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Grow Weed in the Southwest

by Adrian Moore . Updated: June 8, 2022

Southwest Cannabis Seeds For Sale

For those in the desert basins of Arizona through the craggy peaks and canyons of New Mexico, or if you live in big Texas or the Ozark Plateau of Oklahoma, Weed Seeds USA is the only name you need to remember. We are an America based cannabis seed distributor offering America’s best, top shelf award winning blends, 420 and 710 enthusiasts’ seeds of choice. Scroll through our medicinally inspired CBD strains and find the type of natural relief you’ve been searching for. Housed in our vault are some of the most potent examples of high THC cannabis in the world and we offer numerous modifications, including automatic, fast flowering, feminized and regular strain blends. Since we are located in the Southwest, growers and collectors here are in a special spot for purchasing our seeds. With over 500 strains to choose from, cheap seeds, one and two dollar prize winners, simple navigation, deals, discreet packaging and direct shipping, we have all the surface stuff covered. Digging a little deeper, clients find a compassionate staff, which is friendly and able to help you navigate our data rich product and cultivation guides. We make ourselves available for when you need a bit of support, and we are always ready to serve up your next round of sweet treats. We are a company dedicated to providing the best, so that’s how we treat each of our strains. No worries about viability with WSUSA, since we store our selections in ideal conditions, ready for the day when you drop us a line. Cannabis seeds are legal for purchase and trade throughout the entire Southwest and, if growing is restricted in your area, don’t worry, the day will come when you can grow freely and enjoy the Weed Seeds USA collection the right way.

Climate in the Southwest

If you are going to grow weed, collect seeds or simply have fun in the garden, climate matters. Climates in the Southwest are the reason why hemp has had such a rich history here, why CBD farms harvest some of the hugest hauls in the country. Given the locale of Arizona in relation to the topography which surrounds it, this state’s Köppen classifications run from hot desert through cold semi-arid into warm summer Mediterranean. This means that Arizona is generally hot and dry, not a bad foundation for flowers. Moving East, we find New Mexico, another rather hot and dry place, though the elevations here make for icy deserts as well. Joining Texas in the Southeast, climates are considered hot desert through cold semi-arid, while the west climbs into cold summer oceanic. Just North of Santa Fe, where NM meets CO, we find warm summer humid continental and warm summer Mediterranean continental climates. To New Mexico’s Northeast is the start of Oklahoma, which sees much more stability and only two Köppen climate classifications. The cold semi-arid elevations of the New Mexico plateau start to drop, and the majority of Oklahoma enjoys an otherwise humid subtropical climate, great for growing. South of the Sooner State, we find Texas. This massive territory sees hot desert and cold semi-arid conditions where it joins Arizona, creating a wall of heat pushing from the West. The East of the state, where Texas meets Oklahoma to the North and the Gulf of Mexico to the South, is all humid subtropical with a sprinkling of dry desert regions. This blend of climates mixed with the activity over the Gulf make much of America’s Southwest a great spot for homesteads, holidays and large-scale agriculture, but the East can be a rather testy place for weather.

Why Grow Weed in the Southwest

Growing Cannabis in the Southwest

The Southwest’s Geography

The geography of the Southwest is some of the most renowned, not only in the country, but in the entire world. The Grand Canyon, for example, the majority of which rests in Arizona’s Northwest, can be seen from space and is considered one of the many wonders of the natural world. Elevations throughout the Southwest range from 0 feet, where Texas meets the Gulf of Mexico, to 13,161 feet at New Mexico’s snowy Wheeler Peak. What lies in between is such a majestic expanse of natural landscapes that almost everywhere you look it’s like staring at a postcard. From the flat, dry desert stretches of Texas to the deciduous forests of the Turner Lake and Illinois River districts of Oklahoma, and from the red rocks, rainbow sunsets and saguaro cacti of Arizona to the Sangre de Cristo Range and Carlsbad Canyons of New Mexico, the Southwest is breathtaking. Also present throughout this amazing region of the States are vast grasslands, rolling glens and rocky outcrops. As grass is the most resilient botanical species on earth, a close relative of cannabis, we find it flourishing in all places ranging from the high frozen desserts to the dry heat of the fiery lowlands. Texas is home to some of the best wildflower fields in the Southwest and it also offers cruises where sky a