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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: June 2, 2022

Far West Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Since the dawn of cannabis in the US, there have been a few territories which have continued to make their mark. America’s West is known for pumping out some pretty killer weed, and when the professionals need seeds, they trust Weed Seeds USA. We supply the top-quality genetics growers count on to deliver them to greatness. Whether you live in Alaska and need autoflowers for your garden, or whether you live in Southern California and are in the mood to cultivate some of the industry’s pinnacle sativas, we have you covered. Hike Denali and puff a prized pot on the summit, take a trip down the Oregon coast with some of your own home-grown hybrids or surf the Malibu pipeline with some high-test California endo. Whatever your pursuits, we have the beans to get you baked. The West Coast is no stranger to affliction, so we offer the full range of medicinally inspired strains, fast flowering and automatics. The West is also no stranger to cannabis awards, and at WSUSA you can find them all. We have the best of what the world of weed has to offer, and all of our seeds are grown in America. We offer the best landrace strains, indicas, sativas and hybrids enough to keep you growing for decades, all shipped from within the US. Enjoy a user-friendly shopping experience, pay no fees to sign up and feel safe with our expertly designed site security. We take any form of payment you need to use, including cryptocurrencies, Zelle, Venmo and Mesh, debit and credit. When it’s weed seeds you need, there is only one seed bank big enough to serve the Western seaboard and the name is Weed Seeds USA.

Climate in the Far West

The far West of this country spans from the Last Frontier of Alaska, through Washington, Oregon, over to Hawaii, back to California and into Nevada. Given the impressive diversity of landscapes, elevations and latitudes, it stands to reason that this stretch of the world sees all climate classifications. Growing Weed Seeds’ weed seeds in the subarctic climate of Alaska demands expert level control over indoor grow spaces, though some autoflowers will do well even in AK’s short, cool summers. Heading South, we find Washington, one of the first states to legalize cannabis in America. Here, we see the cold start to break, and we find mostly warm-summer Mediterranean climates near the coast with a mix of oceanic and warm-summer continental throughout the Cascades. This disparity lends well to parenting many species of indica and hybrid. Oregon shares a blend of warm-summer Mediterranean with dashes of warm continental and cool semi-arid climates scattered throughout. This is a major transition zone between Washington’s Northern weather and California’s warmer climes. But first, let’s take a trip across the Pacific to Hawaii. Subtropical to tropical across the board, this state is in a league of its own and is where you are going to grow some of the best outdoor sativa strains in America. Back to California, which sees possibly the broadest range of climates, we see dry summer subarctic in the mountains, through warm continental, into hot desert climates where Cali meets Nevada. Speaking of which, Nevada is pretty much all hot desert with a sprinkling of cold desert climates in there as well. So you see, there is a great diversity of climates in America’s West, and with all these opportunities to master merry jane, count on Weed Seeds USA to get you the seeds you need.

Climate in the Far West, USA

Growing Cannabis in Far West

The Far West’s Geography

The geography of the far west is just as varied and picturesque as the seasonal shifts inherent to our more northern climes. From the tundra of Alaska and the Cascades of Washington and Northern Oregon to the Redwood Forests of California, and from the dry basins of Nevada’s Mojave Desert to the lush tropical cliffs of the Big Island, there is nothing here if not diversity. Throughout these territories, elevations range from 20,308 feet at the summit of Mount McKinley to 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley, California. Though this doesn’t paint the full picture of the many peaks and valleys of America’s West, it does offer a glimpse into the many cannabis species which do well here. Those cultivating crops in cooler climes and higher elevations can experiment with landrace indicas and autoflowers. On the other hand, those suffering through the heat of summer in California’s south, or the steamy humidity and pounding rain of Kauai, the wettest place on Earth, can try their hands at the full range that Weed Seeds USA has to offer. Aside from topography, geography has another element to it as well, and that’s geology. The soils we find throughout Western states are just as varied as America’s majestic landscapes. From clay to sandy clay and from peat and loam to silt and everything in between, you can find it here in the West. This offers an array of outdoor gardening possibilities, and much like grapes grown in different spots throughout Napa Valley, each soil will affect its own special brand of terroir in each of your flowers’ flavor profiles. Weed Seeds USA has the seeds to match whatever brilliant plan you have for your particular geography, so partner up with us and green the West.