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Marijuana Seeds New York: The Ins and Outs of Growing From Seed

Times Square, Soho, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, Wall Street, are all famous places and landmarks associated with New York City. But the Empire State is more than just the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty! New York boasts more history, culture, and progress than many states combined, and her diverse geography and climate lend very well to growing what will one day again become the country’s foremost cash crop.

Having gone through rulers of French, Spanish, Dutch, and British origin, by the time of the American Revolution, New York was pretty well established and the rich history of indigenous peoples all but long forgotten. After the Battle of Long Island, the longest and bloodiest battle of the Revolutionary War, the face of New York was changed to suit the more progressive British military and became home to escaped slaves and mercenaries hoping to start a better life with their newfound freedom.

Fast forward a hundred years or so, and New York City was seeing uprisings of street thugs and violent party loyalists fighting for control of the boroughs, as was depicted in Martin Scorcese’s historical opus Gangs of New York. Another few decades would see some major progress along the lines of art, music, politics, and education in the Empire state. New York City is home to the headquarters of the United Nations, the world-famous Broadway Theatre district, and the Tribeca Film Festival. Whereas Times Square was once a magnet for the world’s seediest and was home to masses of opium dens, speakeasies, and red light districts, it is now an entertainment district often associated with progress and prosperity.

New York’s rich art history and culture can be viewed at any number of galleries and museums including, the Guggenheim and the Andy Warhol Museum. Greenwich Village was home to an amazing folk and hippie movement in the ’60s and slam poetry sessions can still be heard echoing throughout the corridors. The entertainment industry also has a super large foothold in New York State. Employing approximately 200,000 people, the film industry is booming all around New York, boasting well over 1000 films, television shows, and independent productions per year. The Bronx, one of the 5 main New York City boroughs is famed as the birthplace of hip-hop. In the South Bronx where the dance culture continues to thrive, the cultural revolution continues promoting and supporting any number of youth hip-hop and dance programs, aimed at improving the quality of life for many inner-city families.

As far as education goes, New York state is no slouch. Columbia University is one of the oldest and most acclaimed schools in the country, famous for its design, business, and IT programs. New York University’s doctoral program houses some of the best and brightest minds in all of the U.S., boasting over 50,000 registered students each year. Though the efficacy of elementary and secondary school systems throughout the state varies greatly, and income and education disparity throughout New York is telltale of a capitalist democracy, New York, in general, has some brains to boast of.

With so much incredible diversity and unique history, it is appalling that New York State is so behind where marijuana regulations are concerned. One would think that, with such an amazing tapestry of art, history, music (and money) that this state would be on top of getting things right. Unfortunately, this is not the case and marijuana regulations throughout the Empire State are still set to cost anyone caught with weed.

Are Marijuana Seeds in New York legal?

Like the rest of the country and regardless of strict laws around the cultivation, consumption, and distribution of marijuana, weed seeds are perfectly legal in New York State. Anyone is allowed to start a collection of all the marijuana seeds they like and are free to plan for the day when they are allowed to be planted and cultivated en masse. We know that it can be frustrating to watch the majority of the rest of the country grow their green right at home, but don’t worry New York, your day will rise.

Buy Ganja Seeds in preparation for that day. Keep them, collect them, and trade them like so many baseball cards and pieces of historical memorabilia. One day, they can be germinated and grown to the heights of their glory.

Is it legal to consume Weed in New York?

Consuming weed in New York State is legal for registered medicinal patients, though anyone caught using in public will have some hell to pay. Even though some municipalities within this great state have nicknames like Cradle of the Union (Albany), Valley of Opportunity (Binghamton), and Boogie Town (The Bronx), weed is still as taboo as James Cook found it to be the early shores of the Polynesian Islands. However, one day, recreational marijuana will be enjoyed throughout the city streets, boroughs, and once famed brothels of New York once more.

For anyone getting ready for that fateful day, Buy Chronic Seeds USA from weed-seeds.com. The collection of seeds is legal and legislation for growing weed is right around the corner.

What are the laws around Recreational Use in NY?

As it stands right now, recreational weed is illegal in the state of New York, however, laws are ever-changing and marijuana culture continues to evolve and mature across the country. Right now, possession of up to an ounce is punishable by a $50 fine. If you are busted with up to 2 ounces your face a $200 fine. If you are arrested with 2 ounces or more, you could face jail time of anywhere from a few months to a few years with fines up to $15,000 depending on the charge. There are still mandatory minimum sentences and fines for trafficking and distribution so don’t mess it up!

When regulations are a bit laxer and adults are allowed to cultivate their own marijuana, we know you are going to want a good, strong hitter, so Order 420 Seeds for that recreational garden you so love to plan for.


Outdoor Growing from Seed in New York

While New York City is considered humid subtropical, an amazing classification for a city so far north, the majority of the state falls under what is considered a transition zone between humid subtropical and humid continental, with the continental oceanic zone embracing her shores. This part of the world is quickly warming due to climate change and this makes for some great outdoor-grows.

