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Marijuana Seeds Missouri: A Home Growers Guide

Though the Show-Me State has some of the most relaxed liquor laws in the country, regulations around marijuana, its cultivation, and its use are still quite rigid. After the Louisiana Purchase, Missouri was named The Gateway to the West, because it opened up routes for explorers and settlers to make more of America their home. Just outside of St. Louis, a major supply oasis for such travelers, the Lewis and Clark expedition took its leave and returned. Having made their way to what is now California, their party contributed to the west being won and made an indelible mark on American exploration.

Missouri has always boasted a rich cultural history. Some of the foundations of great American music have come out of this state, like Kansas City Jazz and St. Louis Blues, Country and Ragtime. All of these music genres have been deemed of major importance to the timeless American music scene. Famous acts like Chuck Berry, Scott Joplin, and Sheryl Crow have come out of Missouri and the City of Branson has been considered an American country music mecca. In fact, many stars throughout history have called Missouri home, including Brad Pitt, Harry S. Truman, and Mark Twain, the latter of whom is famed for his wit and satire and has been known as the great American novelist.

Missouri has been for some time now, considered part of the midwest, and is the 18th most populous state in America. It borders eight states, as does its neighbor, Tennessee, the only other state in America which shares that fact. Originally home to many indigenous tribes, dating back to 1000CE, Missouri houses quite a few early history museums, including the Missouri American Indian Cultural Centre and the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Centre.

This midwestern state also has a quite efficacious education system. The University of Missouri, Columbia, the largest in the state, is accompanied by many other schools, specializing in a multitude of curriculums. Both secondary and post-secondary education systems in Missouri are quite well equipped to prepare their students for postsecondary education as is evidenced by the Pioneers in Education Award, Talent Pool Recommendation, and the Milken Family Foundation Educator Awards.

There is no doubt that Missouri is perfectly set up to take the next step toward decriminalization, if not legalization, and that the tax monies collected from such enterprises could finance any number of positive initiatives throughout the state.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Missouri?

Marijuana seeds, as across the entirety of the United States, are legal in Missouri. They are legal for sale and purchase, delivery, trade, and collection. Medical marijuana patients are legally permitted to grow six plants at a time. Unfortunately, marijuana is not yet legal for recreational purposes. Times are changing and attitudes surrounding weed are evolving so it won’t be long before marijuana is treated like alcohol. It always helps to be prepared for when the day comes that you can fly that weed banner high! For when that day does come, you are going to want a weed that really kicks! Our 710 Seeds are designed to do just that and, for those who would prefer a shatter or wax, these seeds grow the perfect weed for extracts.

Can you legally use Cannabis in Missouri?

Since Amendment 2, medical marijuana patients can legally grow and use weed in the state of Missouri, but for a fee, and not just anywhere. Medical registration cards carry an annual fee of $25 and a home cultivation card costs $100 per year. Cannabis is defined as any flower, extract, edible, sublingual, or topical containing more than .3% THC. Federal law applies to anyone caught distributing cannabis or carrying cannabis across state lines. Though these laws seem restrictive now, think back to a few years ago when jail time would be mandatory and that throughout history, many have been put to death for a simple bag of weed! These laws are always changing and when they do and you are free to Order Chronic Seeds online for growing, we are here for you!

What are the laws around Rec Use in MO?

Though it would be nice for the average individual to be able to Buy 420 Seeds online and plant out a huge garden to enjoy the international pot-smoking alarm with, this is not the case. The great state of Missouri has not smiled kindly on the recreational use of marijuana, regardless of the dollar signs the majority of the rest of the country is seeing through billions in recreational sales.

Certain cities have made a positive forward motion in the ways of weed regulations. In Kansas City, it is legal to carry up to 35 grams without fear of fines or prosecution. In St. Louis, that same amount is no more than a $25 fine. Springfield has seen its citizens suing the government for denouncing a valid petition to legalize small amounts of the glorious ganja, winning the $225,000 lawsuit and freeing themselves up to vote again. Possession of 10 grams or less is still a misdemeanor across Missouri and punishable by a fine. If you are in possession of more than ten grams you could find yourself in federal trouble.

Growing Outdoors in Missouri from Seed

Housing much of the Great Northern Plains, Missouri rises to the south, meeting the foothills of the Ozark and St. Francois Mountains. What lies in the middle of this stretch are rivers and untold miles of glacial plains. The weather in the state of Missouri is a little different than one might expect for a landmass so close to the Canadian Shield. Considered to have a humid continental climate, Missouri summers are hot and wet and the winters can be cold and snowy. With climate shifts like this, it helps to have some form of protection for your weed crop. We are sure that some pretty awesome colas could be produced in Missouri. The sunny plains combined with the high UV levels and clean air of mountainous regions generally contribute to some killer weed but alas, it is still illegal to grow pot in Missouri unless you are medically registered and have a medical cultivation card.

