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Marijuana Seeds Kansas: A Home Growers Guide

Dorothy and Toto called Kansas home and while the Yellowbrick Road in the magical land of Oz was just a dream, growing marijuana legally in Kansas is hopefully just two heel clicks away. When legalization becomes a reality, weed cultivation could be a worthwhile and enjoyable endeavor. There are three climatic regions in Kansas, all of which are conducive to the growth of many crops. Some areas are humid continental, semi-arid steppe, or humid subtropical. With warm summers and cool winters, it is suitable for a variety of different strains to thrive outdoors, and most others could easily be cultivated in the controlled environment of an indoor setup. Below, we will inform you of current regulations around marijuana use, possession, and cultivation in Kansas, different types of seeds, and some perfect strains to consider growing. But first, let us talk a bit about the beautiful state and some places to explore that will only be better with the addition of some superb weed!

Kansas is one of 50 United States and is located in the Midwest. It was named after the Kansas River, which runs through this picturesque state, and was first settled by Americans in 1827. By 2015, Kansas had become a high-ranking agricultural state for its production of wheat, corn, sorghum, and soy brands. It is no wonder that growing pot is an entirely feasible venture in this rich pastoral area! Two-thirds of the state lies in the great central plain of the country and are mostly flatlands. The other third is full of rolling hills and dense forests. There are a lot of areas that are protected by the National Park Service, and thus, many pristine, natural historical sites to explore.

This beautiful place was made familiar in homes across the country through pop culture appearances. Kansas was the home of Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the setting for Little House on the Prairie, and the childhood home of Clark Kent, better known as Superman.

Start to explore the bountiful natural beauty by visiting Monument Rocks, a series of large chalk formations that tower over you at more than 70 feet in Gove County. Take a trip and hike the trails through Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. This will give you the full experience of the vast, flat, expanse that characterizes two-thirds of the state.

There are also many beautiful lakes worth visiting throughout Kansas. Turtle Creek State Park, once merely a structure for flood control, is now a favored recreational spot that not only has places for picnicking, boating, swimming, and camping but also hosts the Country Stampede Music Festival.

For a glimpse into the rich history, visit the Keeper of the Plains, a public art installation that has become a tribute to the local American Indian Tribes of the city of Wichita. Or head over to one of the historical government buildings like the French-Normal style governor’s residence, Cedar Crest. This unique and impressive, French-themed structure looks out over the Kansas River. Visit monuments like the World’s Largest Czech Egg or stroll through the main street in Lindborg and enjoy the colorful collection of painted statues, the Wild Dala Horse Herd.

Buy 710 Seeds USA and enhance your exploration of this charming and delightful land! Whether you want strains to motivate and energize you for a day of hiking in the wilderness or a strain to soothe your muscles and lull you to sleep after a day of roaming around impressive historical structures in the city, we have options for you!

Are Marijuana Seeds in Kansas legal?

Though marijuana laws in Kansas remain among some of the strictest in the country, there is a loophole in that the purchase and possession of seeds are legal. Throughout the state, penalties are being diminished, so it may not be long before you can also cultivate plants and consume for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, at this time, you are restricted to choosing your strains and purchasing your seeds in anticipation of law adjustments. Thankfully a little water can help bring life into older seeds, so Order Ganja Seeds Online now, and you can revive your seeds for the future when Mary Jane will be a household name!

Can you legally consume Cannabis in Kansas?

The consumption of cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes is illegal in Kansas. The laws are some of the strictest throughout the whole country, so, unfortunately, use, possession, distribution, and cultivation are all illegal. Hopefully, it will not take eons before Kansas starts to follow suit with the surrounding states. As cannabis use is more recognized and widely accepted in the treatment of mental and physical health challenges, laws are quickly evolving countrywide, so it should not be long before things start to loosen up in Kansas.

What are the laws around Recreational Use in KS?

Recreational use is very much illegal in Kansas. Possession is punishable by jail time, however, sentences are being reduced and most charges have been scaled down from a felony to a misdemeanor. Distribution still remains a felony though and selling within 1000 feet of a school zone results in a minimum of a 4-year sentence. This applies to medicinal marijuana use as well, though there has been a bill passed that allows the use of cannabis oils with THC levels of no more than 5%. This is hopefully the start of more flexibility with weed regulations, so keep an eye on your local government sites for the most up to date information and be the first among your friends to Order Wholesale Seeds and start your own home grow operation.

Growing Outdoors in Kansas from Seed

The continental climate in Kansas is ideal for growing a lot of different pot plants. Here are a couple of great options to get the ball rolling. Find Purple Kush For Sale if you wish to add a delicious, pure indica strain to your homegrown stash. This blend of two classic strains, Hindu Kush and Purple Afghan tastes of sandalwood and syrupy sweet grapes. It offers high THC levels of 27% and some profound therapeutic benefits that support conditions like cancer, depression, insomnia, and fibromyalgia. This strain would be best to reach for to help you unwind after a trip to one of the four parks that lie along the shoreline of Wilson Lake. True to its indica roots, this plant grows to be a low, bushy, and rich with resin herb. These babies do best in a garden grow where their roots and branches can sprawl freely. They take about 8 weeks to move through their flowering period before they become ready to harvest. Mid to late September is the ideal time to collect your buds so the cooler temperatures do not damage your crop.