Though it is still illegal to grow, possess, or distribute marijuana in the state of New York, we have a few helpful hints for the day when restrictions have been eased.

Because this state can still see some pretty chilly winters and long springs, it is a good idea to start your plants early, inside, and move them out when the fear of frost or an impromptu cold snap has passed. Protecting your crop in a cold tunnel or greenhouse is always recommended in more northern climes, no matter how much warmer the averages seem to be getting. If you are closer to the coast, it may help to plant your crop in 5-gallon plastic pots so you can move them closer to the house or into some protective structure come some of those intense summer storms.

Even though growing marijuana is illegal here, it doesn’t mean that it will be forever and, no matter what the fuddy-duddy’s say, it is okay to be hopeful and to plan ahead.

Best Indoor Pot Strains for New York Growers?

Since Californians innovated sinsemilla in the ’60s, people have been experimenting with growing indoors. The last 5 decades have seen some very impressive innovations and, even though cultivation is still illegal in the Empire State, with weed laws around the country changing so rapidly, there is no telling when you will be able to plant out warehouses of the stuff. Since seed collection is perfectly legal, there is no reason to wait to start gathering the strains you wish to grow someday. For just that purpose, we have a few suggestions to help you get started.

Skittles Strain Cannabis Seeds are set to grow some seriously stellar sticky-icky. An indica-dominant mix of Grape Ape and Tangerine Grapefruit, Zkittles is one of those sweet sensations not to be missed. And with a slew of first-place prizes to boast of, there is every reason to jump on board.

Hailing from the far east, the Kush lineage just keeps getting stronger and more satisfying. For all that sweet and spicy goodness we all know and love, with an added zip, Strawberry Cush Weed Seeds are built to grow a great glowing garden of green. Wait for the day when your harvest is a perfect accompaniment for a concert at Madison Square Garden or a night out with the Nicks.

Granddaddy Purple Marijuana Seeds or Grandaddy Purpz are a sweet and seductive stitching of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, both powerhouses on their own. This strain started winning awards right out of the gate for its heavy-hitting indica style and its incredible healing capabilities.

Tropicana Haze Strain is a mix of Skunk Valley Haze and Oni Seeds’ Tropicanna Cookies. This strain has such impressive flavor and aroma profiles (not to mention a 27% THC content) that its breeders were asked to stop registering it in cannabis competitions because no other contenders stood a chance.

For those connoisseurs who not only love a good bud, but also dig on a great extract, 710 Seeds Delivered will grow those buds perfect for making oil, shatter, and wax.


What Are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are a miracle of bud botany and a real shout out to those early cultivators and innovators who discovered that potency, fragrance, and flavor can all be enriched when buds are grown with sin seeds. Feminization is a process through which female plants are stressed to produce pollen and that pollen is used to fertilize other female plants, resulting in all-female seeds.

Buy Feminized Seeds Online when you want to grow an all-female crop. Though feminized seeds are not 100% guaranteed to grow females, the chances of anyone finding a male are slim enough never to have to worry.

How are Natural Seeds Germinated?

Marijuana seeds of all kinds can be germinated in a number of ways. Though methods vary, our seeds are guaranteed viable so any method should work just fine. Here are a few which we have found to be most effective.

  1. Wet paper towel: Simply lay your seeds on a paper towel and soak. Cover with an inverted plate or bowl and place in a dark cupboard or closet and within a couple of days, they should sprout.
  2. The overnight soak: Fill a glass with water and float your seeds. Overnight, the viable seeds should sink while dead seeds will continue to float.
  3. Plant direct: Though the aforementioned methods work just fine, planting directly into your soil or substrate can be just as effective. It is important to keep the soil just moist to the touch but never wet (as with the entirety of the grow) and to keep an eye out for the formation of fungus or mold.

Overall, we encourage you to enjoy your time on this earth experimenting with your seeds. For all the numerous ways there are to sprout a seed, there are just as many methods to grow your crop. For any questions or comments, ideas, and concerns, we at weed-seeds.com are here for you!

Buy Autoflowering Seeds: A How To Guide

New Yorkers are busy people and space in the cities is sparse. For those cramped cannabis consumers, autoflowering seeds may just be the answer. Whereas your average plant needs shifts in light temperature and timing in order to switch into flowering, because of the ages of conditioning the ruderalis strain has gone through in the darkest and coldest places in the world, she autoflowers. Cross any of your finest strains with ruderalis and they can be made smaller, more compact, and free of any photoperiod sensitivity. Forced, through thousands of years of short, cold days to adapt or die, ruderalis is a very special little plant and a saving grace for anyone who wants the weed without the worry.

The Autoflower Seeds For Sale in our online seed bank are guaranteed to deliver the goods without the need for all the fancy gear, time, energy, and money of a professional.


Buying CBD Seeds Online: What are the benefits?

