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Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: September 1, 2022

Region I Seed Bank With Cannabis Genetics For Sale

Best Region I Seed Bank with Cannabis Genetics For Sale

While you might be able to find a physical store that sells cannabis seeds throughout Region I, there are some definite advantages to not only buying online, but to buying from Weed Seeds USA specifically. When you have spent the majority of your week cooped up in your office and running around doing errands, the last thing you want to do with your weekend is get in your car, sit in traffic, and stand in line. Fortunately, you can Buy Weed Seeds Online before you even get up and dressed. Browse 500 premium strains over your morning coffee, and have whatever seeds you select en route to your house with a few clicks. It might feel a bit precarious to buy seeds without ever seeing them, but you can trust that our experienced breeders are undoubtedly bringing you the cream of the crop. Our seeds are genetically pure and bred and stored with love to keep them stable and viable for your home grow. Visiting a physical space allows you to ask questions of a clerk, but that experience is not lost when you shop online with us. We have a passionate team that is here to address concerns or answer questions, you simply need to fill in a contact form or give us a call during our office hours. We can even assist you with making your payment, if you prefer not to enter sensitive information into our web page. If this is your first time growing, we even have an extensive blog with countless articles that explain different tools and techniques for creating a superb space to nourish your plants into perfect health and maximum production. Every great grow begins with extraordinary seeds, so kick things off with Weed Seeds! We are excited to be a part of your journey.

What States Make Up Region I

The various states in America are lumped together into regions based on traits like geography and climate, culture or history. There are ten standard federal regions in the United States, and they were established by the Office of Management and Budget in 1974. Region I consists of six states, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. This region is more often referred to as New England, which was a name first given in 1614 by an English ship captain named John Smith. Four of the six states were amongst the thirteen that won independence from Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War, and these formed the original United States of America. The area is known for its unique and diverse climate and landscape. Spanning across nearly 72,000 miles squared, this region makes up a significant piece of the country. Maine counts for nearly half of this mass, while Rhode Island is the smallest state in the whole nation. The Region I states consist of rugged coastlines with sandy beaches, lakes and swamps, rolling hills, impressive mountains and flat coastal plains. The diversity offers a range of growing environments, most of which can nourish a pot plant, especially when a little innovation is applied. New England also holds a reputation for having a well-educated population, as most of the Ivy League schools in the country are in this region. Although there is a lot of rural land, there are also some major urban centers that are well populated, such as Boston, Massachusetts and New Haven, Connecticut. There is a nice mix of outdoor activity and city enjoyment to be had throughout, and while there are dispensaries where you can pick up your favorite bud, growing your own herb from premium Weed Seeds seeds is a hobby you can joyfully add into your life in Region I.

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