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Marijuana Seeds Nevada: A Home Growers Guide

It might surprise some readers to learn that, in a state famous for legally operated brothels, smoking a joint was at one time considered a crime. Drug laws surrounding recreational and medicinal marijuana use in Nevada were slackened in the ’90s. With party towns like Reno and Las Vegas to boast of and an infamous and star-studded start, let alone the majestic and awe-inspiring landscapes of the Mojave Desert, Lake Tahoe, and the Sierras, Nevada is a great state to enjoy your weed in.

For all her beauty and diversity, Nevada has had a rather rough upbringing. Through the hard-won efforts of the north throughout the Civil War, Nevada became known as the Battle Born State, now enshrined on the state flag. Long before that, it was home to the Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe Indigenous tribes who first met the Spanish when the new settlers arrived from across the ocean. The conquerors from the east named the spanning landmass in front of them Nevada. The name represented their memories of home that her snow-capped winter peaks evoked. When Mexico won the war many years later, they also won California and the Silver State, which later became part of Utah after America laid claim to her newly achieved territory, post-Mexican-American War.

Some more recent and pertinent battles include the fight for legal medicinal marijuana which began on paper in the ’90s. After a long prohibition, dating back to 1923, those who wanted natural medicines started to demand access. In 1998, the Nevada Medical Marijuana Act was approved, and again in 2000, with full constitutional legalization accepted through Assembly Bill 453 in 2001. Recreational marijuana has had a similar history in Nevada, though regulations surrounding possession, use, and cultivation continue to evolve.

Nevada’s climate and topography lend very well to growing weed, and the numerous rivers which flow throughout her many regions provide plenty of water. Rivers include The Humboldt, running westerly through the north with the Walker and Carson Rivers to the east. These water sources end up in a number of lakes and basins and provide much of the water used throughout the state. Her regions vary in elevation from 481 feet, at the Colorado River, to 13,147 feet at Boundary Peak, probably the vista so inspiring to her early Spanish viewers. Nevada, like most desert regions across the planet, sees some very hot days and some very cold nights, though southern winters are certainly warmer than what you find in the mountainous north. For these reasons, it is recommended that any outdoor cultivators provide some form of shade netting during the hottest part of the day, as well as some protection from overnight cold and frost. One major upside to exposing some plants to a bit of bitterness is the rich purple and blue hues they can take on in the mature phases of flowering due to the presence of anthocyanin in their genes.

Some attention grabbers around Nevada which you may be familiar with include a few unforgettable attractions and places of intrigue. Area 51 is arguably one of the most well protected and highly secretive government facilities on the planet. The reported UFO crash at Roswell in 1947 sparked an entire culture of alien enthusiasts and brought instant fame to the area, giving rise to generations of conspiracy theorists. The Las Vegas Strip was built by mobsters starting in the 1940s and has been a mecca for partiers, gamblers, stars, and seduction since then. Coined Sin City by many throughout the world, Vegas is said to hold a special place in the Devil’s heart. Some not so well-known bits include Carson City, the state’s famous capitol, Fort Churchill, a resting and protection depot for people traveling along the Pony Express, and, Great Basin National Park, which borders Utah and boasts an absolutely gorgeous and enchanting alpine experience. Travelers from around the world also fling themselves each year into the middle of Nevada’s desert to witness Burning Man. The temporary city that is erected in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada is dedicated to those who believe in radical self-expression and the public gathering features a community-minded and love-based exposition of art, music, and dance culture.

Overall, Nevada is right up there with the hippest places on earth and we are happy to report that the state government’s views on marijuana use, both recreational and medicinal are totally moving in the right direction.

Are Marijuana Seeds in Nevada legal?

Good news folks! Marijuana seeds are 100% legal in Nevada. Furthermore, adults age 21 and over are allowed to grow up to 6 plants per household, or 12 plants in households where more than 1 adult is present, as long as the premises is located no less than 25 miles from a dispensary. Medical patients are allowed to grow up to 12 plants regardless of where they live.

For more information on weed seeds in America, Contact Us and we’ll be happy to have the conversation!

Can you legally consume Cannabis in Nevada?

It is perfectly legal to consume cannabis in Nevada as long as you are not on public property or in a moving vehicle. Driving while intoxicated is still a punishable offense. Nevada has so many things to do, places to go, and sights to see. It would be a shame to be stuck in the stone age of marijuana laws in such a diverse playground. Whether you are planning a road trip through the Mojave Desert, hiking in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Clark County, or taking in a show at the MGM Grand, take your bag of weed and have a good time. Just make sure that, when you light up your blunt, you are on private property or far enough away from civilization as no to offend anyone.

What are the laws around Recreational Use in NV?

Recreational marijuana has been legal for purchase and consumption in the state of Nevada since January 1, 2017. Any adult age 21 or over is allowed to purchase up to 1 ounce or 3.5 grams of concentrates at a time and is allowed to carry up to 1 ounce and 3.5 grams of concentrates. For medical patients, these numbers are doubled for every 2 week period. It is still illegal to use marijuana in any public space in Nevada or in a moving vehicle.

