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Cannabis Plants: Pruning 101

Pruning your Marijuana Grow Rooms

by Neal Brown . Updated: October 26, 2021

Pruning Marijuana Plants

Most experienced cannabis growers know pruning is essential but mention it to a novice grower, and panic rises in their eyes. Why would anyone want to cut off a portion of their precious marijuana plant?

While there are undoubtedly beneficial reasons for pruning cannabis plants, the practice is not without its risks. New growers and seasoned horticulturists alike need to be aware of the reasons for pruning their cannabis plants and how to do it properly.

With this guide, you will learn about the various methods of marijuana pruning and some tips to ensure you trim correctly. The goal of this information is to help growers choose a pruning method that makes them feel comfortable and ensures their cannabis plants will benefit.

Pruning Increases Yield

The goal of almost every marijuana grower is to achieve a bountiful harvest. Every gardener, no matter what they are growing, wants to get a large yield. That is why most gardeners precisely prune their plants according to the type and their desired growth outcome.

Cannabis plants can sometimes grow unruly. They may grow too tall or too bushy. Pruning cannabis plants keeps them neat and offers a greater yield. Aside from increased bud production, pruning marijuana plants also offers other benefits that are enticing to growers.

The main reason many cannabis growers prune their plants is that it keeps the plants smaller, allowing the plants to put all their energy into creating bountiful buds. Pruning also boosts the plant’s ability to absorb light.

Many growers also prune marijuana plants because it increases airflow. Proper airflow prevents mold and mildew growth, both of which can kill a cannabis plant. Proper conditions are essential for cannabis cultivation, and pruning helps to ensure better plant health.

Pruning Marijuana 101

Before advancing into the different types of marijuana pruning, you must know the basics. By its most fundamental definition, pruning simply means removing small portions of the cannabis plant meticulously to facilitate stronger growth.

You can consider pruning to be much like grooming. As you become more experienced in growing cannabis, you will find some leaves die throughout the stages of growth. At the very least, these leaves need to be removed with pruning.

Pruning allows a marijuana plant to focus its energy on the healthy leaves that are still alive. This method can also be used to control growth. You will need the following supplies for trimming cannabis.

  • Choose a pair of sharp pruning shears that are easy to use and compact in design. Keep the blades sharpened so you do not cause damage to the stalks of your plants.
  • You should also purchase isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol will sterilize your shears before cutting each area and clean the black, sticky gunk that is left behind after trimming.

Basic pruning involves removing dead or dying leaves and sometimes trimming fresh shoots. If your blades are sharp and sanitized before each cut, trimming cannabis should not cause harm to the plant.

Of course, you cannot prune a plant you have not grown. Weed Seeds USA offers a wide selection of marijuana seeds. Some marijuana species are ideal for beginners, such as Blue Dream, Wedding Cake, and Lemon Haze. Once your plants are growing in the vegetative stage, it is time to consider your pruning options.

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