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Is Growing Weed Profitable

Growing Marijuana For Profit

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: March 10, 2021

The Costs and Revenues of Growing Weed

Marijuana is the largest cash crop in North America. Because of the success of legalization and decriminalization efforts throughout the last decade, marijuana has soared to an unprecedented level of popularity. Ongoing research into the plant reveals the vast economic and medicinal benefits this plant holds. This new knowledge is why so many people are taking an active interest in the cultivation of marijuana seeds. Everyone hopes to produce their product for personal use, if not commercial resale.

Reasons People Grow Marijuana

The reasons people grow marijuana seeds, from California to New York, are many. Some people raise their own because they’re tired of paying retail prices for weed on the legal or black markets. The markup on legal marijuana is the “highest” in states where legalization efforts have been underway the longest. For example, California dispensaries charge an average price of $300.00 for an ounce of legal weed. That same weed costs just $220.00 on the black market in Florida or Texas. That’s thirty percent – or about 8 grams – more product for the same price.

Saving money is not the only reason that people grow marijuana. Growing marijuana for personal use gives medical patients access to exotic and high-quality strains that might not be available at their local dispensary. Even dispensaries in Colorado, where weed has been legal for over 5 years, cannot stock every option on the store shelves. It likewise saves them from having to deal with a black-market dealer.

Perhaps the biggest reason that marijuana cultivation has become so popular is its profitability. A growing space that is well-designed and operated equally well has the potential to produce several thousand dollars of revenue with just a few plants. Some growers manage their cannabis operations to provide a continuous harvest throughout the year. Whether they choose this route depends upon their method of cultivation.

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