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Whether they’re planning to cultivate a few cannabis plants in fully enclosed indoor hydroponic systems or an entire outdoor crop, growers can expect high quality and great results when they choose Weed Seeds USA.

We carry a wide variety of premium, high-quality seeds, so you can find everything to meet your grow’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking for indicas or sativas, autoflowers or photoperiod strains, feminized or regular seeds, high-CBD or high-THC varieties, we’ve got it all.

What Are Weed Seeds?

There are a few ways to cultivate marijuana for recreational or medicinal use, but most serious growers start their plants from seed. Marijuana seeds feature characteristics of both male and female plants, although feminized varieties of most strains are also available, and contain all the genetic material required to create a fully developed, mature cannabis plant. Regular seeds can grow into either male plants or female plants, while feminized seeds always produce female plants.

Growing from seed means that the grower controls growing conditions and inputs throughout the plants’ entire life cycles and, unlike cloning, it helps to maintain genetic viability. Our usa weed seeds are harvested from healthy plants that have been chosen for their genetic superiority and adherence to industry standards for each strain, so you can rest assured that you’ll get what you pay for.

The Importance of Buying High-Quality Seeds

Novice growers often underestimate the importance of buying high-quality marijuana seeds. They assume that as long as they give their plants plenty of attention and love, that’s all they’ll need to produce huge yields and high-quality crops. In reality, growing good pot always starts with choosing premium pot seeds.

Buying high-quality us weed seeds eliminates concerns about genetic viability. By eliminating this variable, growers can focus on increasing yield instead of worrying about whether their plants will be predisposed to disease, pest infestations, or low THC concentrations. Choosing the right seeds for a particular climate or indoor grow setup also helps to increase yields and improve the quality of the final product.

How Are Weed Seeds Made?

At first glance, the question of how weed seeds are made may seem like it should have an obvious answer: they’re made by weed plants. While this is partially true, it’s also important to note that reputable seed banks do more than just take whatever random cannabis seeds they have from any old plant and ship them off to growers.

Plant breeders have two tools in their arsenals when it comes to creating high-quality seeds. They can either produce regular seeds by interbreeding marijuana and hemp plants or they can produce feminized seeds using a process known as rhodelization. Either way, they must select for the most desirable traits and ensure both genetic viability and adherence to strain standards.

What Is Rhodelization?

Rhodelization is a plant breeding technique that takes advantage of marijuana plants’ natural mechanisms to ensure pollination. To put it simply, female plants grown without male plants to pollinate them will sometimes exhibit male traits if they aren’t pollinated before the end of their life cycles. They’ll grow male pollen sacs and flowers to self-pollinate.

Plant breeders can encourage female plants to self-pollinate by exposing them to environmental stress near the end of their life cycles. Most plants that undergo rhodelization won’t produce as many seeds as pollinated marijuana plants, but those seeds that do appear will be guaranteed to produce female plants.

Feminized seeds are great for novice growers who don’t yet know how to identify male and female preflowers. They’re also good for growers with limited space since there’s no possibility of wasting valuable resources on male plants that wind up having to be pulled from the crop before the flowering stage. If you buy feminized seeds and provide the plants with everything, they need to sustain healthy growth and prevent stress-induced hermaphrodism, you’ll be all but guaranteed to wind up with nothing but sinsemilla.

The downside of feminized seeds is that they only contain genetic information from one parent plant. Using rhodelization to feminize seeds can eventually weaken plants’ genetics. Most experienced plant breeders avoid this problem by pollinating their strains at least every few generations to introduce genetic variability and ensure the strain’s ongoing viability. The average grower who purchases seeds from a weed seed bank each season doesn’t have to worry about that, though. Our breeders will take care of that for you.

What Types of Weed Seeds Are There?

Finding the right seeds isn’t just a matter of choosing the right strains, although that is important. There are also several types of seeds available for purchase through our website.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are produced by allowing a male cannabis plant to pollinate a female cannabis plant, either through natural pollination or artificial pollination. Most plant breeders use artificial pollination to ensure that only the plants with the highest levels of genetic viability can pass on their genes.

Since they receive genetic information from both a male and a female plant, regular seeds have roughly a 50/50 chance of producing marijuana. Some will grow into female marijuana plants, while others will grow into male plants. Growers who buy regular seeds will thus need to familiarize themselves with how to identify cannabis plants by sex to avoid pollination, especially if they want to produce high-quality, seedless sinsemilla.

