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Marijuana Seeds Tennessee: Souvenir Seeds

From the Great Smoky Mountains to the streets of Nashville, Tennessee is alive with music, culture, and color that no other state can match. Home to The Grand Ole Opry, Graceland, and Dollywood, this state is a music mecca and you will never run out of ideas on how to spend the average day in the state. Tennessee has an underground but vibrant cannabis culture as well, and you can join it when you order from our Wholesale Seeds Store at weed-seeds.com.

Historically, Nashville is known as The Athens of the south for its pursuit of higher learning, however, in 1897 the city doubled down and built The Parthenon. Yes, you read right, The Parthenon. Built to celebrate Tennessee’s one-hundredth centennial of statehood, the feat of American engineering is located in Nashville’s Centennial Park. Although it wasn’t made to last long after the centennial celebrations, the structure proved to be so popular with Tennesseans that its demolition was canceled and the structure was preserved. To this day it remains the only scale replica of the ancient Greek temple in the world. The state’s other big city, Memphis, is the site of Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home and playground. Elvis originally built the estate to help him escape into more private surroundings. Since his passing and the subsequent conversion to a museum, the house has become the second most visited private home in the country, surpassed by only The White House.

Tennessee is also the birthplace of another iconic American musician, Dolly Parton. The country songstress was born in Locust Ridge at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains. As a testament to the area, Dolly did not move away when she became famous. Instead, she purchased an amusement park called Silver Dollar City, which most folks will now recognize as Dollywood. The park has become as popular with locals as it is with tourists and offers more than just rides and exhibits. Dolly Parton herself insisted that the park be designed to celebrate the culture of the state so all could experience good southern hospitality. The multi-talented country music star is loved for her down-home spirit and she continues to do a lot of philanthropy work.

Greek temples and amusement parks aside, Tennessee is home to the world’s largest permanent Titanic museum. Seems, Tennesseans have such a love of the infamous ship that they built a scale model of the stern half of the famous vessel. It is located in Pigeon Forge and certainly not what you would expect to find 300 miles from the ocean but worth the visit just for the souvenir ticket with an actual Titanic passenger’s name on it.

Natural wonders abound in Tennessee as well and the Lost Sea at Craighead Caverns is a must-see. The ancient subglacial lake is the largest of its kind in the world. Visitors can hop on a boat and cruise the crystal clear waters of the underground lake which includes a waterfall and several large crystal stalactite formations. Of course, you can go even deeper underground at the Bell Witch Caves in Adams, TN. Located underneath the former Bell farm, the story says that the Bell family was haunted by an evil witch. Tiring of her presence, the family chased her into what is now known as her cave. Legend has it that from then on, children could hear her calling out from the cave to come to her. You can find out yourself by taking a guided tour and not getting lost like her, or worse, with her. Better yet, just skip the whole thing and roll yourself up some homegrown Tennessee bud and just say you went in. We won’t tell anyone.

Are Marijuana Seeds in Tennessee legal?

Yes, marijuana seeds are perfectly legal in Tennessee, however, growing them is not. Sadly, the state is lagging behind the rest of the nation in terms of a more modern approach to marijuana legalization. As a resident of Tennessee, you can freely browse through our Ganja Seeds Shop and you are free to purchase any amount of cannabis seeds that you wish. There is a hitch though. Under the law, the cultivation of cannabis in Tennessee is illegal at this time, however, there is a movement growing within the state and the fight for the legal right to grow weed at home is building momentum.

Can you legally consume Weed in Tennessee?

No, but yes, does that make sense? This explanation should clear it up. In the state of Tennessee, you are not legally allowed to consume cannabis. You can consume medical marijuana oil though, however, it must be purchased out of state and contain no more than 0.9% THC. The law seems pretty cut and dry but there is good news in the next paragraph so make certain to read to the end.

What is the law around Recreational Use in TN?

The law around recreational weed use in the state is pretty clear, consumption of cannabis is illegal. We all know that following the law is the responsible thing to do, yet we also know that laws are bent everywhere on a daily basis. Recreational weed might be a no-no in the state, but we all know folks are smoking it anyway. A 2020 initiative to raise simple possession of cannabis from half an ounce to one ounce failed, and possession of less than one half of an ounce is punishable by a $250 fine and up to a year in jail. Insert sad face emoji here. There is some good news to report though, as of 2020, the Nashville District Attorney’s Office proclaimed they will no longer prosecute possession of less than a half-ounce. This move by the Nashville D.A. will undoubtedly get the ball rolling on more relaxed laws in the whole state sooner rather than later.


