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Region X Seed Bank - USA

Grow Weed in Region X

Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 7, 2022

Region X Seed Bank With Cannabis Genetics For Sale

Best Region X Seed Bank with Cannabis Genetics For Sale

The best cannabis seeds in America are just a few clicks away thanks to Weed Seeds USA. With over five hundred strains and six hundred and fifty different styles, we’ve got one of the most impressive selections of cannabis genetics out there. We stock autoflowering varieties of some of the hardest to find seeds in cannabis history, and we make sure to provide detailed information about each seed we carry. You’ve never seen this many varieties of Zkittles on one online store! And it’s never been easier to buy weed seeds online thanks to our website membership perks that allow you to review seeds and save them for late purchase. Our American made seeds are bred to uphold the standards of the legal markets all over the country. When you buy from Weed Seeds, you’re getting the product of American innovation. We’ve got so many seeds including ganja, hemp, pot, weed, dank, chronic, even cannabis. If you’re a traditional grower from the sixties or someone who likes to keep your crops as close to the source as possible, you might want to try out our regular, unsexed and photoperiod seeds. These seeds come with males attached and a strict photoperiod needed to get the females to flower. For the opposite side of the spectrum, we have autoflowering high THC plants like Gorilla Glue that do best when grown in a small LED-lit tent in someone’s closet. Each of these crops could be raised to supply an abundance of high THC resin to produce 710 and concentrate products. Conversely, a different group of seeds could produce plants with incredibly low THC but an abundance of other cannabinoids, like CBG, CBD, or CBN. Weed Seeds has a bunch of those seeds too! Whatever you need in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve got it.

What States Make Up Region X

The name Region X sounds like a secret science fiction base, or a quarantined zone where wild things happen. And to be honest, some people have that impression of the gloomy Pacific Northwest. The region north of California, covered in mountains and forests, has a reputation in the media for being somewhat foreboding and rugged. While the weather is less than brilliant most of the year, the stretch of land from Idaho and Oregon up though Washington and Alaska has a cozy comfort to its dreariness that has fostered a distinct culture over the last two centuries of its colonization. It’s a much-coveted space that was fought over between the British, the Russians, and the Spanish for a century. After the British finally won out, much of the area has been densely populated by hundreds of different Indigenous Nations for as long as fourteen thousand years according to the oldest archaeological sites found in the area. Since colonization, this Region has been known for its larger than life trees and timber products. Then there’s the majesty of its many mountain ranges, the quality of its regional foods including sockeye salmon and local berries. And recognized more recently is the technological and cultural innovations of its famous residents including luminaries like Matt Groening, Bill Gates, and Kurt Cobain. Ecologically, the Region is bisected by the Canadian province of British Columbia, which divides Alaska from the lower forty-eight states and provides the transition zone between the temperate forests of the south and the taiga of the north. Alaska, being rather far away and much larger than the lower three states, is in a category of its own. For the purposes of the Regional classification, these two spaces are put together. Whether you’re outfitting an Alaskan greenhouse or an Oregon acreage, Weed Seeds will have the best genetics for your garden.