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Marijuana Seeds New Jersey: Growing Cannabis From Seeds NJ

When many people think of New Jersey, the Sopranos comes to mind, but there is much more to the land of liberty and prosperity than what is played out in the mainstream media. Bordered by New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, New Jersey is one of the smallest states by landmass, yet is one of the most populated in the country.

New Jersey has had such a speckled history that it is now home to well over 100 historical sites and landmarks. The Dr. James Still Historic Office and Education Center was once home to a remarkable man who was born a Freeman to slave parents and took it upon himself to learn the ways of medicine. By the time of his death, he was one of the largest landholders in New Jersey and was famed for his fair and ethical treatment of all patients, no matter who they happened to be. The Indian King Tavern was where, in 1777, the seal of New Jersey was adopted and where it was decided that from then on, the term state would be used in place of the colony in all future documents. Home to the great American poet of Leaves of Grass, the Walt Whitman House boasts trinkets owned and used by Whitman himself, and this space was shared by such names as Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker from time to time throughout Whitman’s life.

New Jersey Landscapes and Climates

Home to numerous national parks and monuments, New Jersey has a rich history with the outdoors. The head of the Appalachian Trail starts here and winds its way through New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and ends in Little River Canyon in Georgia. This 2,100 plus mile stretch of natural beauty was man-made between 1921 and 1937 and is now under the charge of the National Parks and Forest Services. The New Jersey Pinelands, classified as a United States Biosphere Reserve, was admitted by congress in 1978 as the country’s first National Reserve. Those who thought it might have been the Grand Canyon or Yosemite, think again!

As anyone can see, there is so much more to New Jersey than meets the eye. Contemporary attractions include the New Jersey Centre for the Performing Arts, The New Jersey Devils Hockey Association, the New Jersey NCAA, amusement parks, incredible beaches, a prolific craft brewing industry, and, the number 1-ranked education system in all of the U.S. Rutgers University is the pride of the state and Princeton University is among the top Ivy League schools in the country.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale New Jersey

New Jersey is home to Atlantic City. Deemed the Vegas of the north, gamblers flock to its casinos and attractions by the thousands. The famous boardwalk with its amusements, eateries, and the Wheel at Steel Pier add to the charm. We have only just scratched the broad surface of what the garden state has to offer and with all this great news, it certainly helps that as of January 1st, 2021, we are all free to enjoy a doobie with our big day out.

The marijuana industry in New Jersey has not been as impressive as its many natural and human borne wonders. Long has been the fight of figures like Ed Forchion, otherwise known as NJ Weedman, who has advocated for marijuana reform since the ’90s and who has actually been denied the right to change his name to the happy marijuana moniker he is more informally known by. The legalization of marijuana has been an uphill battle for many, including medical patients who, as recently as a couple of years ago, could not count on their natural remedy without fear of public prosecution.

Over the last couple of years, this has all started to change and, with the medical registry now including any chronic condition for which marijuana shows beneficial effects, patients are able to heal, free of the all-seeing eyes of big brother. For a state which, in 2017 alone, arrested nearly 35,000 people for marijuana-related offenses, it is a bright day when we can say that very soon, this number will be that much closer to zero.

For more information on weed seeds in the U.S. and related information, and to learn a bit more about what we do at Weed Seeds USA, Contact Us.

Are Marijuana Seeds in New Jersey legal?

Marijuana seeds are legal for collection, purchase, sale, and distribution in the great state of New Jersey, but they are not for cultivation. Though medical patients are allowed to purchase and possess cannabis for personal consumption and legal recreational marijuana is legal starting January 1, 2021, getting caught with weed in New Jersey is still a punishable offense. Though jail sentences are sparse for 1st-time offenders in the garden state, fines can be hefty and a second or third offense could land you in the slammer.

For those who have enjoyed extracts and are awaiting the day when you can cultivate your own crop of the sticky-icky in New Jersey, try our 710 Seeds For Sale, you won’t be disappointed!

Can you legally consume Weed in New Jersey?

It is legal for registered medical marijuana patients to consume weed on private property, though smoking in public or driving while intoxicated is a big no-no. Pretty soon though, recreational weed is going to be legal, however, smoking in public will still be a punishable offense. There is some etiquette that will go a long way in a state as famed for early education as New Jersey. Even though it will be legal to toke, you will have to keep it on the DL. That means you can not smoke around groups of people and, if you are going to grow your own, make sure that you are up-to-date on all your local regulations. Neighbors can still be bothered by the smell of a garden of dank green, so be respectful. For some serious seeds, set to get your garden humming with hope, our Ganja Seeds Shop has it all. From sativa to indica, THC to CBD, auto, fast, and fem, there is no going wrong with weed-seeds.com.

What is the law around Recreational Use in NJ?

As of January 1, 2021, we expect there will be a major increase in public consumption. If New Jersey is like much of the rest of the country, cops may very well have their hands full come the new year, at least until the novelty wears off. It is primarily due to the tax dollars that local governments are not collecting that has pushed legalization for many of the more conservative states. Seeing their sister communities enjoying an increased quality of life for many citizens and major increases in financial aid to many public and private sectors must be a drag. That is why they are stepping up out of the darkness and into the light of proud marijuana culture. For when the day comes that people from all walks of life can get in on the action, 420 Seeds Cheap will assist you in your afternoon toke. These special seeds are designed specifically to chill you out as you light up in international solidarity.