The amount of time it takes to grow marijuana from regular seeds varies based on the strain or combination of strains used to produce the seeds. However, all will require a full season to grow to maturity. As a result, they are sometimes referred to as full photoperiod strains.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are created by introducing genetic material from ruderalis strains into sativa, indica, or hybrid strains of marijuana. Ruderalis plants tend to grow short and stalky, and they don’t contain very high concentrations of THC. Until recently, most ruderalis plants grew in the wild in harsh climates, but breeders have found that they can use this formerly wild subspecies of cannabis to influence the life cycle of hybrid strains.

While indica and sativa plants take their cues about when to start flowering from the sun, ruderalis plants typically begin to flower between 21 and 30 days after the seeds have germinated, regardless of the light cycle. As a result, they require a shorter growing season and do not need to be induced to flower via methods like light deprivation. When combined with indica or sativa strains, they produce slightly smaller-than-average, high-THC plants that flower automatically after a short period of vegetative growth. Hence, the name “autoflower.”

These days, almost any popular strain of marijuana is available in autoflowering varieties. Growers who live in harsh climates with short seasons and indoor growers whose primary limitation is space can benefit substantially from buying autoflower seeds. Since the season is so short, outdoor growers can ensure a healthy crop even in areas with early first frost dates, and indoor growers can cultivate multiple crops of marijuana throughout the year to ensure that they have a steady supply of buds.

Feminized Seeds

As noted above, feminized seeds are usually produced using rhodelization. They’re extremely popular among novice and experienced growers alike since growing feminized weed seeds reduces the risk of unwanted pollination to close to zero. Both regular photoperiod seeds and autoflower seeds can be feminized, and the ever-growing popularity of this growing technique has encouraged breeders to create feminized varieties of just about all popular strains, ranging from AK47 to Zombie Death Fuck.

Novice growers who want to do everything they can to ensure that their plants produce a heavy yield should consider buying feminized autoflower seeds, especially if they grow outdoors. That way, they won’t have to worry about weeding out male plants or learning how to light-dep the crop in time to avoid early frosts.

Top 10 Weed Seeds USA

Looking for 420 seeds that produce heavy yields with plenty of THC, delicious terpene profiles, and stable genetics, but don’t have time to look through our entire catalog? Check out these top 10 trending seed varieties to get that next grow started on the right foot.

White Widow x AK47 Fast

THC Content: 18 – 20%
Indoor Yield: 12 – 15 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 14 – 17 Oz
Grow Time: 7 – 9 Weeks

Seeds from this indica-dominant hybrid strain will produce tall plants with yields of around 500 grams per plant. It’s a photoperiod strain, so it requires a full growing season, but flowers in just eight to ten weeks when grown indoors and boasts a 20% THC concentration. The finished product is known for producing euphoria, focus, relaxation, and improved mood.

Autoflower Northern Lights x Big Bud

THC Content: 20 – 22%
Indoor Yield: 14 – 17 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 9 Oz
Grow Time: 9 – 11 Weeks

Northern Lights was already known for its potency. Crossing it with Big Bud helped to promote huge yields for an autoflower, with average yields ranging from 125 to 150 grams/square meter indoors and 300 grams/plant outdoors, and adding a ruderalis strain to the mix means it is fast-flowering and can be harvested just 9 to 11 weeks after planting. With a THC range between 20% and 22% and a CBD range between 1% and 3%, it produces a comfortable, relaxed, calming effect that’s great for promoting sleep and treating pain.

Green Crack

THC Content: 17 – 25%
Indoor Yield: 22 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 28 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

Looking for more of an energized, invigorating mental buzz? Green Crack was developed by crossing Skunk #1 with Afghani Sativa to produce a sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC range of 17-25% and a CBD range of 3.5-7%. It’s easy to grow outdoors and can reach heights of between 60” and 80” and has a flowering time of between seven and nine weeks, making it a good choice for growers in climates that allow full photoperiod sativas to reach their full potential.