Outdoor Seed Strains that Thrive in Tennessee

Growing outside might be a risky venture in Tennessee but we won’t judge you. As a matter of fact, you can get started right away with our 710 Seeds For Sale. Weed Seeds USA does not endorse any breaking of state laws but we do understand that random things can grow in random places and sometimes people may help that along. If by chance you happen to be the one helping the process along, then making certain you cultivate according to the climate is very beneficial. Tennessee has distinct seasons and summer offers the right kind of temperatures to grow outdoors. That being said, the humidity the state is famous for can be a concern. Picking strains that have a natural resistance to molds and mildew is a smart move and the importance of trimming to preserve airflow can not be stressed enough. Large fan leaves and small bunches of leaves on lower stalks should be knocked back every couple of weeks when growing outdoors.

Best Indoor Pot Strains for Tennessee Growers?

Growing inside gives you freedom from worry, privacy from prying eyes, and the ability to be in complete control of the environment. Seems like a win-win with another win thrown in. Contact Us for suggestions on the best strains to grow indoors and read on for our thoughts on the top indoor strains that you can grow at home in Tennessee. Strawberry Kush Cannabis Seeds are a good way to start. The buds from this strain will get you up and on the move with their energetic but euphoric stone. While you are at it, check out the Blue Dream Weed Seeds we offer. Perfect in the morning and afternoon for a clear-headed and highly energetic buzz, the strain is sativa dominant and very easy to grow. If you’re looking for an after-dinner or early evening smoke that will help you relax but remain sociable then growing our Do-Si-Dos Strain will do the trick. It delivers a hard-hitting cerebral buzz that travels through every limb relaxing the body and its minty flavor will make you want more. As bedtime approaches, Grandaddy Purple Marijuana Seeds have the power to help you nod off to a night of blissful sleep. Indica dominant with a mind-numbing 27 percent THC, this tasty treat is great for the mind and soul. Take it from a pro though, have some munchies on hand with this strain as it can really stimulate the appetite.


What is a Feminized Seed?

Did you know that marijuana plants come in male and female sexes? Male plants are the primary pollinators and usually do not produce potent flowers while females produce the big buds we all adore. Feminized Seeds are guaranteed to grow into female plants, helping you avoid wasting time and resources on unproductive male plants. Creating these seeds is a simple process but it requires experience to pull off. Cultivators stress or trick a female plant into producing pollen by altering environmental conditions or withholding nutrients. The pollen is collected and applied to a different female plant during her flowering stage. This technique ensures that only female genetics were involved in the process so all the resulting seeds will carry only female chromosomes. Feminized seeds can make all the difference to novice growers looking to hone their cultivation talent, and to professional growers needing consistent and reliable yields.

Natural Seeds: A TN Buyers Guide

Generally, when we go grocery shopping we do our best to purchase natural foods like vegetables and fruits. Sure we can take a trip down the cookie aisle but we all know we should avoid it. So it stands to reason that buying natural cannabis seeds is the safest and healthiest option and weed-seeds.com makes getting natural 420 Seeds Cheap as safe and easy as going to the grocery store. Our seeds are free of genetic modification and every strain we offer has been created by the natural pairing of cannabis strains. No editing of genes under a cryo-electron microscope, no irradiation of seeds to render them sterile, and no application of toxic substances to alter growth or characteristics have been employed. Just natural seeds that grow up into pure, clean cannabis that produce the flowers that mother nature intended are what you can expect in TN.

What Are Autoflower Seeds?

Remember the natural pairing of strains mentioned above? That’s what happened when autoflower seeds were developed. Way back in the day, a fellow by the name of the Joint Doctor blended a ruderalis strain with a Mexican Sativa strain. It may not sound all that groundbreaking, however, the ruderalis is a non-photoperiod-dependent plant and in less than scientific terms, that means it doesn’t need an equal split of light and dark to enter the flowering stage. This trait was passed along and autoflower cannabis strains got their start changing how marijuana can be grown at home forever. With autoflower strains, you will not need expensive and confusing lighting automation.  You won’t need to keep an anxious eye on the plant’s development to change lighting conditions manually and you won’t need to wait as long to harvest as you would with regular cannabis strains. Simply Buy Autoflower Seeds USA, germinate, plant, water, feed, and trim. Autoflower makes it as easy as that, however, cultivators should take note that yields can be slightly smaller. This dilemma can be easily made up for by growing a few more plants.


CBD Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Parents of epileptic children looked for a miracle and found it with CBD oils. Around a decade ago it was discovered that CBD had a natural ability to reduce the severity and in some cases quell the occurrence of seizures in kids. Marijuana and kids don’t mix, however, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound meaning it will not get you stoned, hence it is safe for use with minors. Loggers find it helps with pain too, sorry about the lumberjack humor. Humor aside though, CBD can help with a variety of ailments. It can ease anxiety, calm stress, and take the edge of chronic pain. Good quality CBD products can be hard to find and if you have to travel out of state to purchase your tinctures, it may be a better use of your time to Buy CBD Seeds Online and grow your own medicine. You can grow weed to smoke it, make cannabutter, or canna coconut oil for edibles or tinctures, and you can even make it into rubs and balms. Speaking of balms, CBD has been proven to reduce the size of tumors when topically applied. That’s some serious power right there, and weed-seeds.com has the high CBD strains you didn’t know you were looking for until now and we want to put the power of CBD in your hands.