For some serious seeds designed to grow some serious buds for blazing, Buy 420 Seeds For Sale. These seeds are specifically designed with our international clients at heart. They are meant for those who really like a good smoke-out with friends to celebrate the magic of marijuana, and these seeds may be just right for you!


Growing Outdoors in Nevada from Seed

Though many growers prefer the control of an indoor growing environment, there is much to be said for planting in the open air and Nevada’s south has the sun, the warmth, and the water necessary to make for some really fine flowers. However, if you are planning a great garden of green somewhere outside, there are a couple of safety precautions we recommend in order to keep your crop happy.

Because daytime temperatures in the sagebrush state can reach well over 100 degrees, it helps to have some protection for the root masses of your plants. Extreme temperatures have the potential to kill unprotected root systems, so insulating them from the heat in a hoop tunnel or by planting deep in the open ground may contribute to the overall health of your plants. Another strategy is to water deeply in the morning, before the heat of the day. A wet root system and 100 degrees may equal boiling your poor plants and no one has ever been happy with those results. If the summer is especially hot, and you have your plants in pots, you will want to check moisture levels regularly. Sometimes it may be necessary to water 2 or even 3 times a day. It might also be necessary to provide some shade for the pots. Generally speaking, blanketing them with light sheets or shade netting can’t hurt.

All of this playing with moisture levels can make keeping track of feeding a bit of a bother. For those times when you have to constantly be watering, adding a tiny bit of feed to each soak will ensure nutrient consistency.

For those living 25 miles from a dispensary, but who still have neighbors, our Chronic Seeds Shop is packed with cannabis seeds of stellar strains which are a bit less pungent or skunky than some of the strains offered for indoor or commercial grows. Not everyone likes the smell of weed, and it always pays to love your neighbor.

Indoor Growing: Top Cannabis Strains for 2021

There have been some killer strains of weed to come out of the past few years. At Weed Seeds, we get to see some truly remarkable and award-winning strains each day and we have chosen a few we think fit perfectly with Nevada’s go hard or go home vibe.

A hybrid has to be pretty darn rockin’ to take home a Best Indica prize in the Michigan Cannabis Cup and, in 2015, this one did just that. Buy Skittles Strain when you want a sticky, sweet, balanced hybrid with award-winning characteristics.

The Kush family needs no formal introduction, having taken the hybrid world by storm for generations. Therefore, when we say Strawberry Cush For Sale, you know we mean business. This is a 70/30 indica-dominant slice of strawberry pie with that telltale Kush sweetness and spice, and perfect for that late-afternoon chill session.

When you want to find Granddaddy Purple Near Me, we know what you like. Also known as Purple Candy, those who have a sweet tooth will love this heavy hitter. With an average of 21% THC and a seductively sweet grape cotton-candy flavor, this one is hard to put down.

Those who love to make extracts or pack a bong will love Tropicana Haze For Sale Online. This strain has an orange spice cookie dough base supporting a skunky and sweet citrus topper. This one is a voracious grower, so be prepared.

A nice thing about all of these strains is that, come those cooler nights, they will all take on purple hues, stretching into deep blues and even bright pinks, so let them get some air toward the end of flowering.

For all growers who want to experience what a sticky bud can be, rich with trichomes bursting with flavorful and power-packed terpenes, Buy 710 Seeds USA. You will not be disappointed.


Buy Feminized Seeds: A How To Guide

When you are looking to make your grow-op a bit easier and a little more stress-free, the Feminized Seeds Store of Weed Seeds USA has the genetics to get you pumped. We supply feminized varieties of all the best strains throughout the full spectrum. Not only are our feminized weed seeds nearly completely free of male genetics, but we back every order with a customer satisfaction guarantee. When you desire carefree gardening with a seed that will deliver every time, trust feminized seeds from weed-seeds.com.

Buying Natural Seeds Online: What is the Benefit?

There will always be the desire for new and exciting strains and, when breeders are looking for reliable and dependable genetics to get them there, they rely on our natural seeds. Natural or regular seeds will sprout both male and female specimens and, having not been feminized or crossed with ruderalis, they are genetically pure and true to their parent strains. When you want a reliable seed, unsullied by any other genetics or feminization, you can find it here.

For industrial or commercial growers, you can also get your seeds in bulk! Order Wholesale Seeds when you want to cut your overhead and just get growing.

What is an Autoflower Seed?

Those who may not have the time, space or patience to get involved in a photoperiod situation should Buy Autoflower Seeds. All your favorite strains can be made a little more manageable, a little smaller, and a little quicker through the addition of ruderalis blood. Ruderalis is a cold, hardy and compact strain found growing in the icy dark parts of Europe, Asia, and Russia. Because this plant’s days have been cut short for millennia, it has adapted. Instead of requiring a shift in light, this little plant flowers out of maturity. This is what makes a ruderalis cross the perfect plant for your garden or anywhere you would like to see some weed growing without worrying about proper lighting and controlled environments.


