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How to use Mesh

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MESH Payments enables you to pay with your credit card!
1) Set up your MESH account, 2) deposit money and pay for your Seeds securely.

Step #1 – Cart & Checkout on Weed Seeds USA

The checkout process is simple. Click cart, double check your order and “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”. You will be directed to the checkout page to enter your details (Name, Address, DOB etc). Select “Pay with MESH” , and tick the box “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” and click “CONTINUE”.

Step #2 – Creating the MESH Account

After clicking “CONTINUE”, your screen will change to the MESH account registration/login page.

To use MESH, you need to set up a account with them first.

We understand its inconvenient, but it protects the network from fraudsters.

This will only take 60 seconds, so suck it up buttercup! Fill the page in. Yes, all the details.*, hit “FINISH” to complete the account setup.

* Please be honest about your personal details with MESH. These details need to be verified and will lead to a longer set up time. If you get creative on your application, its unlikely that the account will be approved.

Good news is that Mesh does not give your details to anyone. So, be honest, complete the set up and we will ship you some fabulous beans for magic crops.

Step #3 – Log Into Your MESH Account

After creating a MESH account, simply login with the email you used to create your MESH account. Then ENTER the verification PIN that MESH will SMS to your cellular phone.

Step #4 – Adding Funds to a MESH Account

Log into MESH, and fund your account. You will be able to add money to your account from your credit card. Select the AMOUNT to add (best practice is to add the same amount or more of funds to cover your order). Enter your credit card digits, and “CONFIRM” but don’t forget to click “PAY WITH MESH MONEY NOW.”

Step #5 – Complete Your Purchase with Weed Seeds USA

After your order is paid with MESH, a “Thank You!” will appear. You will redirect to the Weed-Seeds.com website and you will view your confirmation page. Check your inbox for an email from us confirming your order and the various status updates to follow during the fulfillment process.

**PLEASE use your REAL information that will pass verification. Our business relies on discretion and your privacy is kept at all stages of the process. The information that you give MESH is NOT shared with the website or customer service team. Your privacy is assured.

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