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Marijuana Seeds in the Northern California Megaregion

The Northern California Megaregion Cannabis Seeds Online

Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 31, 2022

The Northern California Megaregion

The Northern California Megaregion stretches all the way from the San Francisco Bay area of California to the border of the Nevada desert. Encompassing 12 million people and 21 separate counties, the Northern California Megaregion is a mega powerhouse economy. What was once known as the wild west, classic cowboy country includes the cattle ranching epicenters of Sacramento, California and Stockton, California. Those big, juicy T-bone steaks you ate at the weekend BBQ, most likely came to you courtesy of the vast ranch lands of the Northern California Megaregion. If you happen to be enjoying a fine California wine along with that tasty steak, there’s a good chance it also hails from Sonoma or Napa Valley wine country. And should one be so inclined as to partake in some primo, chronic, stank, dank after their delicious meal, well, need we say more? There’s also a very good chance it’s courtesy of the Northern California Megaregion. What more could one want? They have great food, good wine and premium bud. All the cravings covered in one Mega-Fabulous Megaregion. Don’t forget the funky, artist town of San Jose, California, with lots to see, do, and smoke. Enjoy the laid back hippy vibe and nuclear level nugs. Head into Oakland, California, where you’ll find the famous Redwood National Park, a perfect place to spark a spliff and commune with the gentle forest giants. Then off to Fresno, California, surrounded by the earth shattering beauty of Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks where an entire lifetime of exploring could be spent. Also an agricultural mecca and cannabis cultivation hub, stretching from Fresno all the way to Modesto, California, the area is known to produce some of the world’s best weed, and WSUS best clients. Someone needs to keep that nearby party town, Reno, Nevada high on supply. Just a hop skip and a jump over the Nevada border, you’ll find all the decadence of Sin City and more.