a sweet, fruity taste and aroma that’s sure to please. Its effects range from heightened energy and focus to extreme relaxation depending on how much you consume.

Auto Bruce Banner

This incredibly powerful alternative combines the genetics of all three cannabis strains. It has a citrusy taste and smell with nutty undertones and generates an uplifting and euphoric effect due to its high THC content.

Banana Kush

With a sweet flavor and aroma, this Indica-dominant species makes everything pop and induces a lovely state of relaxation. It’s great for alleviating social anxiety as well as quite a few other issues.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is one of the OGs of the Indica family. High THC levels lead to utter relaxation and euphoria and can induce a state of deep thoughtfulness with this strain.

Bubba Kush

A favorite among Indica fans, Bubba Kush combines chocolate, coffee, and nutty flavors for a wonderfully comforting and relaxing experience. When consumed in large amounts, it’s a powerful sleep aid. In smaller volumes, it provides a euphoric effect.

OG Kush

Relief from pain, stress, and general foul moods is guaranteed when you partake of this popular strain. It has the typical skunky, earthy, woody taste and smell you’d expect from a potent Indica.

Northern Lights

If you’re looking for relaxation, pain relief, and an extreme sense of calm, Northern Lights wholesale weed seeds are the answer you seek. This purely Indica strain hosts high levels of powerful THC.

Auto CBD Critical Mass

With equal amounts of THC and CBD, This phenotype of Critical Mass soothes the soul and the body. Its balanced effect gives you ample relaxation without some of the harsh impacts of pure THC.

Strawberry Kush

Pain relief and relaxation are the words of the day with this Sativa/Indica hybrid. It has the taste and aroma of fresh strawberries and may leave you craving a tray of desserts.

With so many varieties of cannabis on the market, picking out only a few of the top favorites isn’t easy. These are some of the options other people find interesting. Feel free to branch out from these strains and experiment with growing and enjoying some of the others we have to offer.

How to Buy Wholesale seeds Online

Now that you’ve explored the many types of bulk cannabis seeds you have to choose from, it’s time to decide which ones pique your interest. At Weed Seeds USA, we’re here to keep you stocked with seeds to grow your crops and your business. Call us at 1-844-807-1234 to buy wholesale seeds online or email us at ok@weed-seeds.com with any questions you may have.

Common Misspellings and Alternate Versions

Just as marijuana has evolved from three basic strains into hundreds of exciting varieties, its name has taken on many forms over the centuries. As you search for new options to grow and share, you might stumble upon a few common breeds of canibis. Certain seldom heard-of kannebus strains may come into the picture as well.

Don’t be discouraged if your quest for a new breed of kannabus      to try doesn’t generate the results you’d hoped for. Just hold onto your resolve and keep looking. An abundance of holesale seeds is at your disposal. Searching in bulk is sure to keep you on track.


Interesting Facts about Wholesale Seeds

Cannabis is a unique plant with quite a few traits you won’t find in other flora. Let’s face it: we don’t see people rushing to dispensaries to purchase tomato seeds and dried roses for their medicinal and recreational uses. On top of its many benefits and potential applications, marijuana and its seeds have quite a few surprising facts behind them.

  • Chronic Seeds Are All-Inclusive. Considering their small size and unassuming appearances, cannabis seeds don’t look like much. There’s far more to them than meets the eye, though. Each tiny seed contains all the DNA and other materials needed to grow an entire plant.
  • Alaska Is the Ganja Frontier. Many reports credit California with being the first state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. In truth, the Golden State didn’t legalize recreational marijuana until 2016. Alaska made it legal a year earlier.
  • The United States Military Has Experimented with Marijuana. Approximately 70 years ago, the U.S. Military created a synthetic version of THC known as Dimethylheptylpyran. Its psychoactive effects can last for several days. Some might argue that this is more of an alliance-builder than a weapon.
  • The Cannabis Industry Is Soaring. Back in 2016, legalized marijuana sales reached almost $7 billion. By 2019, this figure had almost doubled. Analysts expect sales to surpass $23 billion within the next five years.

These are only a few of the fun facts surrounding marijuana. It’s a major part of America’s history and appears in ancient stories from other countries and cultures across the globe. Without a doubt, it’ll be interesting to see which new developments arise during the years to come.

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