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Marijuana Seeds Nebraska: Tips & Information

Nebraska was once known as The Great American Desert. It is one of the rare states that does not have a large body of water. In fact, you would have to travel as far away as Lake Michigan to encounter one. The lack of available surface water did not stop agriculture from being the main economic driver and Nebraska is more commonly known now as The Cornhusker State. There are not many, if any people left in the world who would remember the state being an industrial hemp growing region, however, at one time, hemp was the main crop produced in Nebraska. Wild hemp can still be seen growing along the sides of highways and ditches and a study conducted in 1987 concluded that the state had killed off as many as 12 million feral hemp plants the previous year.

Visually, the state is recognized for its rolling fields of golden wheat swaying in the breeze and its immeasurably large farms growing row upon row of corn. Statistically, Nebraska is actually only the third-largest corn-producing state and the fifth-largest soybean grower. It would seem perfectly natural that cannabis could easily grow and go side by side with those crops and while it can, it is currently considered illegal. Once it is legal, Contact Us for information on purchasing cannabis seeds for your home-grow in Nebraska.

Nebraska is full of rare, one of a kind things that in some cases defy belief. Take the largest ball of stamps for example. In the Boys Town stamp center, just outside of Omaha, sits a 32-inch diameter ball of postal stamps. From 1953 to 1955, a group of obviously bored stamp collectors began gluing postage stamps around a golf ball and within 2 years had added more than 4.5 million stamps. The gigantic ball, which weighs a shocking 600 pounds has been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not and at one point was a main tourism draw for the state. While the stamp club was busy licking and gluing, Nebraska cattle rancher Albert Meng was attempting to restore a natural water spring for his cattle in 1953. He didn’t succeed, however, he found something very rare. He happened upon the preserved skeletons of more than 600 bison. After consulting with his archeologist friend, it was determined that the bison all died of natural causes resulting from an unexplained natural event.

Stamps and bison bones aside, the king of strange and rare in Nebraska has to be William Thompson’s scalp. Yes, you read that correctly, William Thompson’s scalp. In 1867, a group of English repairmen was sent to the small town of Lexington to repair telegraph cables. Along the way, their train was attacked by Cheyenne warriors and the train derailed. Everyone on board was killed with the exception of Thompson who had his scalp scraped off by his attackers. During the ordeal, Thompson passed out from the pain. He was left for dead, with his scalp by his side. His attackers left him to rot thinking he was a goner, but he regained consciousness and sought medical aid to reattach his scalp but it simply could not be done. Mr. Thompson did the next best thing and displayed it for profit as a curiosity. Credit goes out to making lemonade out of the lemon’s life handed him.

Despite being a flat state with no large bodies of water there are some impressive geological formations that boggle the eye in Nebraska. The Toadstool Geologic Park in Harrison, Nebraska is widely considered to be the badlands of the Midwest. The park is part of the Oglala National Grasslands and features mushroom-shaped rock mounds formed by wind and water over a period of 45 million years. Visitors to the park can also observe in-ground fossil collections as old as 65 million years. Of course, one can not visit Nebraska without a trip to Chimney Rock which is located in the North Platte River valley in the western portion of the state. Chimney Rock rises more than 984 feet from the valley and was once used as a guidepost for pioneers traveling to Oregon and California. It achieved National Historic Site status in 1956 and is now protected by the national park service.

Fast-forwarding to the present day, Nebraska’s largest city is Omaha with a population of just under half a million. The state capital of Lincoln is next with just over 200,000 residents. Both cities are modern and dynamic with an eye toward the future while keeping the lessons of the past close to the heart.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Nebraska?

Yes. Marijuana seeds are legal within the state of Nebraska, as a novelty item. When it comes to the cultivation of those seeds, residents may find themselves on the wrong side of the law. There are no specific penalties for growing marijuana, however, cultivation falls under the manufacturer and distribution laws which is amazing because Nebraska is famous for Nebraska Nonsense, a feral hemp strain leftover from the booming hemp growing industry prior to prohibition in 1927. Hemp literally grows in ditches in the state but it is not nearly close to the quality you will get when you Order Ganja Seeds from a dedicated online cannabis seed bank like weed-seeds.com.

Can you legally use Weed in Nebraska?

No. Unfortunately, the Cornhusker State is lagging behind in regards to marijuana legalization, however, it has been decriminalized. A first offense or possession of up to 1 ounce is only punishable by a citation and a 300 dollar fine, second offense is considered a misdemeanor with a 500 dollar fine and the possibility of 5 days in jail. As previously mentioned, it is legal to own cannabis seeds and you can order them in our Chronic Seeds Store, however, the utmost of caution and consideration to the state’s laws is advised when it comes to the cultivation of those weed seeds.

What is the law around Rec Use in NE?

Sadly, recreational cannabis is out of step with other states’ initiatives towards full legalization. The use of cannabis falls under the same laws as cultivation and possession. It is decriminalized but not legal, meaning there is no jail time for a first offense if you are caught with under 1 ounce of dried cannabis flowers. You are well within your legal rights to Buy 710 Seeds Online and you can certainly have a stockpile of seeds on hand for when the day comes that cannabis enthusiasts can freely grow the herb in Nebraska.