You can also find OG Kush For Sale Online through weed-seeds.com. This is another awesome, indica dominant strain that provides relief from stress while instilling euphoria. Use this herb to unwind after a day of fishing, hiking, biking, or horseback riding through MIllford Lake. The nugs have a pungent aroma and strong flavor with notes of fuel, skunk, spice, and lemon. These plants are best reserved for more experienced growers as they are susceptible to common moisture-related illnesses and pests. With a little extra attention, they can provide medium sized yields of potent buds. Make sure to harvest these by late September or early October to protect from cold damage as well. Buy 420 Seeds For Sale, these strains or many others, through Weed Seeds USA.

The consumption of cannabis has experienced a boom in recent years, thanks to the flexibility for its use. This has allowed extraordinary business opportunities in an industry that is growing exponentially.

If you are interested in growing marijuana in Kansas for commercial purposes, you must have a top-of-the-line supplier of marijuana seeds in Kansas, such as Weed Seeds USA. Besides, you must keep in mind certain vital aspects that will allow you to develop optimal crops, allowing you to obtain excellent profitability.

6 Best Tips for Growing Your Marijuana Seeds in Kansas

  1. Strain

The selection of the Kansas cannabis seeds you will buy depends mostly on your target markets. There is a wide variety of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains available. Each has a different concentration of THC, CBD, and terpenes. Depending on your approach (recreational, therapeutic, or both), you should select the ideal strain for your business.

  1. Genetics

The genetics of Kansas marijuana seeds play an essential role in the productivity, taste, aroma, and growing conditions of your cannabis crop. You must select seeds with extraordinary characteristics so that you obtain maximum yields from your crops. When selecting the supplier and brands of seeds, consider aspects such as the environment in which you will grow. If you make a culture indoors or in greenhouses, it is better to purchase autoflowering. On the other hand, if the crop is grown outdoors, buying seeds from large plants can be more profitable.

  1. Substrate

Commercial marijuana growing environment is diverse. Some prefer traditional land cultivation; others use more advanced techniques such as hydroponics. Depending on the growing method you choose, you should look for the right substrate. If you opt for traditional soil cultivation, the perfect substrate will be light in texture, with good drainage & water retention, and with an optimal pH (close to 6.0).

  1. Fertilizers

In case you want to use fertilizers, it is best to buy organic ones. However, not all growers fully master the use of this type of product. In case you decide to use chemical fertilizers, it is best to be prudent. Consider that more fertilizer does not mean more buds. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully so that you do not overfeed the plants. You will need two types of fertilizers, one for growth, with a high:low: medium NPK (Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus) ratio. For flowering, the NPK ratio should be low:high: high.

  1. Lighting

One of the most important aspects of growing is lighting. The more, the better. Ideally, your plants should receive sunlight, but this is not always possible. In case you require artificial lighting, the best options in the market that you can get to illuminate marijuana crops are compact fluorescent lamps, HID lights, and LED lighting.

  1. Irrigation

The irrigation of your crop must have a balance so that you do not compromise the harvest. Excessive watering can rot the plant or encourage the proliferation of fungus and mold. Too little watering dehydrates the plants and prevents healthy growth—ideally, water when the first 2 inches of the substrate gets dry.

Obtain the Finest Cannabis seeds in Kansas

A great seed is the first step to an exceptional crop and a productive business. That’s why at Weed Seeds USA, we have the greatest selection of seeds for you to have an outstanding production. Acquire the highest quality seeds, with incredible genetics, and at the most competitive market prices. Contact us or buy your seeds online.

Before you buy marijuana seeds in Kansas from a dispensary, consider buying from an online seed bank where you’ll have access to a larger inventory. Weed Seeds USA can offer you a wider variety of cannabis seeds, better prices, and wholesale purchasing power, as well. Give us a call if you have questions about buying seeds.


Indoor Growing: Top Pot Strains for 2021

Growing indoors allows you a little more freedom. When opting to set up a grow room, you are able to buy equipment to create the perfect environment for any strain. Here are some superb options to consider growing in Kansas in 2021. First off, you might want to Buy Wedding Cake OG. This strain was created by crossbreeding Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie. The result is a dessert-like, indica dominant bud that provides a deep calm. It is mildly sedating, so it is perfect for an after-dinner treat that will culminate in a good night’s sleep. After spending an afternoon soaking in the immaculately carved Cloud County Convention and Tourism Whole Wall Mural, this is a great treat with which to pause in reflection. The plants love a little extra calcium and magnesium in their diet and require pruning to allow light and air to reach all of their extremities. Consistent temperatures of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the use of a Sea of Green (SOG) method, where the canopy is expanded through light stress training, will yield the best results. You could end up harvesting about 16 ounces per square foot.

