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To the recreational toker, the benefits of THC cannot be overestimated. But it doesn’t just help put a new spin on the realm of the psychological. THC transforms the painful and the mundane for masses of medicinal cannabis fans as well. What is THC really, but a symbol of freedom from all sorts of pain, or the flagstone of a new and exciting point of view?

We at Weed Seeds pride ourselves on procuring some of the best American seeds available anywhere. We house high THC autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, 420 seed, and it doesn’t end there. We have over 450 different strains in our vault, some of which are among the most potent strains in the country.

Our selection is vast, and ordering is simple. We deliver everywhere throughout the US and, if you live near Broken Arrow, you can come pick up your package in person at our Oklahoma headquarters.

Call us Monday-Friday, 9-6 (CDT) at 1-844-807-1234 or click any of our links. We are always happy to help, so drop us a line or send us a message and learn to trust Weed Seeds USA for all your weed seed needs.

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What Are High THC Marijuana Seeds?

In order to understand high THC seeds, one must first answer the question, what does THC stand for? One must also understand the difference between THC and CBD, CBD alone, and the blending of CBD with THC. These blends generate the possibility of the numerous varieties of CBD hemp seed which are available to medicinal users of all preferences.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary psychoactive ingredient in your high or stone. It is also considered the primary counterpart to CBD or cannabidiol, the primary medical component of some cannabis plants. Some weed has been measured at over 30% THC and, rated the most potent strains on the planet, these specimens continue to fandoozle flower fanatics the world over.

These seeds germinate and grow just like any other, require good water and nutrients like any other and, when they’re parented to maturity and are all dried and cured, they can knock anyone’s socks off.

How Are Huge THC Cannabis Seeds Made?

A cannabis plant is a fantastic and complex animal. Although recent decades have brought us leaps and bounds in growing freedom with improved feminization techniques, seeds are still made the old-fashioned way.

Our 710 genetic seed, high in THC and great for extracts, are bred through standard practices. First, we house our males and females in separate locations. This way, we can ensure against unwanted cross-pollination. Collecting pollen from the males and mimicking fertilization, we paint our females to produce these fantastic peas.

Breeding is a tough and demanding business and we at Weed Seeds love our breeders for their dedication to maintaining genetic stability and to providing these hybrids for America to enjoy.


What Are Apex THC Marijuana Seed Used For?

Cannabis containing pinnacle levels of THC are desirable for a variety of reasons. As a matter of fact, for as many tokers as there are in the world, there may very well be that many different reasons for enjoying a stone. Different smokes for different folks?

When talking about the seed itself, these peas are here to provide a genuinely fun, educational and rewarding experience. When you choose one of our dankest strains, get excited, because you are about to grow some seriously stellar green. High-THC weed can be used for all forms of extract, including tinctures, teas, oil, shatter, wax, rosin and hash.

The high THC chronic seed available through Weed Seeds are the very apex of quality and reliability, specifically developed to provide the best basis for growers to produce the strongest versions of these strains. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed when you shop with your American cannabis seed distributor.


Common Abbreviations, Versions & Misspellings

Originally marijuana was spelled ‘marihuana’, but somewhere along the line things changed and now this spelling seems to fall primarily within written Michigan State law. Marijuana is the socially acceptable term for this wonderful plant.

Some people search cannabus seeds, or spell the word canabis or canibus – the spelling is Cannabis.

As far as high THC weeds go, GG4 = Gorilla Glue #4; GSC = Girl Scout Cookies; WiFi OG = White Fire OG; G13 = Government Indica #13. Also, the original DJ Short Blueberry should not be confused with any number of the Blueberry strains which are alive today. Though Northern Lights is super famous and was at one time very popular, the phenotypes which came out of Washington in the 90’s were N.L. #’s 1-5, of which #2 and #5 made the cut.

These are just a couple of examples of abbreviations and misspellings. We are certain that, going through our list of over 450 strains, you could have some fun uncovering the rest of them.

Top Highest THC Strains From Weed Seeds USA

We are happy to serve all sorts of needs within our cannabis communities. Strain preference is quite a particular game, so we offer over 450 strains of weed seed to suit the requirements of every client.  We have created this list in an attempt to cover all your high THC weed needs.

The beginner may like our auto Blueberry, auto Northern Lights x Big Bud or auto Purple Kush. For those of us who don’t like to wait, we have a selection of fast strains, including White Widow x AK47.

Our Sour Diesel, Black Widow, Trainwreck and Green Crack are some of the finest examples of heavy hitters that we have seen. GSC x Jack Herer is taken to another level in our genetics and Grandaddy x Bruce Banner is set to hulk out all over the place. When you want high THC yields, you can trust our genetics to get you there!


How To Maximize THC Content in Your Pot

For those looking for strong dopamine effects from a session, there are a few things you can provide while growing to help maximize the potency of your crop.

Lots of light – Your plants love a bright environment. They’ll turn that light into growth energy so you can enjoy better buds.

Heat and Humidity – The correct combination of these two ingredients will optimize VPD (vapour-pressure deficit), a necessary component to successful cultivation.

Good Food and Water – All plants need clean, fresh water, and getting your macro, micro and trace elements right is essential to the production of quality ganja.

Ventilation – This is one of the definitive aspects of growing which can make or break an indoor garden. Make sure there is a breeze in all corners of the room and aim your extraction system at changing the air three times per minute.

If you have the correct Weed Seeds genetics and you are maximizing your lights and the control you have over the environment, you can expect to see THC-supercharged weed.


Making Concentrates From High THC Bud

If you are new to the world of weed, let us kindly recommend our straight up marajuana seed department. THC oil, rosin-pressing, great bubble hash and other extracts like shatter and wax all require real ganja seeds. This is not to say that any of our other hundreds of seeds aren’t genuine or won’t deliver top-shelf nugs, but when you want that extra kick, you have to start with the right mule.

Bubble hash, though it can be messy, is one of the easiest and purest forms of hash available. Simply by bagging your weed in micromesh and agitating it with ice and water in a small washer, you can get some great hash. In order for it to maintain its bright and shiny appearance, it must be freeze-dried, but this is not necessary and to skip this step won’t compromise the quality of your hash.

There are tonnes of ways to get great extracts from your buds and there are heaps of data and recipes available. Take your time, follow each step correctly and you could be enjoying your own homemade extracts in no time.

Facts About High THC Cannabis

THC benefits aside, there are a lot of characteristics of the THC molecule which continue to shock and amaze.

High THC contents have also been responsible for effects of a more personal nature, or not, depending on your tastes. Certain strains have, from time to time, been known to be potent aphrodisiacs, providing a little more than an uplifting experience for the user.

Here’s an extra fun fact: There are a number of ingredients in different soaps which will ensure a false positive on a urine test. This was discovered to be the case when a number of babies were testing positive while in hospital, but they were just squeaky clean!

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The incredible selection of pots seed we proudly provide is here for you to peruse, to explore, to discover the finest strains you need to grow high THC ganja. We have tonnes of high THC weeds, more than you could ever grow!

When you want to buy wholesale seeds, high in all things glorious, trust Weed Seeds USA. We deliver our exceptional seeds to a lot of great companies who rely upon our products to supply the foundation for their livelihoods and we take that very seriously.

When you want genetics you can trust, every time, trust weed-seeds.com!


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