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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: February 2, 2021

Six Growing Techniques That Maximize a Cannabis Crop’s Yield

With more countries legalizing marijuana, cannabis growing has become big business. It takes skill and experience to produce large, robust harvests consistently, but even newcomers can grow cannabis once they learn the techniques used by long-time growers. It may take time to create a major business, but you do not have to be a professional to grow our reliable American seeds. Anyone can produce a healthy yield once they learn how to create an optimal growing environment. Once you learn some of the more advanced growing techniques of cropping, pruning, topping, and training your cannabis plants – that is when the real magic begins!

1)  Create the Best Growing Environment

Most commercially grown cannabis is cultivated in climate-controlled greenhouses. This is especially true for the drier states such as Arizona or Utah. Another great option is growing indoors, which allows you a great deal of control. You do not have to spend a fortune to get started with a small grow tent and a few lights. Do not forget about the ventilation gear as well, which is critical to maintaining an optimal growing environment.

If you already live in a state that has an ideal climate for outdoor growing, then why not dedicate a part of your garden to growing some amazing weed? Each environment has a different effect on the plants, and it is important to adjust to get the best results. If you are planting outdoors, choose an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight. Rooftops, balconies, and secluded private gardens can work since they offer privacy as well as a healthy atmosphere.

Indoor pot plants need more maintenance to produce their best buds. Their triangular shape works well outdoors but is not as effective with grow lights. Lower leaves may not get enough light to thrive. However, you can still do well if you use professional pruning techniques.

2)  Careful Pruning Is Essential

Experienced gardeners typically prune their plants to get the maximum number of fruit or flowers. Similarly, marijuana growers use selective pruning methods to ensure that even small numbers of plants produce maximum yields.

Cannabis plants that are left to grow naturally develop extra branches they can’t support, which causes some leaves to die and fall off. You can improve that process by pruning them instead. However, it is important to use the right techniques to avoid harming plants.

Correct pruning means precisely trimming the right growth. Search for branches that have long spaces between nodes because it is a sign that they do not get enough light. Also, remove branches that are lower than main shoots since they will become energy drains. Some professionals remove leaves, but it is a risky practice that can hurt plants. Many experienced growers stimulate growth by cutting leaves in half. They might also tie them up to get the same results.

Despite the many benefits of pruning, it can stress plants if it is not done carefully. Cannabis plants release the stress hormone jasmonic acid, which inhibits growth. You can protect your crop by pruning over time. Plants can withstand some stress, but too much is dangerous.

Effective pruning requires careful planning. You need to trim during the vegetation period of each plant’s life process. That ensures plants can recover and grow large leaves. Wait three days after pruning if you want to force flowering. Continue to monitor plants and make sure they have the right amount of water and nutrients to stay healthy.