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Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 7, 2022

Region VII Seed Bank With Cannabis Genetics For Sale

Best Region VII Seed Bank with Cannabis Genetics For Sale

Finding the greatest seed bank in Region VII is as simple as going to Weed Seeds USA. Our professional seed bank is dedicated to bringing growers across America some of the most potent, high yielding and genetically fine seeds that you can find anywhere on the market. For years it’s been difficult to get your hands on good cannabis seeds, and you would typically have to find someone local or know a friend or family member who grows to get decent seeds. With the social development happening around this magical plant, we’ve been able to set up an entire seed bank so you can purchase marijuana seeds from a reputable source. Our seeds come from certified growers and breeders, able to deliver anywhere in America. This helps our customers have peace of mind that their money is going somewhere meaningful. When you buy weed seeds online at WS, you’re going to have access to a massive collection of strains. We carry an immense number of over 500 different varieties, giving you the maximum amount of freedom in how you would like your weed to grow, smell and feel. Choose from varieties that automatically flower, which will give you a much simpler grow that will be both easier to manage and keep alive. For a bit more of a challenge, try photoperiod seeds, which will need their grower to reduce lighting hours for them to begin flowering. This requirement will reward the grower with substantially higher yields if they have the knowhow to push their plants’ growth while they’re in the vegetative stage. You can try our regular seeds if you’d like the opportunity to breed your plants, while our feminized seeds will contain only females for growing lots of bud. Check out our catalog and be sure to use our filters to see every seed we have available.

What States Make Up Region VII

Region VII is an area in the Midwestern United States consisting of four states. Since it’s much easier to break up the country into smaller parts for management, this is exactly how the federal regions were created. This region was outlined by a branch of the executive office called the Office of Management and Budget. The reason why the OMB created this and all the other federal regions is for better management of resource distribution and national budgeting. The use of federal regions help the executive office decide how to most efficiently distribute funding as well as infrastructure development and attention to policy. Region 7 is tied with Region 10 as one of the smallest of the federal regions, with only four states under its jurisdiction. One of the most notable features about this group of states is that the geography is particularly flat. All of these areas lie within either the Interior Plains, the Interior Lowlands or the Great Plains, which give these states a very uniform geography by default. The only areas where this changes is in the southwestern Wisconsin region, which is home to a specific region called the Driftless Area. This region causes the area to take on a much more complex topography including forested ridges, large river valleys, waterfalls and steep, almost mountainous hills. Because this group of states is in a square-like formation, it’s easiest to go clockwise starting with Iowa. This state is largely flat and has several cities on the southern border between it and Missouri, such as Eagleville and Lancaster. Missouri is the southeasternmost of these states, and has more densely forested area than any other Region VII state. To the western border of Missouri is Kansas, the flattest state in the federal region. To the north of Kansas is Nebraska, sharing several cities along the border.