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Tight Buds in a Sea of Green

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: November 9, 2021

Sea of Green (SOG) Growing

Not too long ago, most marijuana growers cultivated their plants outdoors and focused on increasing the yield of each plant. Experienced growers often produced a pound or more of bud from a single, tree-sized marijuana plant, and today’s outdoor yields exceed those early expectations.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to tons of land in a sunny, warm climate with a long growing season. As a result, many marijuana growers have been moving their operations indoors, changing the whole dynamic of harvests. Instead of aiming for maximum yields per plant, today’s indoor growers measure success by yield per square meter and often prioritize consistent, year-round harvests over massive individual crops.

The sea of green (SOG) growing method is perfect for today’s space- and time-pressed indoor growers. It allows them to maximize their yields in limited grow spaces and take down crops much faster than standard indoor growing practices.

The best part of SOG is that this method is easy enough that even novice indoor growers can usually master it quickly. Whether they have years of experience with outdoor grows and have just recently invested in indoor cannabis cultivation equipment or they’re just planning out that first season, growers can read on to find out everything they need to know about SOG

What, Exactly Is SOG?

SOG involves growing many small marijuana plants in a compact area instead of focusing on maximizing yield per plant, as with outdoor grows. Packing the plants into a tight space causes them to grow together to create a dense canopy of buds, lending credence to the name “sea of green.”

One of the best parts of the SOG method is that growers can use it to force their plants into the flowering stage much earlier than they could with most training methods. Forcing flowering after just two to three weeks of vegetative growth keeps the plants compact and causes them to focus more on creating giant main colas than on feeding small, larfy side blooms.

Because the plants only need to support one giant cola each, they don’t have to be as large or well-developed as normal marijuana plants to begin flowering. Though it’s true that plants grown using the SOG method produce less bud per plant, the expedited growing process gives indoor growers larger yields in shorter harvest times, allowing for consistent year-round production.

How to Create a Sea of Green

Now comes the fun part: learning how to put this thoroughly modern technique into practice. Growers just need to follow the steps below to get onto the path to impressive year-round harvests.
Shorten The Vegetative Cycle
Sea Of Green Cannabis Growing
Follow The General Steps

Shorten The Vegetative Cycle

Sea Of Green Cannabis Growing

Follow The General Steps