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Marijuana Seeds in the Agricultural Pacific West

Agricultural Pacific West Cannabis Seeds Online

Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 7, 2022

Cannabis in the Agricultural Pacific West

Those who are looking for some of the most epic cannabis seeds in the Agricultural Pacific West have found the perfect spot to be. This is Weed Seeds USA’s specialty, and thousands of growers come to us every day for their high-quality pot seed needs. We’ve done this through an extensive career of partnering with some of the finest growers in America to source our wonderful seeds. This ensures that our seeds will be some of the most efficient, highly productive and genetically perfect seeds that you’ll find anywhere on the market. With WS cannabis seeds, there’s nearly no chance that you’ll experience any kind of dud seed, genetic defect or other problem related to seed genes. When you purchase with us, you’re also getting access to our absolutely massive catalog. Packed with all different kinds of varieties, every seed in our seed bank does something better than the rest. You can choose from feminized or regular seeds to give more opportunity to your grow. With feminized seeds, you’ll get only high productive, female seeds, though with regular seeds you’ll get males in the mix, which growers can use to breed their plants. If instead you’d like an easier and more effortless grow, try our auto seeds. WS autoflowering seeds will begin their budding stage by themselves, leaving out the work of reducing their lighting hours and keeping track of their age. If you do the opposite and choose a photoperiod strain, you’ll get seeds that require more attention but have more potential. These seeds will not flower automatically, and you will have to reduce lighting hours in order to get them to flower. The benefit of this is that you control their vegetative growth, allowing you to grow larger plants with room for more buds.

States in Pacific West Area

America is such a large country that many methods have been devised in order to divide it into smaller, more meaningful regions. In this case, we’re going by the Agricultural Research Service’s classification of several different regions across America. It geographically divides the country into five even areas from west to east, covering every state and territory along the way. This particular region, named the Pacific West Area, is composed of nine states that have two or three major climates. On the mainland, you have Washington and Oregon, making up the large majority of the pacific northwest and some of the greatest regions on the mainland for growing. Idaho and Utah are the major midwest states in this classification, and they have slightly drier climates and flatter terrain. Going further south along the coast is California, and eastward from the coast you’ll find Nevada and Arizona. These states all have substantially hotter and drier climates than the rest, turning into an arid desert biome rather than the lush, wet and cool climes of the northwest. The southern states can make a perfect place for cultivating strains that prefer hotter climates. The other two participants of the Pacific West Region are much more unique than the rest. One of them is Hawaii, the famous state composed of several islands in an area deep in the Pacific ocean. This state has much hotter and wetter weather than any other state in this classification, making a perfect place for growing pot. Finally, Alaska is the last member, bordering the northwesternmost of the Canadian territories. This state has a very cold, very dry climate, but you can find slightly higher temperatures and humidities in the most southern parts of the state for growing marijuana.