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American growers looking to buy wholesale seed need competitive pricing and massive selection. Welcome to our extensive menu of wholesale cannabis seeds to supply your commercial grow operation through the year. With large bulk seed shipments, we are pleased to offer free shipping within the USA and if you live in the Oklahoma area, you can even pick up your seed order the next business day. As more and more of the independent states make the necessary steps to legalize recreational cannabis, this can only serve to help the struggling economy and also reduce the amount of black-market pot being sold on the streets.

Some critics and weed connoisseurs may complain that ‘factory weed’ doesn’t have the same quality or flavour as small batch home-grown buds. The successful wholesale growers out there know that this is simply not the case. With the advent of new automated equipment and the different natural pest control agents available, you can grow fantastic quality cannabis plants by the thousands. You simply just need the appropriate people power to handle the daily tasks involved with maintaining a crop this size.

When you offer a popular strain like OG Kush or Bubba Kush, the name itself can sell your product so long as the quality is also there. Smell, taste, THC percentage, and price all play heavily into your customer’s purchasing decisions. If you grow wholesale auto seeds, like Auto Banana Kush and Auto Bruce Banner, then you can even keep vegging and flowering plants in the same room so there are always plants on the verge of harvest to keep your production output consistent. No matter what variety of marijuana seed you are planning to buy in bulk, we can help you with a continued supply here at Weed Seeds USA American wholesale seed bank.

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