Outdoor Seed Strains that Thrive in Nebraska

Nebraska has 2 major climate zones that are both ideally suited to seasonal marijuana growing. The eastern portion of the state is in what is called a humid continental climate, characterized by cold winters and warm summers. During the summer months, outdoor cultivators have free reign to grow any sativa, hybrid, or indica throughout the summer months. The western area of the state is in a semi-arid climate and receives cold winters and hot summers, which allows cultivators a climate more suited to sativa strains like Durban Poison or sativa dominant hybrids like White Widow. It is easy to Buy 420 Seeds USA for growing outdoors in Nebraska including the above-mentioned strains. Just keep in mind that growing marijuana is currently illegal in the state so any outdoor cultivation should be approached very cautiously or kept indoors, out of view.


Indoor Growing: Top Pot Strains for 2021

Growing your own weed indoors is a fun and very rewarding hobby. Whether it be in a tent, closet, or larger room, our Bruce Banner #3 For Sale Online grows like a hulk and packs a punch. It is a sativa dominant hybrid with a massive THC score of 29 percent that makes instant fans of even the most seasoned smokers. Indica lovers will appreciate our Granddaddy Purple For Sale. It is indica leaning, super flavorful, and comes in with a consistent 27 percent THC level. If you are seeking a more moderate THC level in a highly energizing, creative, and euphoric buzz, you can find all of it when you Buy Strawberry Cush. Last but never least, Tropicana Haze Near Me offers smokers the happy, creative buzz of a sativa with the relaxed, thoughtful feeling of an indica.

Buying Feminized Seeds Online: What is the Benefit?

Not only is it very easy to Order Feminized Seeds Online but the benefits are clear. You can have your seeds delivered discreetly to your door and not have to travel out of state to find them. Feminized seeds are created by harvesting the pollen from a stressed flowering female plant. Seed breeders collect the pollen and reapply it to another flowering female of the same strain. Because only female genes were involved in the process, the resulting seeds are guaranteed to be all female. This is particularly beneficial for novice growers as it eliminates the concern of growing male plants. Sadly, male plants do not produce high-quality flowers and can actually ruin the crop from female plants if not removed from the area. Experienced or commercial cultivators need not worry about male plants wasting precious space that could be occupied by a higher producing female plant. When looked at from those perspectives, it is easy to see why ordering feminized seeds online in Nebraska is the way to go.


What is a Natural Seed?

Natural is a broad term and can be interpreted in many ways. Essentially though, the term natural seed is in reference to seeds that have had no genetic modification or synthetic ingredients in their creation. That is exactly what you get with cannabis seeds from weed-seeds.com. Pure, unadulterated marijuana seeds free of manipulation that grow the way they have since the dawn of time are considered natural. Home cultivators are encouraged to embrace this concept even further by using high-quality PH balanced soil and organic fertilizer. The all-natural approach to marijuana cultivation produces the best tasting and smoothest smoking weed you will ever have.

How Are Autoflower Seeds Germinated?

It is a rather simple process to germinate Autoflower Seeds. Simply soak the seed in a small bowl of warm water for 12 hours then transfer it to a moistened sheet of paper towel. Fold the paper towel around the seed and place it in a dark space where the temperatures remain above 70 degrees. Keep the paper towel moist and in a few short days, you will notice a sprout emerging from the husk of the seed. Keep the sprouting seed in the moistened towel for another day or 2, this will strengthen the sprout and help it to thrive once transferred to soil. You aren’t quite done yet though. Once the sprouted seeds have been transplanted to the soil they will need to remain in a warm, dark environment with moist soil. At this point, it should only take a couple or a few days to see the first sprig of green pop up from under the soil surface. This is when you can take them out of the dark and put them in the light. Remember, you won’t need to alter any lighting schedules or plant around the sun’s availability with autoflower strains. They are non-photoperiod dependent and do not require the 12 hour light to 12 hours of dark in order to begin the flowering process. They will do that on their own so you can focus on other things.

What Are CBD Seeds?

Cannabidiol or CBD as it is more commonly referred to has made a massive impact on the medical community and millions of lives. CBD has been proven to dramatically reduce the severity, and in some cases, prevent the occurrence of seizures in patients with epileptic disorders, most notably in children. Before you think doctors are drugging kids with cannabis, keep in mind that CBD is a non-psychoactive compound which means it does not produce the high and it will not intoxicate you. It is the second most prevalent compound in the cannabis plant, however, recent trends have pushed seed breeders to develop high CBD, low THC strains of cannabis for more medical uses than pleasure. High CBD strains can be found in our CBD Seeds Shop at weed-seeds.com. It’s not just for kids though, adults can seek the help of CBD in treating common conditions like anxiety, low moods, and stress. Chronic pain and inflammation can also be treated but it should be noted that CBD does have the potential of reacting with blood thinners like Warfarin. If you are currently on any blood thinning medication you should speak to your doctor before undertaking CBD therapy. Certain medications like the aforementioned, can be rendered useless in your system by CBD and can actually cause harm rather than good. Recent Harvard School of Medicine studies have confirmed that fact, however, adverse drug interactions seem to be limited to just blood thinners and the study also reports that CBD can have a boosting effect for other medications.


