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Marijuana Seeds in the Cascadia Megaregion

The Cascadia Megaregion Cannabis Seeds Online

Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 29, 2022

The Cascadia Megaregion

The Cascadia Megaregion is home to some of the most famous territories in this country for growing, enjoying, praising and promoting cannabis, and Weed Seeds USA is here to help make that future even greener. Starting off in the Pacific Northwest, we find Washington sitting right at the top. Whether you live in Seattle, Washington, home of the world-famous Pike Street Market, Tacoma, Washington, renowned in the world for its impressive collection of glass artists and galleries, or if you live in Spokane, Washington, home of the world famous hoopfest and the cradle of Father’s Day, there is no shortage of culture to go with your chronic. Washington was the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, though it was leading the breeding charge long before that with its globally recognized, Northern Lights. Heading South through Oregon, the temperatures start to get a bit warmer, the landscapes lean more toward the deciduous and the ocean seems a little more vast. Eugene, Oregon is famous for organic farming and a deep appreciation of politics and the arts. Portland, Oregon is one of the hippest and most environmentally conscious municipalities in the nation and its famed Saturday Market is a shining beacon of creativity and community. Those living in Salem, Oregon also have much to be proud of and enjoy. Nestled an hour each way between the Cascades and the Pacific Ocean, Salem is a paradise of natural beauty, complete with vineyards, rolling glens and gorgeous riverside living. Straddling both Washington and Oregon’s Eastern borders rests Idaho. Even throughout the metropolis of Boise, Idaho, this is one state within the Cascadia Megaregion in which weed is 100% illegal. Famous across the country for its potatoes, Idaho is actually better known for its over seventy different naturally present gemstones, an amalgam of picturesque and majestic landscapes, and of course, trout. But where cannabis is concerned, the only thing allowed to grow in Idaho so far is hemp.