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Marijuana Seeds Indiana

Marijuana Seeds Indiana

Professional growers love to grow their own marijuana from the grounds but finding the perfect strains of marijuana seeds to buy in Indiana can be a bit difficult. This can happen for several reasons. Finding a reliable vendor that has seeds that will germinate in this climate can be challenging. Furthermore, growing marijuana in Indiana is not easy.

Cannabis seeds in Indiana are a tough nut to crack because there are no medical cannabis programs in the state. Even possession laws are not favorable, with terms resulting in up to 180 days in jail or a fine of $1,000. Indiana also has strict terms for the sake of cannabis.

Regardless of this, many cultivators are finding ways to grow their choice marijuana seeds indoors and outdoors. While we do not encourage you to break the law, we respect every person’s right to choose. We will help clarify this choice by providing you with the five best strains of Indiana cannabis seeds you can purchase.

OG Kush


OG Kush is the superstar of the cannabis world. It is even known by people who are not a part of the world. The seed strain was first cultivated in Florida. The original strain was a hybrid between a Hindu Kush plant and a strain from Northern California.

Today, the OG Kush is a complex strain with a definitive aroma, with notes of spice, fuel, and skunk. Furthermore, the strain is also a worldwide staple known as an ingredient for other famed strains as well. The plant will thrive in Indiana and is a perfect way to boost your plantation. You can also get the feminized strain to ensure optimal reproduction.

Super Skunk

Super skunk is an ideal marijuana seed in Indiana. It thrives in the climate and is a particular favorite because of its robust flowers. This predominant Indica variety is reflective if it’s parent strain — Skunk #1.

Super skunk is a backdrop between Afghani genetics and the legendary Skunk. The buds of this strain and pungent, dense and thick. It is also surprisingly sweet to the taste. This Indiana cannabis seed is known for relieving body pains and stress.

Northern Lights auto

Northern lights auto is a hybrid strain — 90% Indica and 10% sativa. The northern lights auto offers large yields for personal growers. The buds are coated in resin once it stops flowering, they are still quite sizable. While buying Indiana Marijuana seeds, consider the northern lights auto for its slightly sweet,  and earthy scents with notes of lemon and pine.

White Widow

White widow is a famous cross between a resin-heavy South Indian indica and a Brazilian sativa landrace. It gets its name from the white buds it produces, which are coated with crystal resin.

White widow’s effects are described as a burst of energy and euphoria that leads you down a path of creativity and conversation. From white widow, has come other great strains like blue widow and White Russian. But the cultivation of these cannabis seeds in Indiana will take about 60 days indoors.

Acapulco Gold 

This strain of marijuana is a new generation seed that is filtered with flecked reddish brown calyx and beautiful crystals of THC. The strain has an intense fruit cocktail with a long lasting high. These marijuana seeds in Indiana can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy your seeds or purchase online: 1-844-807-1234.

Marijuana Seeds Indiana

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