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Marijuana Seeds Alabama

Marijuana Seeds Alabama

Marijuana Seeds Alabama: Tips & Information

Marijuana and Alabama are not two things one generally hears in the same sentence unless it is in a song lyric. However, with marijuana laws around the U.S. as flexible and grey as they are, there is no reason not to start planning your first crop of homegrown Alabama ganja.


There are many who, when they think of Alabama, Muscle Shoals music comes to mind. Some of the greatest and most timeless recordings in music history have come out of this part of the world, pulling on the heart-strings of America since the late ’50s. Also, Alabama is home to a massive college football community, attracting millions of dedicated spectators every year. Education and awareness in Alabama are evidenced by more than 60 colleges and universities and numerous successful wildlife protection and rehabilitation projects. There is also a thriving seafood industry as well as many other more recent enterprises.


Unfortunately, Alabama is also home to some horrific examples of humanity. Alabama has gone through Spanish conquering, the French land claims, and the Seven Years’ War. Alabama then experienced colonization and, of course, its long battles with slavery, racism, and racialization. This dark moment in American history led to the American Civil War and subsequent reconstruction, the reason for which, many say is still very alive in the Cotton State today. Throughout its history as part of the union, it has always been known as a hard-nosed, deep southern State with very little flexibility, especially where drug laws are concerned.


History aside, Alabama is absolutely gorgeous, boasting diverse biology, geography, geology, and weather. Although Alabama is 23rd on the surface water list, it possesses the 2nd largest inland waterway system and has a natural slope toward the Mississippi River and ultimately the Gulf, making it like one big free-draining pot. Northern Alabama is primarily mountainous, with the Tennessee River running through, carving out a plethora of smaller lakes, rivers, streams, and gorges. Elevation in the Heart of Dixie is quite varied as well, rising from zero feet at Mobile Bay in the Gulf, to Mount Cheaha’s 2,417-foot peak. 


Classified as humid subtropical, the Yellowhammer State is perfectly positioned to grow copious amounts of great ganja so there is absolutely every reason to start planning now for the day when open minds prevail and laws in Alabama change. Average yearly temperatures sit at around 64 degrees. Summer highs can soar over 90 degrees and mild winters are guaranteed even in the Appalachians. Overall, Alabama boasts over 56 inches of rainfall per year and a 300-day growing season. The state sits on the southern edge of Dixie Alley (the tornado alley of the south, which sees two runs per year), recording many F5 and EF5 tornadoes, and has had its share of tropical storms and hurricanes. Despite these meteorological occurrences, Alabama is still known as a primarily agricultural state.


Alabama also boasts some of the greatest arrays of flora and fauna in all of the U.S. Nearly 4,000 species of spore and seed spreading plants inhabit its land, many of which are remnants of time forgotten. Though the numbers are ever-changing due to human impact and climate change, also present are thousands of mammal, fish, reptile, amphibian, and mollusk species, many of which cannot be found outside of Alabama. Some of these species are protected and much of their land is dedicated to national parks and forests, so there is much to see and do in the wild, just please be respectful.


Alabama sits at around the midpoint for free space in America with 52,419 square miles of land and is 3.2% water. You would think that with the protection of land and animals where it is in Alabama, the State’s government would be a little more compassionate toward at least the medicinal use of marijuana, but such is not the case. Regardless of the severity of Alabama’s marijuana laws, seeds are legal, so you can start your collection today by clicking Ganja Seeds For Sale.


Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Alabama?

As with the rest of the United States, 420 Seeds are legal in Alabama, however, do not attempt to cultivate them in this southern state unless you are in the mood to be locked up. Though many states have adopted a home rule type agenda where marijuana, certainly for medical and industrial use is concerned, Alabama will take a chunk out of those silly enough to test her resolve. The penalty to growers is harsh and is a felony crime. Cultivation of marijuana carries mandatory minimums of 3 years to life and fines ranging from $25,000 to $200,000.