Why Buy American Cannabis Seeds From Us?

We all want to buy local products these days and that includes cannabis seeds. In some situations, it isn’t always possible to get what you need down the street but you can Buy American Seeds right here. Weed Seeds USA is a homegrown American company that only sources from the best, most dedicated seed breeders that strive every day to protect and preserve the strongest genetics and the original characteristics of every strain they grow. When you buy cannabis seeds from us, you are buying American and supporting American cannabis cultivators.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Nebraska?

It is as easy as a couple clicks of your mouse to buy marijuana seeds online in Nebraska. In fact, you can easily have Wholesale Seeds Delivered right to your door in just a few days. Upon ordering we will lovingly package your choices in a specially designed envelope that keeps your seeds safely cushioned and protects their viability. Your privacy is protected by a plain, nondescript envelope free of splashy ads about its contents. All of us at weed-seeds.com understand the limitations and restrictions surrounding cannabis cultivation in Nebraska and we will do our best to make certain you can safely and securely order cannabis seeds online to grow at home.

Cannabis Culture in Cornhusker State

From as far back as 1927, cannabis has been illegal in the state of Nebraska which only forced the culture underground where it still exists today. There may not be large public protests or 420 festivals occurring in Nebraska, but that does not mean there are not people passionate about pot in the state. Since 2015, there have been 2 separate bills put forward to the state legislature to legalize medical marijuana, both of which failed to pass the vote. Bordering states like Colorado and South Dakota have taken a fully legalized stance on cannabis consumption and Nebraska has seen a surge of residents traveling across state lines to pick up their bud. Nebraska State troopers have gone on record to say that 1 in 5 cars entering from Colorado have cannabis inside. Clearly, Nebraskans are prepared to travel for weed. It is only a matter of time until the state realizes that residents want legal weed and until that day comes, the culture will simply stay underground, but healthy and robust.

What kind of marijuana seeds are Nebraska friendly? NE residents can find success growing cannabis by selecting auto-flowering seeds that require less time to get from germination to harvest. Weed Seeds USA has one of the largest online selections of auto-flowering marijuana seeds, so it’s easy to find the strains you want to grow when you browse our online inventory. NE cannabis seeds should ideally be started as early in the spring as possible for a summer to late-summer crop the same year as planted.

Best Marijuana Seed Strains for NE

Since auto-flowering seeds can reach the harvest point so much faster than regular seeds, they are an ideal choice when selecting marijuana seeds in Nebraska for home gardening. Some of the strains we sell at Weed Seeds USA need only 10 weeks to produce an abundance of buds. Not only are auto-flowering seeds the best choice for growers living in areas that experience a short-lived summer, but they are also excellent for gardeners who are anxious to try the fruits of their labor. Consider the following strains when growing marijuana in Nebraska:

  • Auto Zkittles
  • Auto Gorilla Glue
  • Auto White Widow x Crystal Meth
  • Auto Wedding Cake
  • Auto Gelato
  • Auto Sweet Tooth
  • Auto Tangerine

Growing Marijuana in Nebraska For Medicinal Purposes

Consider one of our high CBD strains at Weed Seeds USA when growing marijuana for managing pain or another medical condition. CBD seeds are affordable when purchased through our website, so you can stock up for the seeds you want without having to pay a fortune for them. Start your seeds as early in the spring as possible, indoors preferably under lights, and transfer small plans outdoors when all danger of frost and freeze is over. Browse our CBD selection online or contact our staff at Weed Seeds USA for a professional recommendation.

Where Can You Find Cannabis Seeds in Nebraska?

Beware of local sellers you’ve not dealt with previously- not all marijuana seed sellers are honest or reputable. If you live in the state of Nebraska, you know that wild cannabis grows throughout the state, producing seeds that look identical to cannabis containing THC. Always order from a company with positive reviews, like Weed Seeds USA when buying marijuana seeds in Nebraska.

Top Marijuana Seeds For Nebraska Crops

Purchase your seeds from our seed bank when you want the very best prices on top-grade marijuana seeds packaged discreetly and shipped right to your door. Whether it’s your first time growing marijuana or you’re an experienced grower, you’ll benefit from having access to viable seeds that will consistently germinate well and grow into healthy plants that produce reliably.

Pick-up popular strains and hard-to-find seeds from Weed Seeds USA, America’s #1 provider of seeds to all 50 states. Living in the Midwest means you have a shorter garden season but it doesn’t mean you can’t grow cannabis with excellent results. Contact Weed Seeds USA with any questions about our products, our company, or our ordering process- and grow marijuana like a pro.

Choose space saving marijuana seeds in Nebraska for this year’s garden from Weed Seeds USA and grow more bud-producing plants in the same amount of garden space. Our list of feminized cannabis seeds includes Girl Scout Cookies, Amnesia Haze, Feminized Northern Lights, Pink Cookies, Wedding Cake, and others.

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