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Oz Shatter Canada

Oz Shatter Canada

OZ shatter in Canada gives you access to some of the highest quality extracts for dabbing. offers a wide variety of concentrates, OZ cannabis shatters and extracts at affordable prices.

What is OZ shatter?

OZ shatter is a hardened, translucent wax composed of cannabis extract. Dabbers prefer the brittle material and high levels of THC. This concentrate melts easily while offering high levels of THC and a nearly instantaneous impact.

Brittle and glasslike wax, this form of extract requires long, delicate purging cycles to remove the solvents used in the manufacturing process. Still, the result is an effective high delivering immense relief and relaxation depending on the strain.

What are the effects of the OZ Strain?

OZ cannabis is a bestseller. It is highly potent and derived from two Indica-heavy lineages. We sell a strain crossed from Purple Doja and Starkiller OG. OG shatter is available for those looking for the effects of this common strain.

Independent laboratory measurements show a THC level of over 600 milligrams per gram or potency exceeding 80 percent. This makes the impact immediate and unquestionable. Patients use OZ shatter for pain relief, relaxation, contemplation, and as an anti-inflammatory.

Can I obtain shatter recreationally?

Anyone allowed to dab can obtain a recreational variant of OZ shatter. The impact is slightly less than for medical users as the amount of THC must be less. Still, you gain access to a level of relief more powerful than what you obtain from using leaf or edibles.

As a relaxant, many customers purchase this concentrate to prepare for sleep. If you work the overnight shift, you will benefit greatly from the relaxing quality of this strain.

How do I use Oz Cannabis Shatter?

Shatter is technically the same as dabs. You need to preheat the nail of a specialized pipe to an optimal temperature before smoking. Use the flat end of a dabber to press the shatter against the nail.

Place a cap over your nail to capture all your extract as it melts. Concentrated marijuana products are typically highly potent, and the nail must be at an optimum temperature to obtain all health effects.

Can I buy shatter online?

You can buy shatter online. If you have the required paperwork and reside within Canada, we can ship our products directly to your door.

Avoid the struggle and worry of visiting a dispensary during the pandemic and beyond. We check your capability to receive our products before shipping. You cannot purchase marijuana if you are underage or live abroad due to agricultural issues. Medical users require certification.

Where can I buy OZ Shatter in Canada?

Obtain affordable shatter online. We cut out the middleman, storing our products in an efficient supply chain. provides high-quality OZ shatter in Canada for those looking for a powerful and relaxing high.

Get your shatter online from us and benefit from the savings we accrue as an online shop. Visit our store for Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid shatters today.

Oz Shatter Canada

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