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What Is Super Cropping

Supercropping Cannabis

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: March 2, 2021

How Does Super Cropping Marijuana Work?

If you have done any research into growing marijuana, you have likely heard of super cropping. This growing technique sounds counterproductive because it involves the partial destruction of the plant. Deliberately damaging the plant helps to increase yield and resin production, which are both favorable to growers. With this guide, you will learn more about super cropping and its benefits.

Gaining an Understanding of Resin

Marijuana plants contain minuscule trichomes that produce resin. The resin contains potent amounts of THC, so growers covet it and want more. Before you can learn more about super cropping, you need to understand why marijuana plants produce resin.

The goal of every pot plant is to protect itself and its species. Resin is a protective substance that helps to shield cannabis plants from damage. Resin production is a defense mechanism that helps to protect the plant from pests and predators in the wild. If you smoke marijuana in a bong, you will see the residue of resin that is left behind.

When the heat of the sun or lights begins to warm the resin, it slowly flows over the buds and leaves, creating a protective barrier against moisture loss, heat loss, and damage.

Resin is where all the good stuff is, so you want your plants to produce as much as possible. Resin is a sticky substance that is secreted by the trichomes. It contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that are essential for the enjoyment of marijuana.

Super Cropping Leads to More Resin Production

As stated before, marijuana plants are all about number one. They will work to protect themselves from dangers that could lead to their death, and one of their methods of protection involves resin production.

When cannabis buds are dripping with sticky resin, this means there is going to be a much higher potency of THC. You want as much THC as possible when enjoying a good smoke. To ensure your plants produce as much THC-laden resin as possible, consider super cropping. This technique can be used if you grow outdoors in Oregon or Indiana, and if you grow indoors in Wyoming or South Carolina. Super cropping is not for everyone, but those who swear by it have experienced great increases in their annual yield.

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