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Weed Seeds USA Bulk Cultivator’s Choice 2021

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 5, 2022
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Wholesale Seeds for Growing Weed, Cannabis and Marijuana For Commercial and Industrial Producers

American growers looking to buy wholesale seed need competitive pricing and massive selection. Welcome to our extensive menu of wholesale cannabis seeds to supply your commercial grow operation through the year. With large bulk seed shipments, we are pleased to offer free shipping within the USA.As more and more of the independent states make the necessary steps to legalize recreational cannabis, this can only serve to help the struggling economy and also reduce the amount of black-market pot being sold on the streets.

Let’s CUT to the CHASE and get you PRICING for wholesale seeds. Rather than nickel and dime you with prices like $3, $4, $5 that most wholesale departments of popular seed banks will quote you after a sales process. Here at Weed Seeds USA we are moving to a $2.22 per bean price in quantities of 1000 units or more. The pack size must be 100’s and the order size must be 1000 or more to qualify as wholesale seeds for sale and get this splurge worthy deal from your friends at Weed Seeds.

Please note, although we strive to be accurate and speedy on every order placed, on the rare occasion, fulfilment for a wholesale order can take up to 2 weeks.