Outdoor Seed Strains that Thrive in New Jersey

Though New Jersey has a somewhat temperate climate, there are a couple of strains that, though they will explode in bud production indoors, have some characteristics which make them great for growing outside. Purple OG Strain is one of the most highly prized strains of Kush in the world. It comes on strong, relaxing even the toughest muscles and joints, not to mention providing a super buzzy stone. Because of the presence of anthocyanin, these buds can turn a deep purple toward the end of the season when temperatures begin to drop. This one grows low and bushy, so it can be easily tucked behind a fence or hedge and will continue to impress throughout all stages of her life.

Those who know a great weed know Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Seeds. Also known as Granddaddy Purpz, this cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, takes on seriously dark purple hues at the end of flowering. Said to possess the best traits of both parents, Big Purp comes on like an indica, then mellows out to represent the balance of her buds. There is no going wrong with this stellar strain.

Buy Chronic Seeds for any number of strains that work beautifully outdoors. Our selection is vast, and our service is professional, so waste no time starting your collection for that fateful day when we are allowed to shout it from the rooftops. Plus, the seeds in this side of our cannabis seeds shop are a little less on the stinky side, perfect for the urban or suburban home or garden grow.

Best Indoor Weed Strains for New Jersey Growers?

Indoors is the preferred environment for many serious growers. With superior control and a clean ambiance, cultivators are set to grow some unbelievable colas. Here are a couple of strains we thought might do really well for any New Jersian growing at home.

Tropicana Haze Weed Seeds are bred from a combination of Tropicana Cookies and Skunk Valley Haze. This concoction out of Oni Seed Co. has been a favorite since it hit the streets. Boasting the best traits, both stony and savory, of her parent strains, this one is a real sweetheart. Skunky, citrusy, and hoppy, this strain is known for its resinous buds, perfectly designed for procuring extracts.

Famous for their heavy-hitting style, just like their Marvel counterpart, Bruce Banner #3 Marijuana Seeds will sprout a beast of a bud, set to hulk out all over your grow-show. A phenotype of the fan-favorite Bruce Banner, these buds deliver a whopping 25-29% THC. This strain took first prize in the Denver U.S. Cannabis Cup, so you know it is the real deal.

When you want to grow some seriously stompin’ buds, trust weed seeds to deliver the goods. We are always available to assist with any questions you may have. We can explain the differences between indicas and sativas, inform you about THC and CBD and even offer up some weed history. We want to be the go-to for all of your weed seed needs, whether you are a registered medical patient or a midnight toker. So when you want seeds you can count on, trust weed-seeds.com.


What Are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized Seeds, in which the x chromosomes have been all but completely bred out, are perfect for home and commercial growers alike. When female plants are shocked early, through weather or through early applications of colloidal silver, they will produce pollen sacs as a coping mechanism. Fearing the destruction of their species, the female plants switch over to become the pollinators of the seed crop. The result is female seeds, free of male genes. To the grower, this looks like a male-free crop and there is no need to sex your plants or route out any pesky males. This makes for a much more user-friendly growing experience, freeing you up to simply focus on cultivating some killer cannabis.

Natural Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Sometimes bud botanists are looking for a natural seed, free of fuzzy genetics and pure in genes, true to their parent strains. Natural or regular seeds will sprout male and female plants, making them perfect for breeding, seeding, and industrial use. If you are a busy breeder looking for the next super strain, try our guaranteed natural seeds.

For those breeders or mass-producers who want to save some coin, our Wholesale Seeds Store is filled with just what you need to make your next horticultural journey a success and put money back into your pockets.

Buy Autoflowering Seeds: A How To Guide

If you are someone looking for the perfect potion to fit a busy lifestyle or if you are someone who wants the beauty of weed without having to learn all the tricky ins and outs of growing like a pro, Buy Autoflower Seeds USA. Autoflowering strains, though they do like lots of light, are not photosensitive. These plants flower out of maturity. Through the breeding of any favorite strain with ruderalis, a wild and hardy auto strain, any powerful pot can be made smaller, more compact, and automatic, though they may yield a bit less than regular or feminized strains. These strains are perfect for the individual on the go or for someone without much space, time, and energy to devote to their grow-op. When you want simple without the sweat, buy Autoflowering strains.

Buying CBD Seeds Online: What are the benefits?

For those who know how much magic the right medicinal can make, Buy CBD Seeds Online. CBD is the primary medicinal chemical component in your weed which takes the pain away, treats seizures and tremors, improves organ function, and eases anxiety. Through the annihilation of physical maladies, associated psychological trauma and depression can also be pointed down the road to healing. We know how incredibly exhausting each and every waking minute can be when you are worried all the time when the next seizure will be coming or how deeply you will be affected by your chronic physical condition. With the addition of CBD into anyone’s regimen, positive reports pour in. When you are finally allowed to grow your own, buy CBD and give yourself a new lease on life!