Though it may be decades before Alabama lightens up, the current situation is most likely temporary. So, get out there, look at your land, examine your crawl space, and start planning, because you never know!


Can you legally use Weed in Alabama?

Marijuana use of any kind is illegal in Alabama. Possession of so much as a roach will land you in jail for the mandatory minimum of 1 year and a $6,000 fine. Second offenses carry sentences of 1-10 years and $15,000 in fines. If you are believed to be trafficking your bag of weed, you could easily get 25 to life! As wonderful and beneficial as weed is, there is no reason to throw your life away for a couple of bags of pot. And, though we are all for growing your own and are happy to help you plan your ganja garden, we would never suggest that you break the law, especially when your life and the well-being of your loved ones could be at stake.


What are the laws around Recreational Use in AL?

Recreational use in AL is a felony and will land you in jail. If you are thinking of moving some weight, you risk some very harsh mandatory minimums. A first offense felony trafficking equals 25 years to life with fines anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000. A second trafficking conviction in Alabama will land you the mandatory minimum of life in prison. There are also varied punishments for any number of charges and sub-charges relating to marijuana and all of them end in prison time.


We at can well imagine, as happened in many of the more lax states, that when cannabis finally becomes legal in Alabama, people will flood the streets to enjoy a toke or any number of edibles and extracts. For when this happy day arrives, 710 Seeds Shop is packed with all kinds of high resin producers, perfect for making that sticky shatter, hash, and wax and which will give you a leg-up in a fledgling industry.


Outdoor Seed Strains that Thrive in Alabama

When the day comes when great green fields of weed can be grown in Alabama, Train Wreck For Sale will do the trick. This 90% sativa hybrid, fuelled by Mexican Sativa, Thai Sativa, and Afghan Landrace Indica and their offspring boasts fairly equal characteristics of all its lineages. Though sativas are generally a little more on the energetic side, couch-lock is common with this strain, as well as the swirling head high inherent to sativas. This is a perfect weed to wake up to on Sunday, just to chill out and watch the Tigers kick off to Crimson Tide. Munchies are common with this strain and will always go perfectly with some good old southern football tailgating parties. Though she’ll grow tall and fast, this strain bushes out like an indica, delivering copious amounts of resin-coated buds, so get ready! 


Another search common to the area is Skittles Strain Near Me. This is a 60/40 indica-dominant plant with a lot to offer the outdoor gardener. Because she is notoriously difficult to grow from seed, it is recommended that once sprouted, growers maintain a mature plant to take clones from. Cultivating this prize outside is dazzling due to the presence of anthocyanins in her leaves and flowers. Because of this precious chemical, plants in the final or mature stages of flowering take on rich purple and sometimes blue hues when exposed to cooler snaps in temperature.


We have myriads of seeds in our vault, all ready to go so when you are looking for Chronic Seeds Delivered to Alabama, trust


Best Indoor Pot Strains for Alabama Growers?

Indoor growing is the preferred environment for cultivating some of the greatest weeds ever. An industry boasting hundreds of billions of dollars annually worldwide can’t be such a bad thing so here are a couple of strains you might think about collecting.


Those who know what a hard-hitting hybrid should be Buy Girl Scout Cookies #2. Also known as Berner or Berner’s Cookies, this Cannabis Cup winner is a dream come true for novice and experienced growers alike. GSC will rocket any user into the fifth dimension, removing any aches and pains and lifting one out of depression and low moods. This beautiful booster is going to raise you up high before mellowing you out into your favorite chair. It has been recommended that you have an actual box of girl scout cookies with you as a case of the munchies is inevitable with this strain. Growing this beast is certainly an indoor job and she responds well to Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) methods of cultivation. The SOG method involves inducing flowering with only two weeks of vegetation and then reducing the time it takes to harvest and getting more crop cycles per year. ScrOG is a technique in<

Marijuana Seeds Alabama

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