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Top Weed Strains 2021

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: March 15, 2021

Top Strains of Cannabis Seeds of 2021

To date, there are over 780 strains of cannabis that are recognized by the community. Those who are not connoisseurs often do not realize how many varieties of pot seeds are currently available and how they differ. Each strain or variety of cannabis has its own unique properties. Understanding the differences helps individuals to choose the one that will offer them their desired effects.

Understanding the Three Main Groups of Cannabis

With all its strains and types, cannabis can be divided into three distinct categories. Each one of them offers its own effects. Although it is widely accepted that each of these categories is distinct, it is impossible to predict the differences without comparing the cannabinoids and terpenes in each.

Indica strains are considered ideal for relaxing. They produce a chill effect and are often used before going to bed or to reduce stress and anxiety.

Sativa strains offer invigoration and a feeling of increased energy. These strains pair well with social or physical activity. Because they improve cerebral effects, they are also promising for offering creative inspiration.

Hybrid strains tend to offer a perfect balance between Indica and Sativa strains. Hybrids can vary widely in the effects they offer.

Tops Strains of Cannabis Seeds

When individuals decide they want to start growing their own weed seeds in Idaho or New Mexico,  there are a lot of things to consider. Careful research should be carried out to choose the right seeds. The following offers information on the top strains that are well-respected in the cannabis community.

Top Strain of Weed for Smokable Cannabis

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