THC Content: 15 – 21%
Indoor Yield: 17 – 21 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 22 – 26 Oz
Grow Time: 9 – 11 Weeks

This sativa-dominant hybrid was created by crossing Mexican and Thai sativas with Afghani indicas to produce a strain that stands out from the rest all on its own. With a THC range between 15 and 20% and very little CBD, Trainwreck hits hard but also produces relaxing effects. When grown outdoors, these massive plants can produce between two and four pounds of buds per 3 to 9-ft plant. Indoors growers who use the Sea of Green cultivation method can expect yields as high as 525 grams/square meter.

Auto Blueberry

THC Content: 19 – 21%
Indoor Yield: 10 – 14 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 2 – 4 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

Blueberry has long been touted as one of the best indicas around with 19 to 21% THC. Autoflower blueberry strains combine the unparalleled relaxing and sedative effects of Blueberry with a quick-to-flower ruderalis/indica hybrid, allowing growers to harvest crops of this delicious, fruity treat in just eight to ten weeks. Auto Blueberry is also known for being easy to grow outdoors, indoors, and in greenhouses, making it very versatile.

Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer

THC Content: 24 – 28%
Indoor Yield: 14 – 17 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 21 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

Want a well-balanced strain that offers all the benefits of both indicas and sativas? Look no further than Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer. This 50/50 hybrid is high-yielding and easy to grow in semi-humid climates, and if grown with care, it can produce impressively high THC concentrations of up to 30%. As an added bonus, it also produces absolutely beautiful, dense sage-green flowers with orange, yellow, and purple hairs, and dark-purple sugar leaves.

Sour Diesel

THC Content: 20 – 22%
Indoor Yield: 14 – 17 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 21 – 24 Oz
Grow Time: 10 – 12 Weeks

Sour Diesel has been around for a while, but this sativa-dominant hybrid can still hold its own when it comes to THC concentrations, yields, and terpene profiles. Known for its spicy, lemony taste and its uplifting effects, Sour Diesel has an average THC concentration of 20% and a CBD range of 1-2%. It’s not the best plant for first-time growers, but those who already have a few seasons under their belts owe it to themselves to give this strain a shot.

Grandaddy x Bruce Banner

THC Content: 26 – 28%
Indoor Yield: 21 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 28 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

Grandaddy x Bruce Banner is a strong indica-dominant hybrid that perfectly combines physical relaxation with cerebral stimulation. It’s best grown in cooler climates with low night-time temps to bring out its deep-purple colors, and when grown right, it boasts THC concentrations of up to 28%. Marijuana enthusiasts will also love its unique, complex terpene profile, which combines earthy and flowery flavors with the sweetness of vanilla and just a hint of spice.

Auto Purple Kush

THC Content: 15 – 20%
Indoor Yield: 12 – 14 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 1 – 3.5 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

Auto Purple Kush combines two full-bodied indicas with ruderalis strains to create a hardy, resilient pure indica. Like other indicas and all ruderalis plants, it grows low and bushy and produces distinctive mid-sized popcorn like buds covered in sticky resin, making it perfect for indoor setups. When grown under the right conditions, it has a THC range of between 15 and 20% and very low CBD concentrations, so it hits hard.

Black Widow

THC Content: 25 – 28%
Indoor Yield: 12 – 15 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 10 – 14 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

Every grower has heard of White Widow, but those looking for something new may want to look into this darker indica-dominant hybrid cousin. It boasts a THC content of 28% and is known not just for its unique coloration, but also for its pungent, sour, fruity flavor profile. Like most indicas, it typically grows relatively short and squat so don’t expect anything crazy when it comes to yields, but outdoor Black Widow plants can reach up to six feet in height and produce up to 400 grams/pant so it’s still worth the effort.

How to Buy Weed Seeds Online

At Weed Seeds USA, we believe that buying ganja seeds online should be simple. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to offer growers all the information they need to make informed decisions about which of the hundreds of weed seeds for sale online in our catalog will best fit their climate, growing conditions, skill level, and consumption preferences. Just browse our catalog or try out one of the top 10 strains described later in this article to get started.

Once you’ve chosen a strain, you can order weed seeds online right on our website. We’ll place your order in discreet packaging and ship them right to your doorstep. If you have any questions about how to order weed seeds or just want to get some expert advice about what to buy, you can call Weed Seeds USA at 1-844-807-1234 to speak with a friendly and experienced representative.

How Do I Get Weed Seeds Shipped to My Home?

