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What Are Pot Seeds?

All mature marijuana plants start off as humble marijuana seeds. Before people began cultivating pot, that’s how the plants propagated themselves in the wild. While no cannabis connoisseur would be excited to find stray seeds in his or her actual bud, growers who want to ensure the genetic viability of their crops often get very excited about cannabis seeds.

One thing novice growers should know about pot seeds is that they all look the same. There’s no way to tell whether regular seeds will grow male or female plants, or to evaluate how healthy those plants will be based on the size or other physical characteristics of the seeds. The only way to guarantee that the seeds will produce healthy, heavy-yielding plants is to buy them from a reputable vendor.

While it’s possible to order pot seeds from all over the world, US growers should always stick with American pot seeds. They will find that domestic seed banks offer better quality products and ordering us pot seeds comes with far less red tape, even for those who live in areas that haven’t quite caught on to the growing legalization trend. That’s because while growers think of ganja seeds only as a means of producing heavy yields of actual marijuana, the government actually views ungerminated seeds as an adult novelty product.

How Are Pot Seeds Made?

Breeders have three methods for producing seeds. Both involve female marijuana plants, but only one requires having male plants around to pollinate them. Since keeping male plants past the pre-flowering stage comes with some serious risks to commercial crops, even serious growers don’t usually produce their own seeds. It’s still good to know how these processes work, though.

Traditional Seed Production

Traditional seed production involves allowing male and female plants to grow close together, allowing pollination to take place. Once a female marijuana flower has been pollinated, it will start producing seeds that contain genetic information from both parent plants.

Breeders who also grow marijuana for flowers typically alter this process somewhat by keeping the male plants far from their primary crops or placing paper bags over the pollen sacs to prevent unwanted pollination. Those that take this route must pollinate the female seed plants by hand, which adds an extra layer of complexity, but once the pollen has been introduced to the flowers, nature will take its course from there. Buy pot seeds online from Weed Seeds USA today.


Rhodelization doesn’t involve any male plants at all. Instead, growers will induce hermaphrodism in one or more female plants, causing the affected plants to produce pollen sacs in addition to flowers. The pollen from these plants can then be used to pollinate other female plants that have not hermed out, creating feminized pot seeds.

The most common method for rhodelization is to allow a female plant to grow past maturity. Cannabis plants have a natural defense mechanism that allows them to progress from their normal dioecious state to a monoecious state in a last-ditch attempt to propagate themselves in the event that no male plants are growing nearby in the wild. Breeders take advantage of this to produce seeds that will be guaranteed to grow into female plants since they contain no male DNA.


If a breeder has produced a plant that he or she absolutely loves, self-pollination is a good way to create what are essentially clones of the plant that can be grown from seed. Self-pollination can be achieved either by applying a colloidal silver solution to the plant or by exposing it to harsh environmental conditions that encourage hermaphrodism.

Although growers love feminized seeds, it’s important to note that breeders will never use the plants they grow to continue lines of their favorite strains past the first generation. Feminized seeds don’t have sufficient genetic variability to continue producing healthy plants past one generation.


What Types of Pot Seeds Are There?

Before buying whatever pot seeds for sale online they happen to find first, those new to growing cannabis should familiarize themselves with their options. Here’s what’s available for us pot seeds:

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds have genetic information from both female and male plants, which means they have a 50/50 chance of growing good quality sinsemilla (“seedless”) marijuana plants. Half the seeds will wind up growing hemp instead, so pay close attention during the pre-flowering phase and pull all the male plants to avoid accidental pollination.

Feminized Seeds

Buying feminized 420 seeds is a better bet for novice growers who have yet to learn about sexing their plants. Even seasoned growers often buy feminized seeds, especially if space or resources are at a premium. With feminized seeds, there’s no chance of devoting valuable space and resources to plants that will just have to be pulled before they enter the flowering phase.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are produced by sativas, indicas, or hybrids interbred with ruderalis plants. Cannabis ruderalis plants grow very quickly and do not rely on day length to determine when they will flower. Instead, they begin flowering between three and six weeks after germination, regardless of the light schedule they are subjected to. These quick-growing plants are perfect for year-round indoor grows and outdoor gardens in cooler climates with shorter growing seasons, but they do produce less bud.

