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by Neal Brown . Updated: June 7, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Solana From weed-seeds.com

The world of cryptocurrency is brimming with decentralized financial opportunities and when you couple the power of crypto with the collection at Weed Seeds USA, a whole new world opens up before you. Weed Seeds USA is into being as green as we can be, and we want you to be as well. It is only through each of us doing our part for the environment that we are able to build a sustainable ecosystem, and that’s what Solana is all about. Because of Solanas proof of stake operating system, buying cannabis seeds with Solana from weed-seeds.com is not only easy and effective, but it is also considered the greenest way to pay. The simplicity and security you experience when you pay with SOL cryptocurrency at WSUSA is unrivaled across cannabis markets. We offer 500+ of the best strains in the world, the ones which have continued to crush awards years after their inception. We have the bell ringers and 420 rock star strains, the Kush, the Haze, the Diesel, the Chemdawg and all the impressive stores of stones to come after. We house CBD strains, 710 resin drippers, indoor and outdoor strains, and we have beans for both the beginner and the budget minded. We want you to feel cared for from start to finish, so filling your cart remains anonymous. Solana was originally favored for its speed and capacity. Where a Bitcoin transaction can take as long as ten minutes to complete and leaves its users open to data miners, Solana can trigger that transaction in about 400 milliseconds. With a capacity of upwards of 700,000 transactions per second, there is no waiting when you use SOL to pay for weed seeds. Clients love paying with crypto for more than its security and speed. Because we love crypto so much, when you use Solana cryptocurrency to pay for weed seeds at WSUSA, we offer deals, extras and discounts. This can make a great difference to our country’s professionals who are already saving on bulk orders. Add the capacity of Solana crypto on top of that and you’re looking at the deal of the century. Not only that, but every time you choose to shop with cryptocurrency at Weed Seeds USA, we offer you new and exciting incentives. Simply choose Solana at checkout and follow the prompts. The whole thing happens through CoinPayments and you can either withdraw the correct amount to the CoinPayments address we give you or wait for email confirmation and follow the prompts from there. You will receive receipts from both your exchange and from CoinPayments and we match orders and ship in nondescript packaging by the next day. The whole thing really is as simple as that and, once you choose to use your SOL crypto once and see how easy and enticing it is, rest assured we are open for business every time you visit with a weed seed need.

What is SOL: The Pros of Solana To Buy Seeds

To put it simply, SOL is the cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain, Ethereum’s top competitor. Solana is unique in that it uses proof of history rather than proof of work. Sure, the work is in there, but Solana profides timestamps as well. What sets this system apart from others is that it keeps nodes from having to constantly question what time it is in order to validate the transaction’s sequence in the blockchain, a welcome characteristic when you want pot seeds for sale in a jiffy. This doesn’t only speed up the entire transaction process by hundreds of thousands of times, but it is a snappy way to ensure the integrity of each order and secure its place in the chain. Once you choose your weed seeds for sale and a transaction is sent, Solana then sends out single validators on what is called proof of stake. Miners stake a percentage of their holdings in order to win the potential to gain rewards. The higher your holdings and the more you stake, the better your chances of being chosen to validate the transactions. Validators, or miners, get rewarded for solving positive transactions and penalized for poor transactions. This is fair and in the true spirit of decentralization, and is an incentive that sets Solana apart from competitors like Bitcoin, but we will talk about differences between SOL and BTC in later sections. 400 milliseconds per transaction with a capacity of up to 710,000 transactions per second, proof of history and proof of stake, all make SOL a fierce competitor. When searching for the nation’s best cannabis seeds for sale, this speed completes your transaction faster, which gets you your seeds faster, which is always good for growers. But it also runs at sea level, which means that it can handle multiple tasks at once, running smart contract code in parallel and affecting a much faster system overall. Solana can also double its computation capacity on demand, allowing it to keep up with increasingly faster and more powerful computing technologies. As computers become bigger, faster, more capable, Solana can adapt. All of this means increased speed and capacity for SOL miners, but it also means rewards, even for those looking for marijuana seeds for sale. Pros of using Solana include up to 8% inflationary rewards, equaling approximately 1.5% over ten years. Solana is private and secure, it is resistant to outside influence and it asks only a fraction of a penny per transaction. SOL supports DeFi (decentralized finance), the downfall of big banks, and is censorship resistant. You can use debit or credit to purchase Solana, so shopping with Weed Seeds USA is as easy as a quick conversion from USD to SOL within your chosen exchange. Because Solana is secure and private, your information remains hidden from financial data mining, and Weed Seeds makes sure nobody even knows you were here.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Buy Solana

The Difference Between BTC and SOL

How To Buy SOL / Solana

Solana is a safe and secure way to shop for weed seeds, it is a major proponent of true DeFi and it is easy to come by. In order to purchase SOL cryptocurrency, you must first open an account at a crypto exchange. There are a ton of them, so it pays to first ask around to find the one which works best for your purposes. Create your wallet and verify your account. Sometimes the exchange will send you a reference phrase to hold onto and this must be guarded with your life. Some will simply ask for a password, and once you type it in, you are ready to load your wallet with currency. Linking a credit or debit card to your account is simple and all transactions remain secure. If you are already into yield mining or some other activity within the cryptocurrency community, chances are yo