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Region IV Seed Bank - USA

Grow Weed in Region IV

Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 7, 2022

Region IV Seed Bank With Cannabis Genetics For Sale

Best Region IV Seed Bank with Cannabis Genetics For Sale

The southern states have never been this dank! Weed Seeds USA has the finest selection of high quality 420, 710, hash, high CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC seeds in the country. Our autoflowering varieties create faster, tougher crops that are mold resistant and don’t need the kind of light switches that traditional plants do. Our photoperiod feminized seeds come primed and ready to grow luscious female only buds. Our regular unsexed seeds have the most robust and delicious smelling males you’ve ever encountered. You might need a whole battalion of indoor seeds to grow a lawn in a hydroponics array, or you might just be looking for a couple of plants to fill a growing tent. We have seeds that grow up to be towering hedges in sunny outdoor locations, and ones that stay tiny for back porch cultivation. With hundreds of strains to choose from, and a fast and thorough website that gives you all the information you need to grow a great crop, there’s nothing you can’t do thanks to Weed Seeds USA. We even have information about germination and harvesting, because we know that good crops are not just about having the best genetics. We also have the highest quality genetics though, just to be clear. And we keep our seeds in viable, low-humidity conditions from birth until they’re shipped off to you. We also ship in phytosanitary containers that will keep your seeds safely dormant until you’re ready to use them. Buy Weed Seeds Online using our state of the art online ordering system and you’ll see just how easy it can be to get premium products without ever leaving your home. Even better, all our rapidly shipping packages show up discreetly in plain wrapping, avoiding judgmental neighbors or possible porch pirates. When you need chronic sprouts in a hurry, order from WS USA.

What States Make Up Region IV

With humid and hot summers and mild winters, the American Southeast is the perfect place to grow a raised bed of humidity-loving cannabis plants. Strains like Mazar and Skywalker Haze are made for the humid hills of the southern Appalachians. Region Four consists of all the states south of the Virginias and east of the Mississippi River. The eastern border of Region Four consists of Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. These are states with very humid inland climates partially thanks to the abundance of water and wetlands in the region. Alabama, Florida, and Georgia define the southernmost region of the area, complete with swampy lowlands, gorgeous farming fields, and everglades that slowly edge into the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The borderland between Tennessee and the Carolinas is home of the highest peaks east of the Rockies and a mountain culture all its own that helped to birth countless American musical traditions. America’s south was a hotbed of cultural exchange and devastating wars in the last three hundred years. Many of these conflicts have echoed throughout the rest of the country, and gone on to have a massive influence on the way America thinks about itself. The largest cities in this area are Jacksonville and Charlotte, with nine hundred thousand people living in each, but the biggest metropolitan regions are Miami and Atlanta. Other notable cities include Orlando, Tampa, Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, and Raleigh. Each of these cities has between four and seven hundred thousand people living there. This area of the South is one of the fastest growing places in the nation, as the economy diversifies into the twenty-first century and major population centers attract more immigrants. This Eastern Mississippi and Southern Atlantic region makes for some exciting places to grow cannabis these days, and WS USA is happy to help orient you!