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Southeast Weed Seeds For Sale

by Neal Brown . Updated: June 7, 2022

Southeast Cannabis Seeds For Sale

If you are considering starting your own personal cannabis garden in the Southeastern US, whether that be a medical marijuana grow-op, a massive outdoor operation, or maybe you just want to try your hand at some herbal hobby farming, then the first place to start is with some top-notch, high-quality seeds. Buying quality seeds is important as low-quality seeds can lead to a low-quality final product. Purchasing top quality seeds is imperative to a successful crop and an exceptional end result. Weed Seeds USA is the absolute pinnacle of the seed bank industry. There is no other seed dispensary that matches us in quality, innovation or selection. We boast an inventory of over 500 of the top strains from around the world, along with our own in house, specially bred, hybrid strains. We are truly at the top of the cannabis seed game and plan to stay there. Our research and development team is working day in and day out to remain ten steps ahead of the competition. We never rest in our quest for perfection to create the best of the best when it comes to new cannabis breeds, top strains and hybrids and combining the most exemplary, premium characteristics to be found in the genus cannabis. Pushing the limits of THC content well into the 30%+ category, medicinal and curative terpenes that are completely overtaking the medical industry, flavors and aromas never experienced in the world of weed before, WSUS is changing the landscape of the cannabis industry. With the latest in high tech seed storage facilities our seeds are always stored in as optimal conditions as possible, perfect temperature and humidity levels are consistently maintained to keep our seeds at the peak of quality, freshness, viability and germination rates. There are no other seed banks that even come close to our level of quality in product or service.

Climate in the Southeast

The Southeastern US is generally located in the very temperate growing zones of seven and eight, other than Florida, which sits mostly in zone nine, ten in the very hot, humid tropical southern tip. These climate zones are very conducive to growing many strains of marijuana plants. Some don’t do as well in hot, humid environments and may tend towards mold or mildew issues, but like many tropical plants, most cannabis strains love the hot, sunny, humid climates of the Southeastern states. Though a little chillier in the more northern areas of Virginia and West Virginia, and the warmest being Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi, the average temperatures of the Southeastern US states tend to sit within lows of 48°F, and highs of 72°F. Very warm and temperate compared to the rest of the US, which averages around 41°F to 63°F. The Southeast also has a rather uniform climate throughout the region, other than its proximity to the ocean which can expose the area to the occasional hurricane, the climate rarely gets extremely hot or cold. The Gulf Stream, which travels along the Atlantic and Gulf seaboards, carries that warm, tropical water and air masses with it which has a very moderating influence on land temperatures. Close to an almost perfect growing environment, most cannabis species thrive in this temperate climate zone, unlike the arid Southwest, the Southeast gets quite a bit of precipitation, even in the drier seasons. With an average annual rainfall of around 40 to 50 inches inland and up to 60 inches along the Mississippi, Alabama and Florida Panhandle coasts, there’s plenty of consistent precipitation. Hot, sunny, humid, and, barring the Virginias, a year-round growing season, plenty of rain, and a stable climate, it’s as close to the ideal environment for growing almost all marijuana strains outdoors in the US.

Geography in the Southeast

Grow Buds in the Southeast

The Southeast’s Geography

The geography of the Southeastern US consists of the famous Appalachian mountains, low rolling hills, high flat plateaus, and rich fertile river valleys, all located closer to the northern part of the Southeastern states. The further south you move toward the Gulf of Mexico region you’ll find the swampy wetlands, agricultural flatlands, and of course, down at the bottom, the Atlantic and Gulf coast beaches. The Appalachian Mountains are full of dense forest and tangled, rugged wilderness, very difficult to access and navigate if you aren’t a local, making it an ideal situation for a stealth crop or two. Further south are huge areas of fertile and fecund agricultural flatlands, river valleys and low-lying swamps, such as the Florida everglades. There are tremendously rich agricultural areas covering much of the Southeastern United States. Alabama and Mississippi have always been well known for their historical wealth of successful agricultural cotton and peanut industries, and we are pretty sure there are some seriously bountiful cannabis crops added to the regional mix these days. Due to the endless influx of nutrient rich soil flowing through the enormous Mississippi river delta, the earth is constantly being re-fertilized