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Weed Strains To Help Treat PTSD

The Best Strains in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: June 24, 2022

Top Strains To Help With PTSD and Depression

What Is PTSD?

PTSD, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, can occur through the experience of a traumatic event or through being repeatedly exposed to negative, threatening or otherwise harmful circumstances, or witnessing another, whether person or animal, go through the same. It is characterised by acute fear and anxiety in the face of perceived similar situations, and may present as antisocial behaviors, ticks, shyness, panic attacks, and many other debilitating symptoms. It is possible for an individual to put themselves in such traumatizing situations that they will afterward experience PTSD symptoms ranging from mild to acute and overwhelming. Once the damage is done, PTSD can take a very long time to overcome. Where some may be able to quickly work through it with Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT), many sufferers of PTSD spend years attempting to shake the trauma of past events. We find it is often the case that those suffering anxiety and stress disorders are prescribed pharmaceutical treatments for their symptoms, and though this is common, it is not necessarily beneficial. Proven most effective in the treatment of PTSD is to make new memories, so that we can displace the old. In situations where the afflicted individual has found comfort in long-term trauma, treatment is tricky and may require a combination of therapies. In all circumstances, being in the company of others experiencing similar traumas and hearing stories of success in overcoming them and directing your attention to uprooting the causes, continue to be two of the most effective long-term treatments and ultimate remedies for PTSD.

Top Marijuana Strains For Treating PTSD

Though there is much heated debate over whether certain combinations of marijuana strains are effective in treating PTSD, many have found solace in the uplifting and mood elevating qualities of cannabis. Not everyone is the same, so we need individualized education, personalized healthcare, and we need trauma specific treatments when it comes to things like PTSD. That being said, when we’re sick, we don’t generally see clearly enough to know what’s best for us. For this reason, it pays to speak with someone you trust, who you are certain has experience in and who has seen success with what you are going through. Weed Seeds USA knows how heavy a burden trauma can be, what a weight one must carry after seeing or experiencing some of the things we have. But we must not allow ourselves to be bogged down by the past. It is gone and we cannot go back. We can only move forward in the most beneficial way possible, and cannabis can help. The top strains for treating PTSD are the ones which curb anxiety, which lay waste to the trauma of consistent and debilitating pain, and which allow our psychology the space to see that there are other ways to look, listen, learn and deal. We have come up with a few strains which are proven through client experience to help ease and treat PTSD. Of course, we cannot issue any promises, and we recommend you take care in delineating your regimen.