We at weed seeds are sympathetic to anyone suffering chronic, debilitating conditions. Some of us know all too well the trauma and tragedy of being forced to live with a chronic medical issue. Whereas THC is the primary recreational component in your cannabis, CBD is the primary medicinal cannabinoid. Cannabidiol or CBD has been clinically proven to assist with MS, Parkinson’s, and other neurological diseases. Improved organ function, higher brain function, and anti-inflammatory benefits can be experienced with this all-natural herb. Because of the myriad benefits CBD ushers in, it can be a lifesaver for people with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

CBD weed can vary from 1:1 (CBD:THC) for those who don’t necessarily enjoy the stone, all the way up to 1:15 for those who like a bit of psychedelia with their medicine. Buy CBD Seeds For Sale when you want to grow a medicinal garden of your own.

Why Buy American Cannabis Seeds From Us?

Americans are famous for their patriotism. All across the globe, America is known for waving that flag proudly, and, for that reason, we are happy to offer cannabis seeds grown by Americans for Americans. Though cannabis indica and cannabis sativa originally hail from other parts of the world, the United States has been the epicenter of many remarkable innovations. For those who are looking forward to growing in New York State, we have American Seeds Cheap and they are all backed by a good old American customer satisfaction guarantee.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in New York?

We are familiar with the olden days of seed shopping and how much of a pain it has proven to be in years gone by. At Weed Seeds USA, we are happy to help you find all the seeds you could ever hope to grow, the perfect strains for you and your friends, or just the right medicinal to keep you functioning. Simply hop online and take your pick. When you are satisfied with your order, let us know and we will confirm promptly. Our secure payment methods keep safety all locked up and our speedy and discreet shipping will have your order to you in as little as a week.

For those planning mass production for recreation or industry who want to save on the bottom line, check out our vast selection of Wholesale Seeds, available for delivery right to your door.

Cannabis Culture in Empire State

New York state is still hard on marijuana consumers. The year 2020 was ushered in by a pandemic and has thrown a wrench into what was going to be the year for marijuana activists to celebrate. Although we wish well to all those directly or indirectly impacted by this incredible tragedy, we would think that a joint shouldn’t hurt too much. All in all, New York State certainly has some room to grow and we are here for anyone wanting to know more about American weed seeds. Contact Us with any questions or concerns you may have about collecting your weed seeds. We are here for you with every kind of seed you could hope for, from THC to CBD, indica, sativa and hybrid, auto, fast, and fem. Get online today and start shopping!

If you have a medical marijuana card, you can legally grow pot in New York for your personal use. Growing marijuana is the best and most economical way to obtain the type of cannabis that you prefer.  When you are ready to grow cannabis, purchase the highest-quality marijuana seeds in New York.

How to Choose Marijuana Seeds in New York

There are a few things to keep in mind when you want to grow your own cannabis. Don’t try to use seeds from old bags of pot because these are not likely to grow or provide the results you expect. Instead, buy seeds from a reputable company such as Weed-Seeds USA. Opt for feminized seeds because we cultivate them to produce female plants. Only female plants produce the buds that you expect with a crop of cannabis. Purchase plants that are auto-flowering, so you don’t need to worry about pollination. Our marijuana seeds in New York are the best possible cannabis seeds to meet your needs.

Buying the Best Marijuana Seeds in New York

Growing marijuana in New York is often best done indoors. You may be able to plant marijuana outdoors only in the summer months. If you are new to growing cannabis, you will want to pick the seeds that grow best in our climate. Here are some of the cannabis strains that you can grow at home.

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is a popular strain of Indica cannabis that is among the easiest for beginners to grow. Plants produce large buds with resin with a strong THC concentration. Tangerine gets its name because it has a citrus and lime scent. You can easily grow Tangerine both indoors and outdoors. The result is pleasant cannabis that won’t disappoint your expectations.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is an ideal option for beginners because it is one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow. It can produce heavy yields without a lot of advanced techniques. It is a strong plant that produces excellent crops. It is a hybrid strain that gives great results, even if you are new to growing pot.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular of the newer strains of cannabis. You can grow it indoors or outdoors, so it is ideal for New York growers. If you have a hydroponic setup, it is one of the best choices. You can grow it more easily than some other strains, yet it produces a high concentration of THC.

Weed-Seeds USA

At Weed-Seeds USA, we offer a wide range of cultivated marijuana seeds for New York and elsewhere across the country. We stand by our seeds because we cultivate them specifically for excellent results. We offer plenty of information on our website to help you choose the best seeds for your needs. Whether you are growing a large number of plants or just a few in a container garden, we have the options available to give you the best possible crop of marijuana for your use. Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy your seeds or purchase online: 1-844-807-1234.

Are you tired of paying high prices for marijuana seeds in New York? You don’t have to make a long haul to a dispensary just to find affordable seeds- Weed Seeds USA can save you money on THC and CBD seeds, Indica & Sativa strains, chronic high-potency seeds, easy to grow seeds, and medicinal seeds.

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