Another suitable choice for an indoor grow is one of the aforementioned parents of Wedding Cake OG, Girl Scout Cookies. This is a hard-hitting and fast-acting strain that is popular among recreational and medicinal pot users. These herbs are also a joy to cultivate. The sturdy indica structure leads to easier growing and with the SOG method and hydroponics, where nutrients are delivered through flowing water rather than soil, you can produce some awesome results. In 8 to 10 weeks, you can be harvesting up to 1.6 ounces of sticky nugs per square foot. Asking yourself where can I find Girl Scout Cookies Near Me? Hop onto weed-seeds.com to Buy American Seeds Online.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Regular or natural seeds are seeds that grow into male and female plants. The male plants generate pollen and pollinate the females for seed production. Female plants, when left to their own devices, will produce the curable potent nugs cannabis consumers desire. Whether smoked in a pipe, baked in a cookie, or used in creams, salves, and tinctures, the weed from the girls is the good stuff. When growing regular seeds, the grower will need to remove the males if they wish to be harvesting usable buds at the end of the plant’s flowering period. Feminized seeds, however, are seeds that are all guaranteed to grow into herb producing mothers. These were created by stressing a female plant to produce pollen and using that plant to pollinate other females. The result is these pure female seeds. Buying feminized is the optimal choice for beginners as you are sure to avoid accidental pollination. Check out our Feminized Seeds Store to see all the options we carry!


Buying Natural Seeds Online: What is the Benefit?

Natural weed seeds, as mentioned above, are seeds that grow into a mix of male and female plants. These are more versatile, as you are able to use them for seed or weed production. If your plan is to cultivate seeds for future grow operations, natural seeds are the only way to go. However, you can always opt to weed out and discard the males as well if you prefer a yield of smokable buds to add to your homegrown stash.

Buy Autoflowering Seeds: A How To Guide

A lot of the seeds out there are photoperiod bloomers, which means they require light adjustments in order to move into, and through, their flowering process. While this happens somewhat naturally outdoors as the spring and summer light wanes towards fall, indoor growers need lamps, timers, and attention to artificially create the ideal light conditions. Thanks to ingenious breeders, there is now a no-fuss option that is perfect for beginner growers. By taking a ruderalis strain and crossbreeding it with popular strains, they have created the autoflowering seed. Not only are these seeds more robust and better able to withstand other errors, but they also flower automatically. They will move through their maturation process without help from you, so you can sit back and watch them bloom. Buy Autoflower Seeds at weed-seeds.com and start your grow operation with confidence!

Buying CBD Seeds Online: What are the benefits?

There are two different chemical constituents in the marijuana plant, THC and CBD. THC is psychoactive and is responsible for the mind-bending, soaring cerebral high that a lot of people search for when sourcing their weed. CBD, on the other hand, offers a bounty of therapeutic benefits. It has been shown to support a variety of mental and physical health conditions including depression, anxiety, chronic and inflammatory pain, and insomnia. There is also evidence of its ability to reduce the size of tumors and limit the frequency of seizures. While the standard weed strains tend to have THC levels around 20% and CBD percentages ranging between 0 and 1%, there are CBD heavy strains available as well. The benefit of using strains with high CBD and next to no THC is that you get all the healing benefits without losing your ability to function normally in your day to day life. There are also options that have equal parts of each that offer a more balanced high, or you can engage the THC high with slightly enriched CBD levels of around 5%. Whatever you are looking for, you can easily find in the CBD Seeds section where percentages are clearly listed.


Why Buy American Cannabis Seeds From Us?

There are a lot of places from which to buy weed seeds, so why us? Well, first of all, we provide you with the best quality, genetically pure cannabis seeds. We source them from reputable and experienced growers and are dedicated to maintaining their integrity by storing and transporting them in the very best conditions. We are so confident in our process that we offer germination guarantees for our customers. We are also aware that it can be intimidating to invest your time and resources into a home-grow without help, so we have an educated customer support team that is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. Feel free to Contact Us anytime. We look forward to being part of your journey.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Kansas?

With all of the technological advancements that have taken place, it is now easier than ever to order pot seeds online. Simply add your selections to your cart in this Chronic Seeds Shop from the comfort of your home, pay using our secure payment options, and wait for your package to arrive at your door. We also deliver in discreet packaging so as to keep your purchase private from nosey neighbors. The hardest part will likely be sifting through our awesome selection of autoflowering, feminized, CBD rich, sativa, and indica dominant seeds and making your strain selections! We have made the shopping experience easy for you by having each strain in their own categories and providing detailed descriptions of the effects, flavors, and growing requirements. Beginning your home-grow is only a few clicks away!

Cannabis Culture in Sunflower State

The banning of marijuana in Kansas took place in 1927 and the perspective around its use has not changed much in the years that have followed. Though Kansas still holds some of the harshest laws around marijuana in the entire country, a lot of the population supports legalization and new laws are being repeatedly put forward for consideration. The growth of help for industrial use was approved in 2019 and, as mentioned, CBD oil with low THC percentages is also permissible. It is estimated that 68% of the population supports medicinal pot use, so perhaps it will not be long before more shifts are made towards increased accessibility, at the least for those who would benefit greatly from its effects.

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