For those who are in a position to grow their own or are happy to start their collection for the day that gardens of green are legal for any adult to grow in Missouri, we have Ganja Seeds Cheap! Until then, it helps to know something about growing outside. A greenhouse helps protect your crop and big plastic pots help to regulate nutrient and moisture levels. Positioning your crop in the sunniest location will assist in the overall health and vigor of your garden. If you grow plants in a greenhouse or tent, free-flowing ventilation will help to ensure against molds and diseases from forming.


Best Indoor Cannabis Strains for Missouri Growers?

Since the laws around recreational marijuana are being updated all the time, there’s no reason to think that recreational weed will be illegal forever in Missouri. Alcohol is above board so marijuana may be legal one day. For those who are already growing medical cannabis and for the rest of us who hope to one day cultivate our dream plot, here are some absolutely amazing strains we have found to be popular.

For an incredible lip-smacking, killer combination of Skunk Valley Haze and Tropicana Cookies, Buy Tropicana Haze. This powerhouse is one of the tastiest strains out there, not to mention the 27% THC level it contains when grown in ideal conditions.

Considered the third most potent strain of all time by High Times and taking first prize in the U.S. Cannabis Cup, Denver, Bruce Banner #3 For Sale is a beast. When you want that special bud to blow everyone away with, this strain will make your friends green with envy.

Purple OG Near Me means that you are looking for a 100% indica perfectly suited to knock you on your butt! Bred through combining two landrace indicas, known to be a couple of the oldest weeds in the world, Hindu Kush and Afghani indica, Purple Kush will always impress.

When you search Original Kush For Sale Online, we know you are looking for the Original Gangsta. Though to be the first stable hybrid to come out of marijuana cultivation and breeding, there is no mistaking that old familiar smell, not to mention her infamous cerebral and sedating stone.

For those breeders of growers who go through heaps of seeds, we have Wholesale Seeds For Sale. Save time, energy, and, most importantly, money by ordering your seeds in bulk. Buying wholesale cannabis seeds will free up your time and lessen expenses. These seeds carry the same customer satisfaction guarantee which comes with all of our products. Now get out there and grow!

How Are Feminized Seeds Germinated?

No matter what kind of weed you want to grow, unless you already have a clone rotation going, you are going to need to sprout from seed.

Here are a few methods we have found successful for sprouting seeds.

  • Paper Towel Method: Soak a paper towel and place it on a plate. Sit your seeds on the towel and cover with a bowl or plate. In a day or two, a white tendril should be poking out of your seeds. When this happens, they have sprouted. You are going to want to be extra careful not to damage this tendril as it is the taproot from which your plant will begin its life cycle.
  • ) Soaking (preferred): Sprinkle your seeds into a glass of water overnight. Viable seeds will sink by morning and lifeless seeds will continue to float. Remove viable seeds and place them in blocks or substrate.
  • Starter Blocks or Pucks: Though tricky to manage and susceptible to fungus, starter blocks have been around forever and are akin to planting directly into soil or substrate. Soak your pucks until they are saturated, line them up in a tray and place a seed in the center of each, about a knuckle deep. This method allows for the root systems of the plants to start developing in a secure environment and makes for easy planting into pots.

Order now and get your Feminized Seeds Delivered in as little as a week!


What are Natural Seeds?

Natural or regular seeds have not been feminized, bred to fast-flower, or made to autoflower. Natural seeds through your friendly American seed distributor sprout male and female plants that maintain the purity of their parent strains. Strains are created because breeders want to combine certain characteristics of a number of strains which, when put together, make for some amazing dream bud. Our all-natural homegrown seeds maintain that ideal and deliver to any breeder a plethora of pot possibilities. Whether you are attempting to make the next super strain or are a hobby botanist having some fun on the weekends, you can’t go wrong with regular cannabis seeds and Weed Seeds USA has all the seeds you could ever need, right here at home in MO.

Autoflower Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Since the early days of marijuana cultivation in this country, there has been one constant. In order to grow to her full potential, our precious plant needs light. What happens when you take light away from a plant for millennia? It develops coping mechanisms in order to survive. Cannabis ruderalis is one plant that has been forced, through short, freezing days with little light, to abandon its necessity for a shift in photoperiod in order to flower. It has grown to become hardier and more resistant to pests and disease, and it has grown smaller and more concentrated.

When any of your favorite strains are crossed with ruderalis, they can take on these properties, making the perfect companion for anyone who wants the fun of cultivating without the fuss. Our Autoflower Seeds Store is packed with strains designed to flower on their own, and which are generally cold, pest, and disease resistant, freeing you up to focus your energy elsewhere.

Buy CBD Seeds Online: A How to Guide

The passing of SB 2238 in 2014 carried with it the promise of hope to certain individuals suffering epileptic seizures, though it wouldn’t take effect until 2017. With the public approval of Amendment 2 in 2018, it has since been legal for patients suffering chronic, debilitating, or other conditions which are helped through the use of weed to grow up to 6 plants at a time in their own homes. Compassionate moves like this have made life easier for countless sufferers and, dawning a glimmer of love in our eyes, we are proud to be a part of anyone’s healing journey.