Why Buy American Cannabis Seeds From Us?

It has often happened throughout history that the world looks to America as an example of patriotism, pride, and power. At Weed Seeds USA, we strive to take this American pride to the next level by providing top quality cannabis seeds grown by Americans for Americans. Some of the greatest weed in the world and some of the most cutting-edge industry innovations have come out of the United States, so why not our seeds too!

Buy American Seeds For Sale when you want to support the red, white, and blue!

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in New Jersey?

Buying marijuana seeds online in New Jersey has never been easier. All you have to do is hop online to weed-seeds.com, browse our products, and take your pick. We are happy to help with any questions you may have and, when you are satisfied with your choices, let us know and we will confirm your order. Secure payment options keep it safe and our fast and discreet delivery will have your order to you pronto. When you want a top customer rated distributor of quality marijuana seeds you can rely on, look no further than weed-seeds.com

Cannabis Culture in Garden State

New Jersey has not always been super hip to the chronic. The original just say no take on drugs made it a real issue for many inner-city people to enjoy Mother Nature’s healing herb before the ’70s. Since Ed Forchion started his multiple arrest battle with this great state, those marijuana supporters living in New Jersey counties have been stepping up and speaking out in attempts to sway majority opinion and get green legislation pushed through. Nowadays, arrests are fewer and further between, medical patients are allowed to purchase, carry, and use their miracle drug and, in 2021, recreational marijuana will be free to flow throughout the garden state. Once there is no more fear of the 4-alarm fire which was inherent in cannabis connoisseurs across the great state of New Jersey, and the M word becomes mainstream, you will be able to embody the elegance the cannabis world has to offer.

Since 2010, the use of medical cannabis for various medical conditions has been legal in the state of New Jersey. Patients can use marijuana for conditions such as cancer, ALS, glaucoma, PTSD, and AIDS. Although cultivation is yet to be legalized, residents can still order marijuana seeds in New Jersey from reputable companies like Weed Seeds USA as they are considered adult souvenirs. On the other hand, you can legally purchase cannabis seeds in Michigan for growing.

The state of Michigan permits cultivating up to 12 cannabis plants in an enclosed outdoor space or a locked room. Here at Weed Seeds USA, you can acquire various strains for preservation or growing. Our cannabis seed bank provides the highest quality of fast-germinating marijuana seeds in Michigan and New Jersey with guaranteed stabilized genetics.

Best Seeds for Growing In New Jersey

Below are some of the popular New Jersey and Michigan cannabis seeds:

  • Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4)

Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb are combined to produce Gorilla Glue #4. GG4 is one of the most sought-after strains in the American marijuana market and comprises 50 percent sativa and 50 percent indica. It made its debut in 2013 and took the medical scene by storm. The effects of GG4 are exceptionally strong and psychoactive, with a heavy-hitting calming and euphoric feeling. You can expect couch lock with this strain that contains more than 20 percent THC levels. GG4 has a flowering cycle of about 7-9 weeks. Also referred to as Original Glue, GG4 is a critically acclaimed variety that has won multiple awards, including the High Times Jamaican World cup and the Best Hybrid Los Angeles Cannabis cup in 2014.

  • Pink Cookies

Pink Cookies strain, which is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, is a balanced sativa-indica hybrid. The plant is highly potent, with THC levels ranging from 20-25 percent.  This herb is best for users with high tolerance. Pink Cookies has a strong aroma of sweet earth and pepper. This strain isn’t recommended for novice growers because of its sensitivity to even the slightest temperature changes. While it can be cultivated outdoors depending on its stability and your climate, Pink Cookies does best indoors where you have control over the humidity and temperature. The plant takes about 7-8 weeks to flower.

Whether day or night, the strain delivers a balanced high. Pink Cookies improves mood, prompts chattiness, energizes the mind, and induces moderate euphoria. You can use Pink Cookies to relax, sleep, control pain, and relieve anxiety and depression.

  • Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel earned its name from its pungent diesel-like aroma with hints of lemon. Also referred to as Sour D, this sativa dominant hybrid variety that’s native to California consists of 90 percent sativa. It drives an incomparable high, with users reporting an electrifying cerebral high that enhances creativity. Patients use Sour Diesel to get relief from chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression. It’s, however, not suitable for insomnia due to its stimulating effect. To get a good head start, try smoking Sour Diesel in the morning. This strain is perfect for growing indoors. It can also be cultivated outside successfully in a warm climate. The herb develops resinous buds and strong aroma during its 10-week flowering period.

Hand-Picked, Perfectly Mature Cannabis Seeds

With an enviable range of affordable marijuana seeds in New Jersey, you can also depend on us when growing marijuana in Michigan. Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy your New Jersey and Michigan marijuana seeds or purchase online on 1-844-807-1234.

Stop paying too much for your marijuana seeds in New Jersey- place an order online at Weed Seeds USA for affordably-priced, high-grade weed seeds and we’ll ship them to your door. Stock up on autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, and some of the most sought after strains in the world, all at the best prices anywhere.

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