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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: June 5, 2022

Plains Cannabis Seeds For Sale

The Great Plains of the Midwest and surrounding areas comprise some of the most healthy and breathtaking of all the American landscapes and Weed Seeds USA has the seeds you need to make your future here even greener. We are the leading cannabis seed distributor for the entire country, we house over 500 of the world’s most favored strains and all of our seeds are home grown right here in the red, white and blue. The Weed Seeds mission is to provide the best, the top shelf, pinnacle and prize-winning seeds of the world to growers all across the Plains. Through affecting the most potent, the most medicinal and seeds ranging from beginner to advanced, we cater to all pot palates. Maintaining a selection which spans from photo regular seeds to photo fem, automatic, fast flowering indica, sativa and the full range of hybrids, cultivators throughout the plains territories of North America have access to it all. Not only do we offer tier one selection, but our online platform is designed to keep you happy and coming back for more. Nowhere else will you find the promise to maintain your anonymity, to never sell your information to the highest bidder. We protect you from the moment you sign in, to the last leg of checkout, and we even protect your identity by offering nondescript packaging, so no one but you knows what’s in the box. Whether you live in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska or North Dakota, when you need top quality cannabis beans to grow your magic and mouth-watering stalks on the Great Plains, we are here with the specialized army of genetics necessary to realizing the highest returns on investment. Reach out today and get started with the new world weed wonderland of Weed Seeds USA.

Climate in the Plains

Since some of the sunniest places on Earth sit well below zero, when delineating whether to grow weed outside or not, the primary character in the equation has to be climate. Knowing the type of temperatures and weather you face in the plains will help you make informed decisions about which strains to take a chance on and, though we have heaps of strains which will do well here, getting testy with the climate in America’s Great Plains is not recommended. We do recommend, however, autoflowers, indicas and indica heavy hybrids. Since this territory is big on industry, we also offer hemp selections for our nation’s flower friendly farmers. The majority of North Dakota and Minnesota sit within warm summer humid continental, which means that this region sees short, mild summers and cold winters. Moving through the plains territory, we find Iowa and Missouri, both vast and both come complete with the generally warmer, hot summer humid continental climate. This is where cold downdrafts begin to meet warm updrafts, creating the beginning of what is known as Tornado Alley. Kansas sits in the middle of this sweeping portion of the American landscape and each year it lays claim to nearly a hundred tornadoes or more. The climate throughout the majority of Kansas sees a blend of cold semi-arid and humid subtropical, so it is no wonder why there is so much weather here. Nebraska is the last of the Great Plains territories located in and around America’s Midwest. Connected to Canada via Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and meeting up with Minnesota to the East, Nebraska sees a blend of hot summer continental and cold semi-arid climates. This makes for some serious weather, though not as erratic as the neighboring south and not as freezing as parts of Canada are known for.

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The Plains Geography

Though this region does comprise some of the greatest concentrations of natural wildlife diversity in the nation, Plains geography is rather simple to understand. These territories make up the high plateaus and the flat and rolling green places, impressive rock formations and escarpments. This is America’s breadbasket, captain of national agriculture and is home of some of the biggest and baddest storms on the planet. Corn, soybeans, barley, wheat and sorghum, just to name a few, and as far as the eye can see, are grown here en masse, and this is also an ideal climate for many species of cannabis. The base of the Rocky Mountains in the West of the region is approximately 5000-6000 feet in elevation, though this drops significantly throughout the Eastern plains to reach a minimum elevation of about 600 feet above sea level. Because of the plate-like structure of the plains and its position to the south of mountains, it gets full sun all day long, critical to growing top shelf cheeba. The Eastern delineation is more climatic than it is involved with geography though, since the Southeast is ravaged by storms all season long, there are few flatter or more agriculturally risky places in this region of America. Where Kansas meets Colorado, we see fluviatile plains, or those of massive rock formations, carved out by rivers and streams over millions of years. We find the coniferous forests of the mountainous and Western regions turning to the grasses and wildflowers of the great plains and we find a greater diversity of wildlife here as well. Tie this to the rolling glens of Minnesota’s Glacial Lakes State Park, as well as places like the Smokey Hills of the Badlands, and you start to get a pretty clear picture of the geography of America’s Great Plains and hopefully some ideas about where to grow.

The Regions of the Plains

The regions within America’s Great Plains are brilliantly diverse and, regardless of how much they offer to American industry and agriculture on the whole, they each have their own set of both natural and cosmopolitan sources of excitement, and all of them love weed. Iowa has the most