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Tips For Growing Marijuana and Cannabis

Tight Space Cannabis Growing

by Neal Brown . Updated: March 12, 2021

Tips for Growing Marijuana in a Tight Space

Although having plenty of space is advantageous when growing marijuana, it is possible to produce a healthy yield in a cramped space. Even if you live in a tiny apartment in New York or Illinois and have limited space, this guide will help you create the right setup to produce a robust harvest from your newly purchased cannabis seeds.

Micro-growing Is Ideal for Small Spaces

If you are short on space, micro-growing is a sound choice. Just as the name suggests, micro-growing is growing a small crop. Growers choose to grow small amounts of the highest quality marijuana (usually high-THC or high-CBD) to fit their needs and space.

You can grow a micro crop just about anywhere, even inside a kitchen cabinet or your Minnesota cabin or your Virginia beach house. Surprisingly, a single marijuana plant can produce up to a pound of fresh bud, so micro-growing is undoubtedly desirable for those who are limited in space.

When micro-growing cannabis, it is wise to use proper techniques that train the plants to grow short and wide. ‘Topping’ means cutting the main stem at the top, allowing two colas to grow instead of one. Topping helps to encourage outward growth instead of height, which is beneficial in a small environment.
It is wise to choose an autoflowering cannabis seed for small spaces. Auto-flowering strains typically do not grow as big in height so you will be able to control them growing in a smaller area. Many cannabis plants have been created to grow bushy without becoming too tall. Carefully research to choose the best type of marijuana for micro-growing.

Light Is Essential for Small Spaces

No matter how big a space you are growing marijuana in, the light is going to be an essential component. Because some types of bulbs produce more light and heat than others, choosing the right lighting is going to require gaining knowledge about the different types of bulbs.

A light-emitting diode (LED) is an ideal choice for small spaces. LED bulbs are much more compact than some other types of grow lights so they can be easily installed in almost any area.

An LED light also releases less heat, which will help to control the temperature in your tiny Louisiana grow space. Another benefit of using LED lights in small grow spaces is they come with built-in reflectors, which can help to adequately disperse the light in your space and ensure the plants are able to absorb the full spectrum they require.

LED lights are also advantageous because they do not require a lot of energy. Although they are costly upfront, long lifetimes and energy savings typically attract many growers to LEDs.

When choosing an LED light for small spaces, there are things you should look for to make the right choice. There are three main types to consider, including the following.

Standard LEDs emit both red- and blue-light so they are considered purple. Although these are the most readily available and affordable, they do not produce a high level of brightness.

COB (Chip On Board) is a type of LED bulb that produces a high-intensity light that is similar to sunlight. These lights are energy-efficient and promote healthy plant growth.

Spread-style LED lights are set up on panels, so they spread the light more evenly over the plants. Because these can sometimes be large, they may not be the best option for cramped growing spaces.

If possible, purchase COB lights for small growing areas. You will find these bulbs produce a sunlight mimicking spectrum, without using too much energy or causing too much heat. Manipulating the light in your tiny space will be imperative for healthy plant growth.

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