We make it easy to get weed seeds shipped to your home, so if you’re looking for American weed seeds that will always meet or exceed your expectations, you’ve come to the right place. We have everything from 710 weed seeds to chronic seeds and more, and we’re always happy to answer questions or help our customers, whether they’re working for established commercial grows or just trying their hand at germinating a few seeds for the first time.

Browse the weed seeds for sale on our website, place an order, and we’ll handle the rest. If you have questions about choosing strains or ordering seeds, Weed Seeds USA is here to help. Give us a call at 1-844-807-1234 or email ok@weed-seeds.com to get in touch with one of our representatives.

Common Misspellings, Versions & Abbreviations

Trying to buy weed seeds online can be challenging just because there are so many ways to talk about them. Common misspellings include weedseed and weed-seed. It’s common to see marijuana plants referred to as cannabis, weed, pot, ganja, chronic, Mary-jane, and other more colorful words or phrases depending on where growers live, so it’s equally common to see the seeds from these plants referred to by these names. At the end of the day, they all mean the same thing.

Variations on pot seeds include indica, sativa, hybrid, feminized, autoflower, high-THC, and high cbd weed seeds. Some seed banks also differentiate between recreational weed seeds and medicinal weed seeds, although this distinction typically just refers to THC and CBD concentrations. Growers can find these varieties and more at weed seeds US.

There are also a few abbreviations that plant breeders use to describe their seeds. The average grower may not need to know what abbreviations like F1, F2, and S1 stand for, but those who are interested in plant genetics will come across them, eventually. All three of these abbreviations refer to outbreeding, the process of producing hybrid seeds.

When you see the letter “F,” it stands for “filial.” The first filial generation of hybrid seeds is referred to as F1 seeds. When breeders cross two F1 plants, they’ll obtain a second filial generation (F2). F2 plants tend to exhibit more heterogeneous offspring than F1 plants, but most breeders continue to crossbreed for several generations until they produce a generation of plants that create uniform offspring. This can take some time, so it’s not uncommon to see F3, F4, or even F5 hybrids.

When the abbreviation “BX” is added to a strain name, that refers to backcrossing. Backcrossing is a plant breeding technique used to fix undesirable traits in F2 plants or subsequent generations by crossing a later generation with one of the original parent plants that has the desirable trait. The first generation of backcrossed plants will be referred to as BX1. If breeders backcross this generation, it will produce a generation of BX2 plants, and so forth.

It’s also common to see the abbreviation S1. In this case, the “S” is an abbreviation for “selfed,” or self-pollinated, another word for feminized seeds. S1 is the first filial generation produced by rhodelization. S2 or S3 seeds are typically backcrossed with the original parent.

The reason aspiring marijuana breeders may want to pay attention to these abbreviations is that they offer insight into genetic viability. F1 seeds produce less consistent results than F2 and up generations, but they grow more vigorously. BX seeds may better reflect the traits from the parent plants that were being bred for, to begin with. S-labeled seeds have less genetic variability, which means they’ll consistently produce new plants with the same traits, but if they are allowed to propagate, subsequent generations may not be as hardy.

The average grower doesn’t need to know all that just to buy weed seeds for personal or commercial grows, but many people who start out as ordinary growers eventually go on to develop their own strains. Those who plan to buy regular seeds and begin developing their own strains should now have a basic idea of what terminology and abbreviations are used to describe cannabis genetics. Now, it’s just a matter of buying high-quality wholesale weed seeds to get the breeding operation started.

Interesting Facts About Weed Seeds

There’s more to weed seeds than meets the eye. Most growers are interested in the plants they produce or, more specifically, the results of ingesting those plants. Botanically minded consumers may also be interested to know the following:

  • All cannabis seeds, from Do Si Do seeds to Jack Herer seeds, look the same.
  • Cannabis seeds are edible, although it’s better to consume hemp seeds given that they’re much less expensive.
  • Each cannabis plant can produce as many as a thousand seeds, or more.
  • Size has nothing to do with the vitality of the plants that will grow from the seeds.
  • Since they contain no THC, possession of ungerminated cannabis seeds is legal almost everywhere.
  • Cannabis seeds can be germinated accidentally, as has happened to bird watchers who use hemp-based bird food.
  • For a complete beginners guide to growing weed from seed click here.

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