Why Buy American Cannabis Seeds From Us?

We all know how important it is to buy American and when it comes to growing weed you can do your part when you Buy American Seeds For Sale from weed-seeds.com. Every seed we offer has been sourced from a very select pool of highly talented American seed propagators. They have years of experience and a unique understanding of how to preserve the strongest genetics and most reliable growing tendencies. Not everyone can do a job like that, but these fine folks have had legendary mentors and a steep learning curve to be as good as they are and we are confident that they are the best in the business. When you buy your seeds from us you are buying seeds that are grown in America by American cultivators for American cannabis enthusiasts. It doesn’t get more patriotic than that unless you sing the national anthem to your plants every morning but hey who are we to judge?

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Tennessee?

The reality of the matter is that options are nearly non-existent in Tennessee to buy marijuana seeds in a store and you certainly do not want to be stepping foot in some dingy basement to buy unknown seeds from some sketchy dude. You do not have to go underground for stellar pot seeds because weed-seeds.com makes it easy to Buy Chronic Seeds online from a trusted, reputable source. It’s easy as a few clicks of the mouse or a call to our friendly customer care team. Once you have decided which strains you want, we will carefully package them up in a plain envelope that has been designed to protect and preserve their viability. In a few short days, your purchase will arrive at your door with no splashy identifiers all over it, just a plain and secure package safely shipped directly to you.

Cannabis Culture in Volunteer State

According to some statistics, up to 5.4 of Tennessee’s population smokes weed at least once a month. Considering the population of the state is nearly 7 million souls, that means that just under 400,000 people love their ganja. With numbers like that, you wouldn’t be wrong to think there is a healthy cannabis culture that exists just under the radar. Although it may not be overtly on display, the culture thrives and the movement is only gathering steam as states across the nation move towards full legalization. It will not be long before legalization is commonplace, but the fight must be kept up, it is a fight for liberation from persecution for the love of a simple plant and the right to grow it.

Tennessee is yet to legalize adult-use or medical marijuana despite the overwhelming support from the majority of voters. However, no law prohibits buying marijuana seeds in Tennessee for souvenir purposes, as long as the seeds are not illegally germinated. If you reside in Tennessee and wish to purchase cannabis seeds, Weed Seeds USA is the seed bank you can trust. We boast a rich collection of diverse strains of cannabis seeds, and we guarantee that our seeds can remain viable for up to three years as long as you store them properly.

What is the current status of marijuana in Tennessee?

There have been many attempts to legalize marijuana in Tennessee, but so far, none of them has been successful. However, the penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana in Tennessee is not as severe as other states with stringent marijuana laws. Possessing no more than half an ounce is considered a misdemeanor while possessing higher quantities may attract stricter punishment.

In the same vein, medical marijuana use in Tennessee remains almost non-existent. Some patients with seizures are allowed to take medical marijuana, but they can only take CBD oil. Even at that, there’s nowhere to purchase cannabis oil in Tennessee legally. Thus, the patients can only buy from a neighboring state that sells to non-residents.

What are the top strains of Tennessee cannabis seeds?

While everyone awaits the legalization of cannabis in Tennessee, buying marijuana seeds for keeps doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Below are some of the top strains we can recommend for growing marijuana in Tennessee:

Green crack

A cross-breed of Skunk #1 and Afghani Sativa, this strain produces an energizing and invigorating mental buzz. It boasts a THC range of 17-25% while having up to 37% CBD. The plant has a flowering tie of about seven to 9 weeks, and it sprouts well when grown outdoors.


This sativa-dominant strain is a hybrid od of Thai and Mexican sativas and Afghani indicas. It has very little CBD but contains as much as 20% THC. Predictably, the strain is known to hit hard and spark deeply satisfactory feelings of euphoria. The plants can grow very tall outdoors and produce about three to four pounds of bud.

Sour diesel

Sour diesel is easily one of the oldest and most popular cannabis strains. Still, it remains a favorite among people who want the best of both sativa and indica worlds. Averaging about 20% THC and 2% CBD, the terpene-rich strain is renowned for its lemon taste and euphoric effects. Growing sour diesel marijuana seeds in Tennessee could be a tad challenging. We’d advise you to approach with caution if you’re a first-time grower.

Do you need a reliable seed bank to purchase cannabis seeds in Tennessee? Do not look beyond Weed Seeds USA. We offer diverse strains of premium seeds that work well for adult use and a wide range of medical conditions. Contact us at 1-844-807-1234 or visit our website to purchase online.

Our faithful customers at Weed Seeds USA tell us we have the best marijuana seeds in Tennessee. Trusting us with their business year after year tells us we’re doing something right. Check with us first when you’re on a budget and looking for easy-to-grow cannabis seeds that yield more buds in a shorter time.

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