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Region IX Seed Bank - USA

Grow Weed in Region IX

Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 7, 2022

Region IX Seed Bank With Cannabis Genetics For Sale

Best Region IX Seed Bank with Cannabis Genetics For Sale

If you are looking to Buy Weed Seeds Online in Region IX, well look no further, you have found the absolute pinnacle of seed banks available in America today. With our exemplary seeds products, massive selection and expert sales staff, there truly is no other competitor in the cannabis seed industry that even comes close to touching us. With the most innovative research and development team of scientists and botanists on the planet, WSUS is always ten steps ahead of the pack with our multitude of new hybrid cross breeds and top-notch strains from around the world. With the most primo, award winning, THC loaded cannabis seed strains to offer anywhere today, if you can’t find it at WSUS, it doesn’t exist. We scour the planet hunting down the best of the best so you don’t have to. We have built a seed bank unrivaled in the marijuana seed industry. There is no reason to look anywhere else for your weed seed needs. From our new, innovative autoflowering hybrids, all the way to the old school greats, we’ve got it all and more. With our fast efficient shipping anywhere within Region IX, you can be rest assured that your beans will arrive safely and discreetly and in a timely manner every purchase. Boasting the latest in high tech seed storage facilities always ensures our seed products are kept at optimum temperature and humidity levels and we offer only the freshest and highest quality cannabis seeds available anywhere on the market. With no need to leave the comfort of your own home, we make the purchasing process extra easy and efficient. For those living in some of the more remote areas of Region IX, it just makes sense to let us bring the magic beans to you. You have found the end of the cannabis rainbow kids, now go and grow some glorious WSUS ganja!

What States Make Up Region IX

Region IX is made up of the mainly hot and sunny, year-round tourist destinations of Arizona, Nevada, California, and the tropical South Pacific islands. Every State in Region IX is a sunny tourist mecca, mainly building their economies around tourism and agriculture. California in particular, an economic giant, boasts the largest economy in the United States through its Hollywood movie, music and entertainment industries. It also hosts a huge tourism industry including Disneyland, massive agricultural production and extremely rich mining and mineral deposits. California’s wealth never seems to run out. Not far behind are the Hawaiian Islands, with endless beaches, stunning tropical vistas, reefs teeming with fish and a huge agricultural industry of pineapples, coconuts and tropical fruit. Wait, did we mention weed? Both states also produce A LOT of weed. There is so much to see and do in just these areas of Region IX it would be almost impossible to list all the industries and cultural attractions they offer. Then there is Nevada, home to the gambling capital of the world, Sin City, and don’t forget Reno. Full of fun, frolic, and somewhat sinful distractions, Nevada is a great place to drop out of life for a little debauchery once in a while. Then we have Arizona offering up the Grand Canyon, a spectacular force of nature, as its main tourist destination. With some of the most incredible natural attractions on earth located in Arizona, between the Grand Canyon, the Sonoran Desert and the Gila monster, there are definitely a few things to see, depending on how high you are. Also included in Region IX are the South Pacific and Polyneisian Islands, including Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Beautiful volcanic mountains, coral reefs, tropical rainforests, epic surf and white sand beaches, it’s paradise perfection everywhere you turn. Regardless which area of Region IX paradise you may be located, just like a seed Santa Claus, WSUS will ship to you all!