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Cannabis Edibles: Dosage 101

Eating Marijuana – What is the right amount ?

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: March 19, 2021

Determining the Correct Dosage When Consuming Marijuana Edibles

While baked marijuana edibles are delicious, determining the proper dose stumps many consumers. They frequently ingest too much and end up high or not enough and achieve no high at all. Using trial and error, the individual narrows down the dosage, but in certain cases they still don’t get it right. Fortunately, some men and women figured out how to get the right dose and are sharing their tips with others who have similar problems and need assistance.

Why Try Marijuana Edibles?

Marijuana edibles offer an alternative for those who don’t wish to smoke cannabis. For instance, users of medical marijuana often choose this option to avoid drawing smoke into their lungs, as doing so could lead to additional health issues. Nevertheless, numerous reasons exist for a person not wanting to smoke cannabis and edibles allow them to receive the benefits of this substance without doing so.

Consuming marijuana in public without censure becomes easier when edibles are selected. The risk of being questioned by law enforcement decreases and others remain unaware of your consumption of a substance many disapprove of.

However, getting the right dose often presents a challenge. Consuming marijuana edibles differs greatly from smoking pot. Those new to edibles find they experience problems when doing so. Make use of the tips below to avoid common issues.

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