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Weed Seeds for Agricultural Northeast


Marijuana Seeds in the Agricultural Northeast

Agricultural Northeast Cannabis Seeds Online

Written by Adrian Moore . Updated: July 7, 2022

Cannabis in the Agricultural Northeast

When purchasing cannabis seeds in the Agricultural Northeast geographical zone there really is only one logical choice of supplier. Weed Seeds USA is the only seed bank in America with the selection, variety and quality you can depend on. Being a top selling reputable company with an exemplary reputation for our high-end premium seed products and expert sales service, you just can’t go wrong. With the Northeastern region’s many diverse growing zones, ranging from zone three all the way to zone six, WSUS is where you are guaranteed to find the perfect marijuana strain for your particular cultivation situation. We specialize in many diverse strains, in particular there are our new autoflowering ruderalis hybrids, bred specifically for colder Northeastern climates. With the shorter growing seasons and colder temperatures, our large selection of Russian born ruderalis phenotype hybrids is the perfect choice for many cannabis cultivators in the region. Our fast and easy to navigate website makes it a no brainer when ordering seeds and finding the right products. Weed Seeds is at the forefront of the seed breeding industry, leading the world in research and development, or top scientists and botanists have created some of the most potent and popular strains on the market today. Always five steps ahead of the game, our closest competition really isn’t even in the race. Weed Seeds US top of the line, innovative and high-tech seed storage facilities keep our products viable and fresh in close to perfect temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring high germination rates and healthy plants for our clients. We are not satisfied unless you are satisfied. With so much available right at your fingertips there is no reason to venture out to an unproven seed retailer when WSUS will deliver the absolute best from around the world, directly to your doorstep in five days or less.

States in Northeast Area

When heading off to the great state of Maine way up at the tippy top Northeast corner of the United states of America, nestled up against Canada and the Atlantic seaboard,you’ll find some great lobster and a bunches of blueberries. If you are smoking some great ganja and get the munchies, you’re in the right place. Head on down the Atlantic seaboard through New Hampshire, which just taps its little toe on the coastline, you’ll breeze through it, straight into Massachusetts, sometimes called the Baked Bean State. We’d like to call it just plain Baked State, but we might be slightly biased. Next hit up Rhode Island, the littlest state in the bunch, but still boasting 400 miles of breathtaking coastline. Connecticut might be a great place to stop for lunch, seeing as they invented what may be one of the greatest munchie meals of all time, that tasty treat, the American burger. New Jersey isn’t far behind, famous for that all time baseball favorite, the hotdog, or hoagie, it’ll be hard to decide which American munchie you are craving more! After a solid, tasty lunch, it’s off to Delaware and Maryland, both boasting some incredible beaches and full of historical sites so hit up some museums while you’re there. Down past Maryland are the Virginias, not actually part of the Northeastern region of the US but worth a mention being in such close proximity, Virginia is famous for that other great smoke being the biggest tobacco producer in the US, and also West Virginia, always close to our hearts, being one of the first Eastern states to legalize cannabis. Heading back inland towards Pennsylvania, home of PennState University and then of course into New York state and the Big Apple itself, New York city which speaks for itself. Last stop hit up Vermont for a little apre ski, and you’ve completed your Northeastern tour.