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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: June 3, 2022

New England Cannabis Seeds For Sale

The New England region of America is made up of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. It’s called New England thanks to the amassing of English settlements in the area from the seventeenth century onward. It’s known for the attractive North Atlantic coastline, and gorgeous blend of rolling mountains and lakeside deciduous forests. It’s the seat of many of the country’s top-rated colleges and universities including Harvard, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, and MIT. It may not feel like it in deep winter, but New England is the perfect place to grow cannabis. The recreational use of ganja is widespread and relatively socially acceptable in most of the north easternmost part of America. There’s fresh water everywhere, and summers are mostly sunny and hot. New England growers can take full advantage of the benefits of the burgeoning recreational market by purchasing high quality cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds USA! We’re the finest seller of pot seeds in the country, with over six hundred and fifty different varieties of viable seeds just waiting to become the gorgeous plants you’re dreaming of. Everything from Afghan Domina to Girl Scout Cookies is all here. We carry selections of high CBG, CBD, and CBN seeds with varying degrees of THC in them. These are suitable for folks looking to make topicals, edibles, and other home-grown medicines that attack pain, nausea, anxiety, and inflammation without getting you too high. We also carry an up to date selection of the latest heavy-hitting chronic strains that concentrate producers and heavy smokers, both recreational and medicinal, adore. With a straightforward website and the fastest shipping in the domestic market, it’s never been easier to get exactly what you want. One look at our selection and you’ll agree that Weed Seeds USA is the place to go when you want seeds in New England.

Climate in New England

Summer is the perfect time to grow cannabis all over New England thanks to the abundance of heat and sun, and Weed Seeds has all kinds of perfect autoflowering plants for that precise purpose. Summers are hot all over New England, but especially in the southern and coastal areas. It gets much muggier in the interior, especially in Vermont and New Hampshire where summer temperatures will generally only reach around eighty degrees on average, but can easily exceed one hundred degrees with the humidex during heatwaves. Winters are frigid in this interior space between Vermont and Maine, with storms common on both sides of the White mountains. Sunshine is still abundant in the winter, especially in the interior spaces west of the White Mountains. Many cities in the north get between sixty and one hundred and twenty inches of snow and around forty-five inches of rain per year, while those in the south get about half as much snow. The southern coast gets less snow and more rain than the landlocked interior and coastal Maine, which have heavy snowfall from November to early April. In sharp contrast to the inland snow, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the southeastern portion of Massachusetts have humid subtropical or temperate climates. Hot-summer humid continent spaces dominate just north, largely into the Connecticut River Valley, Rhode Island, and the lowlands of southern Massachusetts. The rest of the region has a warm-summer humid continental climate. Coastal zones in the south have been known to be hit by tropical cyclones now and then, though many of the more severe storms that run up the Atlantic Coast tend to have been reduced to tropical storms or category two storms by the time they hit New England. These coastal spaces have an oceanic Koppen climate, with little to no snowfall but more rain than the interior.

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New England’s Geography

New England is the north easternmost portion of America. It’s bordered by New York state to the west and south, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Canadian Provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick to the North. From north to south, the region goes from a mix of swampy glacial hills and lake regions to foothills and low mountains, followed by a long hill plateau leading to the rocky Atlantic coasts. The mountains consist of some of the northernmost reaches of the Appalachian Mountains in America, the Green and White Mountains and the northern highlands. This is actually a mix of several different mountain zones that have been eroded thanks to heavy glacial activity during the last ice age. There are numerous lakes in New England for the same reason, with Vermont even hosting the huge Lake Champlain in the west of the region. Moosehead Lake in Maine is technically the largest lake located entirely within New England, since Lake Champlain straddles the border between New York and Vermont. In any case, many of the foothills and lake sides are great spots for putting out some indica-dominant strains accustomed to rolling hills. The southern coast of Massachusetts is also a perfect place for some of the taller sativas thanks to its open fields and a