If you think you would like to plant a medicinal garden of your own, Order CBD Seeds Online and enjoy a painless process. Simply browse through our information pages and make your selection. Once you are satisfied with your selection, our secure payment methods will help to process your order safely. When your order is confirmed, we hand-pick it, seal it in for freshness, and back it with our customer satisfaction guarantee.


Why Buy American Cannabis Seeds From Us?

Weed Seeds USA is an Oklahoma-based company with seeds grown by Americans, for Americans. If you want to raise the weed banner, why not raise a flag as well! Our American Seeds Shop is brimming with marijuana seeds homegrown right here under our nation’s pride. There have been some fantastic strains to come out of many countries on this planet, and we salute them. However, since weed, as we know it, originated just a few states away, we want to give all Americans every reason to feel patriotic about growing the country’s number one favorite smoke.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Missouri?

Buying your favorite cannabis seeds has never been easier. Simply hop online and search our strains’ information pages until you find the ones that sound good to you.  Once you have made your selection, Contact Us to get your order started. When your order has been confirmed, our secure shipping will get it out to you promptly. Call 1-844-807-1234 or hop online today and get started. Your next experience is just a few clicks away!

Cannabis Culture in the Show Me State

So, the Missourian government disagrees with the majority population, however, with a history of music, art, and food as rich as that of the Show-Me State, you’d better believe that our lovely leaf has been here for a long time. Though we would never encourage anyone to break the law, as far as we know, freedom of speech and peaceful assembly are still legal. Get out there! Smoke your weed and speak your mind! Not unlike the abolition of slavery in the great state of Missouri, the day will come when cannabis consumers don’t have to run and hide any longer. Who knows, maybe current Missouri governments will take a page from the playbook of freedom and even see some serious capital from the business of legalized marijuana. Other states have seen pot revenue used to foster beneficial social empowerment programs, early education, art initiatives, and better parks and schools for children. With all the benefits to legalizing and taxing weed, your local community’s imagination is the only limit.

Buy Weed Seeds with Shipping to MO

Purchase quality marijuana seeds in Missouri without having to drive to a neighboring state; Weed Seeds USA can ship your cannabis seeds directly to your home. We maintain one of the most reputable seed banks in the country, a reliable source for genuine made-in-USA genetics that ensures our growers experience a successful yield. When looking for Missouri cannabis seeds, you never need to look any further than our Web store for fresh, viable seeds for your indoor or outdoor garden.

What Are the Best Seeds For Growing in Missouri?

The state of Missouri has a relatively short summer compared with states like Florida and Georgia. Growers often recommend autoflower seeds for states like MO that experience long spring and fall seasons. Since there’s always the possibility of an early frost, Missouri marijuana seeds should be fast-growing to ensure harvest occurs long before the danger of a frost arrives. Weed Seeds USA has many autoflower strains to choose from:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Northern Lights x Big Bud
  • White Widow x Crystal Meth
  • Gelato
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Tangerine
  • Sweet Tooth
  • And many others

A Trusted Source For Marijuana Seeds in Missouri

All marijuana seeds look more or less alike, so growers are left to rely on a company’s reputation when purchasing seeds for growing marijuana in Missouri. Weed Seeds USA is a trusted provider or strain-specific seeds, autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, high THC and high CBD seeds, and 710 seeds. We invite you to call our helpline if you have any questions for our seed specialists. If you’re not sure which seeds to pick, you can reach us at 1-844-807-1234 we’ll be happy to help.

The Best Cannabis Seeds in Missouri

As a Missouri resident, you may feel as though you’re at a disadvantage compared with growers in states that are more marijuana-friendly. You don’t have to live in a progressive state in order to have access to quality marijuana seeds- Missouri residents can order online from Weed Seeds USA and have quality cannabis seeds shipped discreetly. Browse our seed bank’s complete selection of autoflower seeds for your Missouri growing environment and see for yourself why we are a top supplier for growers in every state.

Supplier of Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis Seeds

Whatever your situation, whether you’re growing a few plants for medicinal purposes or looking for a steady supplier of seeds for your greenhouse, rest easy knowing we can meet your needs at an affordable price. Get in touch with us by filling out the online order form and letting us know the type of seeds you’re interested in purchasing. We’ll provide all the information you need to get an order placed with us.

Quality seeds ensure quality plants that produce well for our customers. If you’ve been dissatisfied in the past with the level of customer support received by other seed banks, we encourage you to take a closer look at Weed Seeds USA and find out more about how we can meet your needs when shopping for marijuana seeds in Missouri.

Why buy marijuana seeds in Missouri from the Web when you can legally buy them in-state? Consider our amazing selection of top-grade marijuana seeds at Weed Seeds USA and you’ll see the advantage of buying from us. We have a better selection than your local seed store- and our prices are lower, as well.

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