Medical vs. Recreational Seeds

Technically, the only difference between medical and recreational marijuana is who is using it. Some recreational weed strains are high in CBD, the cannabis plant’s most famous therapeutic compound, and some medicinal strains boast incredibly impressive THC concentrations. When in doubt, check the plant profile before buying seeds to see if the strain will be good for treating a particular condition.

High-CBD Seeds

The growing interest in medical marijuana has led some plant breeders to create high cbd pot seeds. These strains will still have plenty of THC, but they’ll have a more balanced THC to CBD ratio. The other characteristics of the strain, such as its taste, aroma, and terpene profile, should remain largely unchanged.

710 Seeds

710 pot seeds grow plants that are perfect for making concentrates. They are prolific producers and these strains tend to have sticky, dense buds.

Top 10 Pot Seeds USA

Whether growers are planning to cultivate a few plants for personal use in a tiny indoor grow tent or buy wholesale pot seeds to grow a lucrative cash crop, they’ll need to pay attention to current trends. True marijuana connoisseurs aren’t going to buy or smoke just any old strain. They want high-quality bud that suits their unique needs. Here are ten pot seeds US growers and smokers will love:

Purple Haze

Purple Haze, initially popularized by a Jimi Hendrix song of the same name several decades ago, is just as popular today as it was in the 70s. This sativa-dominant strain is known for producing feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and creativity. Many smokers associate it with feelings of expansive freedom, but that might just be because it reminds them of their favorite psychedelic rock band.

This old favorite has a THC range of between 17 and 20% and a CBD range under 1%. Like all sativas and strongly sativa-dominant hybrids, it requires a full growing season outdoors, so don’t expect to be harvesting fully formed buds until late October. When grown indoors, Purple Haze has a flowering time of nine weeks. It’s not known for being a prolific producer, but the buds it does put out will be thick, resinous, and absolutely gorgeous.

Purple Punch

Unlike Purple Haze, Purple Punch is a strongly indica-dominant hybrid. It’s best reserved for relaxed nights at home since it’s known more for its relaxed, sedative effects. Purple Punch can also be used in moderation or by heavy smokers to relieve stress, pain, depression, and muscle tension during the day. As the name implies, it really does pack a punch with THC concentrations of 18 to 20% and only around 1% CBD.

Purple Punch can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Since it’s an indica, it tends to grow lower to the ground, making it ideal for indoor grow rooms with height restrictions. Expect to harvest its spectacular, polychromatic buds relatively early in the season when growing outdoors. It can usually be pulled down in mid- to late-September.

Chocolate Thai

Chocolate Thai was an incredibly popular strain in the US from the 60s through the 80s, and now, thanks to some dedicated specialty growers, it’s making a comeback. This sativa is known for producing euphoric, energizing effects. It’s great for treating depression and PTSD since it helps those suffering from these mental illnesses focus and embrace their creative sides instead of fixating on intrusive thoughts.

Since Chocolate Thai is landrace sativa, it requires a full growing season, but it’s relatively easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. Either way, expect the plants to produce dark green, earthy, chocolate-scented buds with THC concentrations of between 12 and 16%. Its low THC range makes it more popular among medical patients and inexperienced smokers prone to anxiety when using higher-potency strains.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a descendant of a pure South African landrace sativa. Sometimes referred to fondly as the espresso of the marijuana world, it’s known for producing an intensely upbeat head high and makes a perfect complement to coffee for morning wake-and-bakes thanks to its earthy, spicy aroma. Heavy smokers will find that this strain is perfect for getting through an otherwise long and boring day, and its 20% average THC concentration is just enough to take the edge off.

What’s even better about Durban Poison is that it’s a great plant for beginning growers. Outdoors, it can grow up to 7.5 feet tall and yield up to a pound a plant when grown in full, hot sun. Those planning to grow Durban Poison indoors should strongly consider a hydroponic setup if they want their plants to thrive. They may also want to consider an autoflowering variety, as auto Durban Poison can be harvested just 10 to 11 weeks after germination.

Super Lemon Haze

This cross of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk is a two-time Cannabis Cup winner, and with good reason. Super Lemon Haze is a strongly sativa-dominant strain that is just as well-known for its energizing and creativity-stimulating effects as for its delicious, tart flavor. It also has a relatively high THC range of between 21 and 23% and a CBD range of below 1%, so it packs a real punch.

There are two things growers will love about Super Lemon Haze. First, it’s a high-yielding strain that can produce up to 990g per plant outdoors or 790g per m2 indoors. Second, it’s highly resistant to disease, so growers don’t have to worry as much about potential crop losses.


