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Watering Weed Plants

Watering Weed Plants

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: April 7, 2022

Watering Marijuana Plants – A Toker’s Guide

Watering Marijuana Plants

There are many integral environmental aspects that are key in supporting a cannabis plant into optimal health and maximum production. Temperature, humidity levels, nutrients, growing medium and airflow are all important in encouraging healthy growth, but water consumption is amidst the most imperative as it plays a vital role in all of the biological processes of the plant. Water facilitates photosynthesis which is the process of converting light to energy. This action is responsible for the plant creating and using sustenance at every stage of its life cycle. It assists in the development of the roots, the foliage and the buds and helps the plants in growing strong and being able to support their height, breadth and weight. Water also plays the role of carrying essential nutrients to the appropriate areas and assists the plants in regulating their temperature in high heat. In a garden plot, the water regulation will be more well managed by mother nature, but when you are growing in pots, you take this step into your own hands. There is risk of over or under watering and both of these extremes have the potential to hinder the development and bud production of your plants. In the following paragraphs, we will provide information on effectively watering your plants, managing common problems, and reviving your plants if something has gone astray. With these tips, you will be able to ensure you get the most desirable results from your efforts!

When Should I Water My Marijuana Plants?

There will be several elements of your operation that will impact the watering schedule for a weed plant. The medium, climate, strain and type of operation will all play a role and need to be considered when deciding when to water, but there are some general guidelines to work within. Plants require a balanced level of water at every stage of development, so setting up a watering schedule even before the seed germinates is necessary. Though there are no hard, fast rules considering all the various influential factors, generally during the germination stage, plants need water less frequently than through the seedling, vegetative, and flowering periods. Over or under watered soil can cause an ungerminated seed to fail, so even before the plants sprout, this element of your operation is essential. It tends to be best to water plants in the morning, as it allows them to spend the whole day absorbing nutrients and engaging photosynthesis. The heat of the day also works to evaporate extra water that could lead to fungal growth or waterlogging. This cycle of wet in the morning to nearly dry in the evening allows the roots to expand in search for water overnight. This hunt expands the system and creates a firmer base for your plants. Morning watering is great, but not usually every morning! Generally, marijuana plants only need water once every couple of days, but you can assess whether they are ready for it by checking the wetness of your soil at a few inches of depth. If it feels dry, start watering!

How Much Water Do Marijuana Plants Need?

How much water your plants need will depend on the stage they are in as well as on the other elements of your growing setup. The type of growing medium you are using plays a big part, as it will be more or less porous depending on what you choose. If you are using a medium like coco coir, it will both hold water and let the overabundance flow through, whereas a rich, silty soil might hold more moisture than is helpful for your young plants. Relative humidity levels and temperatures are other imperative elements of the grow space that will determine the amount of water needed. Humid environments require less watering and, in high temperatures, your plants will need to be replenished from what is evaporated in the heat. In the early stages, light watering is enough to sustain the plant, but as the plant matures, it needs more water. The broader surface area of the leaves allows more to move through and be evaporated from the plant, which means it needs to absorb more into its roots in order to have enough moisture to sustain the rest of its function. Although a larger plant needs more water, it does not need to be watered as frequently. The large containers required to contain a larger plant will hold more water for longer and the plants will continue to soak up the remaining water. You can slow down on watering towards the end of the flowering period, as, at this stage, they do not consume much at all.

How Do I Give My Marijuana Plants Water?

There are several ways to give your plants the water they need to flourish. It is important to consider that the quality of the water and the skilled delivery matter much more than the frequency. In fact, marijuana plants tend to only need watering two or three times per week, depending on the grow and strain. The most important thing is that they get enough, but not too much. The delivery method can make a difference especially at the various stages of growth. In the early stages, a gentle misting or spritzing will serve them best. Pouring a pitcher could drown, or damage, the delicate young plant. In the later stages, pouring water into the soil, using something like a watering can, is appropriate. Some plants would prefer not to have their leaves wet at all, so methods like bottom up watering will be imperative in their health. When you are in the later stages, remember to soak the center of the soil first. This gives the root system first dibs on the water! You also want to dispose of the runoff. If you have trays under your pots, try emptying any murky liquid as this can become a breeding ground for fungus. If you choose to grow in a hydroponic setup, rather than in soil, water is consistently delivering nutrients to the root system. A consistent flow carries the appropriate sustenance to your plants so the dry periods for root expansion are unnecessary.

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