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Buy Cbd Seeds Online

One of the cannabis industry branches that greater growth has had in the last years is therapeutics. As the investigations advance, every day is more the benefits attributed to the marijuana components, mainly to the CBD.

If you are in the medical cannabis industry, getting the best CBD seeds online will significantly benefit your business. It is wise to rely on a top-line seed supplier such as Weed Seeds USA. You must know the extraordinary benefits that will bring you to produce using the top CBD cannabis seeds, and the incredible alternatives we have.

What Are CBD Seeds?

In cannabis, there are two essential components: THC and CBD. Both have many therapeutic benefits, but unlike the THC, the Cannabidiol does not have psychoactive effects. This allows the culture, processing, and legal distribution in all the USA.

The CBD seeds will give you buds rich in this component and minimum (and legal) THC levels. With these harvests, you will generate a diversity of cannabis CBD products, including oils, tinctures, creams, and edibles.

At Weed Seeds, We Have the Finest CBD Seeds for Sale

If you want to develop an extraordinary medical marijuana business, we have the most extraordinary variety of CBD seeds for your production. These are some of the excellent options we have for you:

Harlequin CBD

The producers acquire this seed for medicinal use and to make hashish rich in CBD. It needs 60-65 days for its bloom. It is one of the fastest strain to grow, compared with other CBD varieties. The quality of the product for sure exceeds the expectations, with concentrations between 11-15% of CBD. It is of fruity flavor, with citric notes to orange.


This is a dominant sativa strain and is one of the high CBD weed seeds for sale that can deliver up to 19% CBD concentrations. It is one of the most popular in the country, especially in California. The proportion of THC/CBD is 1:20, so there is not the possibility of having psychoactive effects by using it. This option is extraordinary for patients with pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the effects of chemotherapy.

Blueberry CBD

The variety is the product of the crossing of the traditional Blueberry F2 with the OG Kush CBD. Once the re-crossing was done, this stable strain was obtained with a CBD content of up to 16%. The content of THC is minimal, reaching no more than 1%. The culture period is 65 days, with an intermediate level of difficulty for its growth. You can obtain up to one pound of buds per square meter.

Auto Kush CBD

It is one of the top marijuana seeds for sale rich in CBD. It has an Indica structure with a limited height. For being auto, its flowering depends on its age, and not on the periods of light. Besides, it does not depend 100% on the temperature, which makes it easy to cultivate. It is a popular variety because it delivers an extraordinary lemony taste, similar to the Purple Kush.

Buy CBD Seeds Online with Us!

If you want to boost your business with the top medical marijuana strains, Weed Seeds USA has the right choices for you. It's time to boost your medical cannabis business with the best cannabis in America. Contact us to buy your seeds or purchase online.

Buy Cbd Seeds Online

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