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Marijuana Seeds in the Northeast Megaregion

The Northeast Megaregion Cannabis Seeds Online

Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 30, 2022

The Northeast Megaregion

Welcome to the American Northeast Megaregion. Containing over 50 million Americans, it is the most populated megaregion located in the United States. Full of mega cities, the Northeast Megaregion is one of the largest economies on earth, meaning it consumes and produces a megaton of marijuana. Including the great state of New York, which entails that massive megalopolis, the Big Apple, New York City. Right next door is New Jersey, another gigantic hub, with Jersey City, New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey, Trenton, New Jersey and Atlantic City, New Jersey. With those four economic giants, Jersey definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. Heading inland into Pennsylvania we find the massive rust belt cities of Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Those blue-collar boys just love their Mary Jane, she keeps the economy going. On the Atlantic there is Massachusetts, home to Boston, Massachusetts and the RedSox, along with Worcester, Massachusetts. A little further below is the beautiful city of Providence, Rhode Island, in the small state of Rhode Island. The Atlantic seaboard continues on up into Maine, famous for its lobsters. Stop in Portland, Maine for a delicious snack if you’ve got the munchies. Of course, we can’t forget the home of our great capital, Washington, D.C. located in the District Of Columbia. Many people think D.C. is located in the state of Maryland, but that would be incorrect. Baltimore, Maryland, would be the main attraction. Close by is the historical state of Connecticut and Hartford–Springfield, filled with endless galleries and museums. Delaware is not as well-known but also rich with history. Be sure to roll a spliff and visit Wilmington, Delaware to see what you’ve been missing. Down south we find Virginia, the tobacco and possibly weed producing mecca of America, home to Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia. Finally, there’s North Carolina, with its beautiful beaches, southern charm and that sumptuous toke smoke.