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Marijuana Seeds in the Arizona Sun Corridor

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Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 29, 2022

The Arizona Sun Corridor Megaregion

Megaregions of the United States are generally composed of several urban metropolitan areas that share some commonality through aspects like resources, ecologies or transportation systems. The shared traits tend to blur the city borders and make a megaregion, or megalopolis, that spans multiple cities, or sometimes several states across the country. The Arizona Sun Corridor resides exclusively in the state of the same name, and its population is growing so rapidly it is expected to double by the year 2040. Phoenix, Arizona and Tucson, Arizona are the largest metropolitan areas and Chandler, Arizona and Mesa, Arizona are also impressive cities included in the region. The Sun Corridor encompasses the southern portion of the state, extends all the way down to the border of Mexico and contains about 86% of the total population of Arizona. Aside from hosting the majority of the populace, this region is known for its unique landscape. The whole state is quite varied, with high mountain areas, canyons, low-elevation deserts and plateaus. Because of this variance in topography, the climate can vary quite dramatically as well. However, the Arizona Sun Corridors southern positioning lends to a dry, hot climate that stays fairly warm all year. With plenty of the land mass residing on the Colorado Plateau, it is common to see bright red colored, eroding rock. Unique formations draw people from all over the world and the heat alone is a seductive quality for snowbirds and retirees. While the delightful environment is a large contributor to the growing population, the climate is also a blessing for residents wanting to grow their own pot. Though, since water is an integral aspect of a successful grow, you will have to take the necessary steps to ensure you have enough to keep your soil saturated.