How Are CBD Seeds Germinated

With the approval of Assembly Bill 453 in January of 2001, what Nevada medicinal consumers had been waiting for since 1998 finally came into view, and their relief was made legal. A few months later, patients who depend on pot for relief, would be able to purchase and carry marijuana from local dispensaries and those living outside 25 miles from any retail dispensary would be allowed to grow their own.

CBD Seeds germinate just like any other cannabis seeds. Simply place your seeds on a wet paper towel and cover. You can also soak seeds in a glass of water overnight or plant directly into starter blocks or soil. We want your experience to be a success so, whatever method of germination you choose, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Why Buy American Cannabis Seeds From Us?

Nevada has always been a proud state. Americans who love their flag just as much as their weed should Buy American Seeds Online. Weed Seeds USA is a homegrown company honored to call America home and we want to bring that experience to everyone who loves great weed. When looking for an American company with American interests at heart, we are here for you!

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Nevada?

To Order Ganja Seeds Online, all you have to do is let us know what you want and we will get right to you. Our informative product pages make it easy to take your pick and our secure payment system will help you to sleep at night. Our speedy delivery brings your order right to your door in discreet packaging so nosy-nellies will not be up in your face. If you need some extra assistance, we always have some happy and friendly staff available to answer whatever questions you may have and, when it is all said and done, we back every order with our top customer-rated satisfaction guarantee. Simply call 1-844-807-1234 or get online to weed-seeds.com today and you are already halfway there!

Cannabis Culture in Silver State

So Nevada has come a long way in a relatively short time when it comes to cannabis culture. All you have to do is look at the party scene on the Las Vegas strip to be convinced that this is a state that is far from conservative. Look at any number of the myriad of Hunter S. Thompson references and you will get the impression that people like to trip in the Silver State. Regardless of where you are in Nevada, it is advisable to keep it mature and be respectful. Although what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, you do not want to give the fuzz any reason to single you out for your marijuana use!

Recent years have brought major shifts in Nevadan’s perspective, probably in no small part due to the somewhat lax ideals of neighboring California and Colorado. Where once possession of a few bags of weed could see a sentence of 25 years to life, we are happy to report that Nevada has since hopped on the marijuana express and flies that banner high!

Are you planning to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors? You may be wondering which is best to produce. Growing cannabis is not a walk in the park for most beginners. There are thousands of marijuana strains that you will never get to see in this lifetime. The industry recognizes 800 of these strains, leaving the newbie with countless options from the species of sativa, indica, and ruderalis. We have a compilation of some of the best cannabis seeds in Las Vegas, NV, for a grower. The bottom line is that no Nevada marijuana seeds are better than the other. However, you will get a different euphoric effect and difficulty for growth with every new strain.

Best marijuana seeds in Nevada 


Tangerine marijuana is one of the Nevada cannabis seeds that will keep clients wanting more for an extended period. Consumers have an overwhelming passion for the smell because it has the sensory effect of a beachy cocktail with an orange tinge. Consumers love the growing marijuana in NV because the taste and smell match the sensory impact.

Tangerine is excellent for beginning users or an excitable atmosphere. It makes people sociable, awake, and creative while increasing communication and an elevated mood.

Tangerine is a sativa hybrid seed with an environmentally friendly tolerance. You can grow the weed indoors or outside in a warm and humid area with a manageable cultivation routine. It takes up to ten weeks to grow indoors and usually blooms to a full harvest in October when you grow it outside. The flowering side is on the shorter end than most strains; hence it is excellent for a quick harvest for sale in Fall or a relaxing indoor event needing a little excitement.

Jack Herer

The seed has a unique and outstanding flavor, among many other different strains. Jack Herer has a robust medicinal quality and is quick at delivering an elevated mood. The seed has both Indica, and Sativa strains in almost equal measure hence offer a justified spectrum of both effects.

It is easy to grow Jack Herer both indoors and outdoors. It is taller than most Marijuana seeds in Nevada and is highly resistant to bugs, diseases, pests, and molds. The hybrid seed usually needs a sunny and warm growing space and will be excellent at the window side of a room. Jack Herer needs little feeding to get all essential nutrients to produce large buds with thick stems.


The seed is one of the most potent marijuana strains with a higher sativa quotient of up to 70% and an Indica content of about 35%. It delivers a powerful cerebral effect due to the presence of 26% of THC.

Trainwreck got its name from its wild growing branches. It grows tall due to the dominant sativa content and has sparse branches and leaves. Trainwreck is perfect for the mildly experienced farmer who can take out the hermaphrodites fast to prevent problems in the yield.

Growers should be keen when looking for a marijuana seed to plant. A misstep in the process could cause significant loss. We have enough Marijuana seed varieties for you to pick one with a conducive growth. Talk to Weed Seeds USA on 1-844-807-1234 to get some of the best marijuana seeds to grow Nevada.

It’s become almost unaffordable to purchase marijuana seeds in Nevada. If you need a new supplier, check out our selection at Weed Seeds USA. From extreme CBD strains to high THC seeds, we carry many of the most highly sought after strains in the world, like Pink Cookies, Bruce Banner, 27AM, and Trainwreck.

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