Don’t be put off by the name. AK-47 actually produces a relaxed, stress-free, and clear-headed high that’s perfect for social environments. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with a middling average THC concentration of 16% that’s perfect for smokers of all experience levels and is especially beloved by medical patients who want a good daytime strain.

Compared to most sativa-dominant hybrids, AK-47 seeds produce relatively short plants, so it’s good for both hydroponic and soil-based indoor grows. Those who plan to plant AK-47 outdoors should note that it requires a full growing season, so it won’t be ready to harvest until the end of October.

Skunk x Northern Lights

This fast-growing, high-yielding hybrid combines the best of two popular strains: Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. It’s a heavily indica-dominant strain, so save it for relaxing days off at home or difficult nights. Medical patients love Skunk x Northern Lights for dealing with stress, insomnia, and chronic pain, and recreational users love its deeply relaxing, borderline narcotic properties.

Skunk x Northern Lights has an average THC concentration of just 18%, but pot enthusiasts shouldn’t let that fool them. It has a low CBD concentration, so it still packs a punch. Fast-growing versions of this cross can be expected to flower in just six to seven weeks and produce up to 500g/m2 when grown indoors.


Gelato was created by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbet to create a wonderfully balanced hybrid that’s as potent as it is easy to grow. Despite the fact that it leans slightly more toward indica in its origins, its effects are all sativa. Expect a happy, euphoric, and focused high with just enough whole-body relaxation to balance out the experience.

Gelato requires a little extra attention to thrive. It likes humidity levels of between 40 and 50% and consistent temperatures of between 68- and 70-degrees Fahrenheit. Under these conditions, it can produce generous yields of massive buds with THC concentrations of up to 24%.


Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from a combination of Mexican and Thai sativas and Afghani indica strains. It’s known for producing a quick and racy head-high that can be accompanied by a tangible rush of adrenaline as well. Novice users should tread carefully, as one too many tokes can lead to feelings of anxiety and paranoia. For those who know how to harness her power, Trainwreck can be a valuable took in combatting depression, sluggishness, or just daytime pain and fatigue.

One of the things growers love the most about Trainwreck is its versatility. In outdoor gardens, it can grow up to nine feet high and produce stunning yields of over four pounds per plant. When grown indoors, it’s perfect for sea of green cultivation techniques. Either way, its THC content ranges from 15 to 20%.

3 Kings OG

3 Kings OG isn’t the best-known strain of pot, but it comes from an incredibly well-regarded lineage: Headband x Sour Diesel x OG Kush. When combined, these three strains provide a wonderfully uplifting high that’s perfect for medical patients and casual users, alike. When grown under the right conditions, it has THC concentrations of around 24% and around 1% CBD content, making this royal strain perfect for dealing with everything from chronic pain, cramps, and nausea to migraine headaches, stress, and PTSD.

Experienced growers should have no problem with 3 Kings OG, whether they’re growing indoors or outdoors. Indoor growers just need to keep in mind that these sativa-dominant hybrid plants can reach up to two meters when grown in soil, so plan accordingly. Check out our American seeds here.


How to Buy Pot Seeds Online

It’s easy to buy pot seeds online. In fact, in today’s technologically advanced world, this is the best way to buy pot seeds since it gives growers access to a far greater diversity of strains and seed types.

Browse the catalog to learn about different strains, including their effects, required growing conditions, and unique benefits and drawbacks before deciding which seeds to buy. This article will offer more information about the different types of weed seeds in a later paragraph, but when it comes to choosing strains, growers need to consider factors like local climate conditions, available space, budget, and intended use.

Each seed page contains information about THC and CBD concentrations, terpene profiles, taste and aroma profiles, and the best uses for the bud. Buy medicinal pot seeds with balanced THC to CBD ratios for help with managing medical or psychological conditions or find high-THC recreational pot seeds to grow crops for casual consumers. Either way, Weed Seeds will provide growers with all the assistance they need to find pot seeds for sale that will suit their unique requirements.

Weed Seeds USA makes it easy to find and order pot seeds online, but customers who have questions about the seeds or the ordering process can also call 1-844-807-1234 to get the answers they need. This is one pot seed bank whose employees go out of their way to be helpful in any way possible.

