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Article provided by: Dr. Bernal Soto Dentist Costa Rica

Dental Work In Costa Rica

Dental Work In Costa Rica

Did you know you can save a lot of money on dental work in Costa Rica compared with US prices? Patients from all over the world choose Dr. Bernal Soto’s Costa Rica practice for quality dental care and access to a wide range of services. Most dental clinics in the area specialize on only one or two restorative treatments; we offer our clients a much broader scope of care:

  • Digital Smile Design Analysis
  • Professional Dental Cleaning & Whitening
  • Dental Implants
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • Dental Crowns & Bridges
  • Dental Veneers

Is Dental Work in Costa Rica Safe?

Our patients are happy to learn that there are specific protections in place that guarantee a safe and comfortable experience when visiting our dental clinic. As dental tourism in Costa Rica reaches a new zenith, it has become more important to our team to offer patients peace of mind that they’ve chosen the right dental clinic, where safety and comfort are top concerns. You’ll find a wealth of information on our website if you have questions or concerns- our staff is happy to speak with you on the phone, as well. We invite you to compare our patient reviews with other clinics offering dental work in Costa Rica to see why we have earned the title as the best dentist in Costa Rica.

How Much is Dental Work in Costa Rica?

You’ll save an average of 40-70% by traveling to beautiful Costa Rica for a dental vacation- and while you’re here, why not take advantage of our fertile fishing grounds, outdoor adventure, and local entertainment? The money you’ll save on dental care will easily offset the rest of your vacation spent in our tropical paradise.

What is the Cheapest Country For Dental Treatment?

Consumer experts are in agreement that Costa Rica rates as one of the top three countries for dental tourism. One of the best reasons to choose Costa Rica is that it’s a safe choice for extensive dentistry. If you need more than just a routine cleaning, prices can quickly add up; Dr. Soto’s rates are incredibly affordable. We create dream smiles using the very latest techniques and dental treatments:

  • White fillings for a professional smile
  • Affordable dental crowns and quality bridgework
  • Custom smile designs
  • Pro-grade whitening
  • Single implants and full smile implant restorations
  • Beautiful dental veneers

The Best Choice For Dentistry in Costa Rica

You have many options when researching dental work in Costa Rica; before you choose a dental clinic that may not have your best interest as their focus, reach out to Dr. Bernal Soto’s staff and see why we are the right choice for your new smile. Where is the best country for dental work? Costa Rica, by far. Who offers the best quality of care? Dr. Bernal Soto, every time. Make a phone call to our office and let us handle all of the details regarding your dental vacation. We have exclusive connections with airports and local hotels, entertainment, and Costa Rica adventure.

Misconceptions Preventing You From Getting Dental Work in Costa Rica

dental work in costa ricaMany Americans and Canadians are making the difficult choice to leave their country for medical service abroad because it improves financial health. One way they are opting to save money is by traveling abroad for dental work. Do the cost savings outweigh the risk of leaving your hospital network and insurance for a foreign treatment? How can you tell if the prospective dental office will deliver reliable service?Misconceptions ...
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Dental Work In Costa Rica
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