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Buy Marijuana Seeds with Zcash

Use ZEC To Purchase Seeds

by Neal Brown . Updated: June 7, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Zcash From weed-seeds.com

The collection we have stored in our seed bank is proven to please growers from East to West. Buying cannabis seeds with Zcash from Weed Seeds USA is the go to for customers looking for ease of payment, assured privacy and increased financial security. All you have to do is create an account at weed-seeds.com, fill your boots and fill your cart. When it comes time for checkout, simply confirm your order and select Zcash cryptocurrency at the next window. Within an hour, you will receive an email to complete your payment using our Coinpayments platform. Simply follow the steps, copy and paste the address and send your Zcash over to Weed Seeds USA. It really is that simple, and when you use cryptocurrency to shop at weed-seeds.com, the deals you get make coupling crypto with cannabis the safest bet in the nation. We offer incredible discounts to our crypto shoppers. We add mixed bags of your choice of seeds to your cart and we are always here when you need more. Zcash is private and efficient. It offers safety features and protocols which elevate it well above platforms like Bitcoin and it is both attack and censorship resistant. In the case of an audit or other financial situation you may find yourself in, users have the option to open certain data points in ZEC’s zero knowledge proofs. Zcash is popular, on the rise, and it is supported by a myriad of wallets and exchanges around the globe. Nobody can stop it since it is completely deregulated and nobody can shut it down since it functions in nodes, rather than on a centralized server like those of banks. What might cost you a couple hundredths of a coin today may cost even less tomorrow so, with a secure form of electronic payment and such an amazing collection of over 500 strains at your fingertips, you have every reason to celebrate. Using Zcash cryptocurrency to pay for your goods, your stoney seeds to grow, is just another step toward both financial and flowering freedom. Don’t let yourself sit stuck in the barren mud of old-world banking systems when you can flourish in the fluffy, free draining and nutrient rich soils of decentralized finance. Ride waves of weed seeds knowing that your information is secure, that your name, our name and the transaction amount remains invisible, and that nobody will ever know you were here. You will receive receipts from both your exchange and Coinpayments, but aside from that, the seeds you select, how you pay and where your seeds go will stay as secret as the strains that made Bubba. So you can stay silent, stay safe, stay secure and stay swimming in weed seeds, choose Zcash cryptocurrency. When you do, you are in a position of real power to make a difference, both in the world of weed and in new realms of decentralized finance, the people’s way to pay for weed seeds.

What is ZEC: The Pros of Zcash To Buy Seeds

ZEC is the token, Zcash, and it is one of the most secure and durable coins on the market. Sure, people have their doubts, but let us make it clear that the pros of using Zcash to buy seeds far outweigh any cons, and when you use it to purchase our marijuana seeds for sale, you help make the world a better place. First off, as we discussed in the opening section, Zcash is private. It uses zero proof technology which keeps it locked up tight from third party access. Both addresses and transactions remain 100% untouchable, unless you open your records up for audit. Zcash allows those looking for weed seeds for sale to make transactions without revealing any information whatsoever. In fact, there is no trace of anything except that there was a transaction at so and so time, recorded in the blockchain. This mighty crypto is also completely decentralized, meaning it functions throughout and is maintained by a network of users and nodes, rather than a central server. This means it is bulletproof. Censorship resistance, complete with transparent addresses and transactions, no way to be hacked and no room for single point system failure makes Zcash a true DeFi currency. Zcash is also inexpensive for both of us to use, especially when shopping for the Weed Seeds pot seeds for sale. Where banks may charge as much as a dollar or more per international transaction, using Zcash only costs about a penny. This all depends on the amount of course, but for our purposes and those of our weed seeds clients, a penny a drop is about as cheap as it gets. Another bonus to using Zcash cryptocurrency is that once you sign up for an exchange you can use any bank account you have to fill your wallet with ZEC. When using your credit card, debit account, savings account or line of credit, you are good to go, and all your bank will know is that you spent some money on an exchange, nothing more. Bonuses are yours when you use ZEC to shop at WSUSA. We offer discounts, extras and more, and we do so every time. Those who are still paying with paper money or money order are dinosaurs in this industry. The way of the future is fast, secure and private cryptocurrency and Weed Seeds USA is leading the pack. Feel the warm light of knowing that financial institutions don’t have a clue that your money is safe from predation and that you control what happens to every penny of your income. Finally, Zcash is truly decentralized, so when you use it to shop for something as special and wellness aimed as cannabis seeds for sale, you support a global community of like-minded individuals who are sick of being damned by the man and who just want to be free to make magic in their communities. Choose Zcash today and build a brighter world for tomorrow with Weed Seeds USA.

Buy ZEC From A Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Difference Between ZEC and BTC

How To Buy ZEC / Zcash

Buying Zcash is as easy as taking your doggie for a walk in the park. Actually, it might even be easier than that. The first thing to know is that ZEC is traded on a vast number of exchanges, so choose the one that’s best for you, that has the best track record and is known for being impervious to unwanted infiltration. Depending on the exchange you choose, you will be asked for basic information like name, address, phone number and email address. Some exchanges require banking info while others do not, and some offer what is called a recovery phrase. This phrase is a set of words which is unique to your account and it is imperative that you protect this phrase for use in case the need for account recovery arises. The next step is to link the account you will use to purchase your cryptocurrency. Don’t worry, most exchanges ask you for no more than routing and account numbers, and once you have signed up to an exchange and linked your account, you are free to buy Tether and convert it to Zcash. It is necessary to spell it right, so searching for Zee Cash will not turn up any results. To make it easier on yourself, type in ZEC. This is the trading title for Zcash and it can be found al