Common Misspellings, Versions & Abbreviations

Pot is an almost ubiquitous term. Just about anyone growers could be talking to about marijuana will know what it means. When reading up on new techniques online, it’s wise to keep in mind that there are a few common misspellings, though. Just because an article refers to “potte” instead of pot, don’t assume it was written by an amateur. Some of the best growers are the worst spellers.

When growers go to order pot seeds, they may also see variations like “pot-seeds.” Again, that’s just fine. As long as they’re buying from a reputable company like Weed-Seeds, they’ll get the same high-quality products.

Interesting Facts About Pot Seeds

For the average pot enthusiast, the most interesting thing about seeds is that they produce delicious, smokable marijuana flowers. Growers have a vested interest, though. Here are a few interesting facts they might not already know:

  • It takes several generations of careful breeding to produce genetically stable seeds that will have the same characteristics as the parent plant or plants.
  • The pot seeds found in a bag of unimpressive, seedy weed almost never grow into healthy plants capable of producing quality bud.
  • The popular term “sinsemilla” can be translated literally as “without seeds.”
  • Pot seeds are an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids. Some nutritionists even consider them a superfood.
  • Strains of cannabis bred for enhanced seed production, such as hemp grown as a food crop, can produce over a thousand seeds per plant.
  • There’s no THC at all in even chronic seeds. Marijuana plants don’t start producing THC until they are well into the flowering phase.
  • The oldest pot seeds ever found come from a grave in China thought to be over 2,700 years old.
  • Pot seeds stored in dry conditions with temperatures ranging from 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit can still be viable even several years later. That means future growers living in places that haven’t legalized cannabis cultivation yet can go ahead and stock up now.

Place Your Pot Seed Order Online Or By Phone TODAY

Weed Seeds USA makes it easy for growers to get their hands on the seeds they need to set themselves up for success. Browse the website to learn more about the different strains available, call 1-844-807-1234 to speak with a dedicated company representative, or email ok@weed-seeds.com with any questions today. Growers can also place an inquiry about seeds online to get the process started.

Germinating Pot Seeds

Many new pot growers are going to be gung ho and researching how to plant pot seeds. Believe it or not, there is one step that you will want to master before you move on to planting your pot seeds in their final growing medium. This key first step is known as germination. There are several different methods one can use when germinating pot seeds and the best way to germinate pot seeds depends on the preference of the grower.

One of the easiest ways to get started when germinating pot seeds is simply dropping them in water. Once the water has been poured into a glass or jar make sure you allow several hours for it to come to room temperature. When the water is at room temperature, it will be ready for your pot plant seeds. Gently lower the seeds into the water and allow them time to sink to the bottom. This may take up to 2 hours but does not need constant monitoring. Once they sink to the bottom the water is going to help soften the hard outer shell so that the little sprouting tail can poke its head out. This method may take roughly 2-4 days and should not exceed 7 days. Once you see a taproot sprout out of the shell, the seeds are ready to be taken out and carefully placed in their initial small pot.

Another popular way to germinate seeds the paper towel method. This method uses common household items and is easy to get started. Place your pot seeds in between 2 paper towels. Spray them with a plant sprayer until they are quite moist but not completely saturated. Here is where you get a few options depending on what you have lying around. Some growers like to place them between 2 plates, others prefer placing them in a plastic bag, and some like the upside-down bowl method that mimics a dome. Either one will work and is relatively hands-off. The enclosure keeps the temperature and humidity where it needs to be, and you can moisten the paper towels again as needed. As long as you gently handle the emerging taproot and you do not let the taproot grow too long before planting your germinated seeds should be viable.

Lastly, the tried and true OG method is germinating them directly in the soil they will begin growing. Start with a small pot filled with mildly fertilized soil or starter soil. Depress the soil about a half-inch with your finger, pencil, pen, or another similarly shaped object. Lay the seed down in the hole and loosely cover it with soil. There is no need to pack it down tightly as the water is going to help with this. Spray the soil with a plant sprayer to moisten but do not overwater the soil. After a few days, you may start to see the plant start sprouting its head and the process has begun!

Starting off with award winning pot seeds is going to help get you off on the right foot. At Weed Seeds, there are plenty of award-winning strains for every palate. Check out our catalog today and see for yourself!


