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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: November 3, 2021

What is a Cannabis Seed Bank?

What Is A Seed Bank?

When the majority of people think about banks, they inevitably ponder their money and other financial instruments. We have evolved over time to use banks as a safe way to store and save our money and ensure that it is there when we need it for the future. A seed bank is a way to ensure that we preserve the genetic diversity of our plant species for the future.

A seed bank typically uses a vault to protect the seeds from any type of catastrophe that would threaten the viability of the seed species going forward. The seeds are kept in an environment that is cold with low humidity so that the seeds can remain fresh, be preserved and ready when they are called upon to grow some fantastic plants. Seed Banks exist all over the globe for an enormous variety of seed types to ensure that plant species are preserved for future generations. Unfortunately, certain events, like habitat loss, pollution, pests and disease and climate change have threatened the viability of some species that face extinction. Seed Banks attempt to prevent that from happening in the future.

A typical question that comes up while discussing the best seed banks is how long do seeds last in the best seed bank? In theory, the seeds that are stored in ideal conditions can remain viable for hundreds of years, depending on the type of seed. Having said that, seed banks have not been around and in existence for hundreds of years so this ends up being a theoretical concept. The best models in the world seem to indicate that seeds can last up to 150 years in vaults though which seems like more than enough time before they get used and unleashed on the world!

What Does A Cannabis Seed Bank Do?

A Cannabis Seed Bank provides a very similar service to a generic seed bank but specializes in cannabis seeds. An online seed bank like Weed Seeds seed bank is an example of a reputable, high quality seed bank in the United States. But we digress, let’s get back to the original question of what is a seed bank, cannabis style?

Cannabis Seed Banks are businesses that specialize in storing Ganja seeds and delivering them to those that want to begin their own marijuana gardens. More than simply storing and shipping though, cannabis seeds banks are on the forefront of perpetuating feminizing seeds so that male plants are less common in commercial and home gardens in order to maximize yields for the growers that use them.

As more and more people are in search of a reliable source of marijuana seeds, the best seed banks are ones that are able to not only store seeds but also source unique cannabis strains and retain the highest quality genetics for future strains. As mentioned before, the storing of feminized seeds is one of the primary focuses of Cannabis Seed Banks and it has become more important than ever. With the female plants being the primary growers of bodacious buds, most growers are going to be best served by focusing their green thumb efforts on raising flowering females!

The feminization of cannabis seeds is revolutionizing the weed seed world because it is fixing a long-standing issue of inefficiency. When marijuana seeds have been left to their natural devices, or mother nature as some may call it, they are going to produce a general 50/50 split of male and female plants. The problem is that cultivators have spent hard earned money and time on growing these plants only to remove these pesky males before they pollinate the female plants and provide low potency, seedy flowers that are going to lead to disappointment.

Last but definitely not least, cannabis seed banks source from reputable breeders and are skilled in acquiring a wide variety of strains, such as the autoflowering versions of famous strains. Autoflowering strains are perfect for beginner growers and those that simply want a simplified growing process that can still produce strong yields and great return on investment.

The best part of the cannabis seed banks today is that proximity to the seed bank is less important than ever. When you want high quality pot seeds you no longer have to search for seed bank near me because of the efficiency and convenience of an online cannabis seed bank like Weed Seeds. Let us be your cultivating partner as you start Growing Weed From Seeds with the finest pot seeds around.

What Does a Seed Bank Do?


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