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Region VIII Seed Bank - USA

Grow Weed in Region VIII

Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 7, 2022

Region VIII Seed Bank With Cannabis Genetics For Sale

Best Region VIII Seed Bank with Cannabis Genetics For Sale

Purchasing marijuana seeds in Federal Region VIII means that you should go with the finest seed bank you can find. Weed Seeds are the masters of providing quality cannabis seeds to any grower no matter what your growing goals might be. Home growers will love many of our autoflowering seeds, which make it easier to grow your pot. These seeds will begin their flowering period automatically, which means there’s less note taking for you to do. Some growers like the lessened responsibility of WS auto seeds in order to focus on more important matters. Purchase our feminized seeds to make your grow operation even more simple. With male plants around, you have to worry about separating plants before they pollinate. Any pollinated female marijuana plants will begin producing smaller buds with many seeds, so you want to avoid this as much as possible. Our feminized seeds will be all female, so there’s no need to worry about any pollen floating around. They serve a double purpose to improve your yields greatly, as every plant will be producing potent buds. Growers in Region 8 may also want to try our regular seeds, which can give you the chance to breed your plants. Check out our high THC seed section for all of our most chronic seeds that offer the highest potencies. Shopping at Weed Seeds allows you to buy weed seeds online through our completely digital ordering process. You can just find the seeds you want out of our catalog and add them to your cart. When you pay for your order, we’ll send you everything by email, and your seeds will be on their way to your home within the week.

What States Make Up Region VIII

Region VIII is a large region in the continental United States that’s made up of six different states. This region was created by the Office of Management and Budget as a more effective way to view the primary groups of American population centers in a way that’s more beneficial to budgeting and infrastructure planning. It’s done in a fairly geographical manner, as all the states that make up Region 8 border each other in a small group. Starting at the northernmost point, there is Montana and North Dakota. These states have some of the most diverse terrain in the United States, as they contain parts of the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park. All of the locations in these states will feature either densely forested areas or large plains, along with very low temperatures in the winter and dry heat in the summer. The two states south of these ones are Wyoming and South Dakota. In these states are where you start to see some of the staple signs of southern desert features. You’ll see large, flat rolling plains areas, along with isolated buttes or mesas, some of which look like they don’t belong because of the surrounding landscape of evergreen trees and lush grass. The final two states in the southernmost area of Region Eight are Utah and Colorado, and they make up some of the finest places to grow marijuana in Region 8. While Colorado is one of the farthest south states of this region, there’s much greener here because of the many national forests in the area. Utah features much rockier terrain with less greenery because of its placement further into the desert biomes of the western United States. These states, being the furthest south in Region VIII, experience some of the most extreme summer weather, along with very mild winter temperatures.