Growing Pot At Home

Buying pot seeds for sale online has never been easier. Whether you are looking for medical pot seeds or recreational weed seeds, a reliable pot seed bank like Weed Seeds is going to have you covered. With the changing marijuana landscape around the country, there is no better time to start growing or getting all your ducks in a row when the legislation in your state accelerates into the 21st century. Everything from pot seeds, growing lights, soils, fertilizers, fans, and hardware are available online with a few clicks in a matter of minutes.

It is always important to check into the local regulations regarding growing pot from seed at home. Many states have rules and regulations around the number of plants you are allowed to grow in one household as well as where the plants are allowed to be grown. Most homegrown marijuana gardens will likely need to be in an enclosed and secured location out of the public view.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Many people look to start their journey with marijuana cultivation outside. It only makes sense to harness the natural light and energy from the sun as it comes at no cost to the grower and is extremely plentiful. Collecting rainwater year-round can be another great option to keep costs low and use what nature has to offer. Another benefit to growing cannabis outdoors is that there is usually ample space for plants to stretch out vertically and laterally in a way that is not possible indoors. Growing outdoors can lead to some massive yields that will set you up for the long cold winters.

Just as with real estate, location is going to be of the utmost importance when growing marijuana outdoors. Consider an area that has plenty of access to sunlight and is not going to be blocked out by larger shrubbery for portions of the day. Other than your basic gardening tools, a hose to access water, all you need is the power of mother nature when growing pot from seed el fresco.

Grow Cannabis Indoors

When you buy pot seeds online you are often looking to get the most bang for your buck. This is where growing cannabis indoors will come in handy. There are several benefits to growing weed indoors. Some of the perks are the high quality of weed that can be produced, the adaptability that allows you to grow virtually anywhere, the ability to produce multiple harvests that are not available outdoors, and lastly the privacy and security that keeps all those looky-loos out.

When starting to grow cannabis indoors the first thing you need to do is choose your space. You do not need to dedicate an entire room to your plants. They could be housed in a closet, cabinet, or a corner of your unfinished basement. If you ask any experienced cultivator, they will always recommend you start small but think big when designing your space. Be sure to leave enough room for all of the other equipment you will need as well as allowing you ample space to tend to your plants. A few other factors to think of are the convenience of access that you will have as well as nailing down any temperature or humidity concerns.

Things To Consider When Growing Ganja

Whether you want high THC pot seeds or something with a higher CBD content, there are some factors to consider when growing ganja. After you have settled on your location, you want to make sure that you nail down your light source. If growing outside it will be the sun, but if growing inside choose your lights wisely. HID or high-intensity discharge lamps are popular. They have been the grow lights of choice for every kind of indoor grower from beginners to pro cultivators. Other choices include fluorescent lights, induction grow lights, or simply LEDs and some growers use a combination of grow lamps. Fresh air and carbon dioxide are vital to photosynthesis so make sure that you are taking advantage of the gentle breeze outdoors or simulating that indoors with a nice-sized fan. There are many mediums to choose from when growing cannabis. Are you a soil grower or do you prefer hydroponics? This will largely come down to preference.  Like any green thumb will tell you, water and nutrients are vital to the success of your plants so keep this in mind when planning your garden.

How To Make Pot Brownies

When looking for pot seeds for sell, always keep an eye out for a good deal and turn them into pot brownies. They are simple to make and are best started with cannabis-infused coconut oil or cannabutter. When making cannabis oil or butter the most common ratio is 1 oz of cannabis flower for every pound of oil or butter. The easiest way to make pot brownies is using your favorite brownie recipe and using cannabutter or cannabis-infused oil in replacement of vegetable oil or butter in the traditional recipe. You can even use a store-bought brownie box mix and be off to the races.

How Long Does Pot Stay In Your System?

The amount of time marijuana stays in your system depends on the quantity and frequency of use. Typically pot remains in your bodily fluids for 1 to 30 days, however, it may be detected in your hair for several months so keep that in mind if you need to be tested.

Fast Flowering Pot Strains

It seems more and more these days everyone is living life in the fast lane. Not everyone has the luxury of growing marijuana for months at a time for a harvest. At Weed Seeds, we offer some of the very finest strains in a fast-flowering variety. They have many of the benefits of traditional cannabis seeds but grow in a fraction of the time. With these fast-flowering seeds, you will have bodacious buds in your hands before you know it. Come check out our extensive catalog with detailed product descriptions. If you need further guidance, talk to our knowledgeable staff and they will help find the best strain for you.

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