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The Pros of Ravencoin To Buy Cannabis Seeds

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: June 9, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Ravencoin From weed-seeds.com

Ravencoin is an up and coming crypto that’s bound to make some big moves, and Weed Seeds USA is helping them along the way! With low barriers to access and a whole future ahead of it, Ravencoin kind of reminds us of our approach to the American cannabis market. We carry over six hundred and fifty styles of seeds, including over five hundred strains in autoflowering, photoperiod, feminized, and unsexed regular varieties. We’re the fastest shipper in the country of premium souvenir and cultivable cannabis seeds, with an average of five to fourteen days between the time your payment clears and the day your seeds arrive. And when you order from us using Ravencoin it gets even faster! Especially if this isn’t your first order with us, paying with RVN or other cryptocurrencies can mean your payment takes just minutes to process. In that case, we can send your seeds out as early as the next business day. But being able to pay with Ravencoin isn’t the only part of the WS shopping experience that we make easier. This website is a treasure trove of cannabis knowledge and premium genetics. Any time of day or night, any day of the week, you can kick back wherever you’re at and browse our selection, make a list of strains and styles you’re interested in growing and learn all about how to cultivate them. All in one space! We also keep enough blogs on techniques and growing conditions that could fill a book.You might say we’re committed to helping current and potential cannabis growers of America figure out how to grow their absolute best crop of all time. And with our top of the line seeds, that’s easier than ever. Unlike many purely novelty seed banks, we store all our genetics in dedicated seed-safe storage that ensures your order is ready to sprout when you get it. Our seeds can also be stored for an extended period of time so long as they’re kept in the original package they’re sent in or put in a secure container in a dry root cellar. So when you buy from us using your crypto, you know that what you’re getting is verifiable through and through, from the safety and security and discretion of your payment to the quality of your seeds. No other cryptocurrency accepting cannabis seed bank in the country has the selection that we do. From our high THC danks to the high CBG medicinal seeds we carry, we’ve got something for everyone. And what’s better than a huge variety of seeds you can buy with Ravencoin? A huge selection of seeds born and bred in America that you can buy from Ravencoin! That’s right, all our genetics are raised right here in the good old U S of A. Keep reading for more on Ravencoin, how to buy it, how to use it, and why it’s the best choice for those looking to discretely buy high quality products from Weed Seeds USA.

What is Ravencoin: The Pros of Ravencoin To Buy Seeds

Ravencoin was a fork off of Bitcoin started in 2018. It was named after the ravens in the popular TV show Game of Thrones, the fantasy series based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Ravens in that series were regarded as messengers of truth. Every single Ravencoin that’s ever been minted can be tracked on the blockchain back to its original owner account. That doesn’t mean that we can see who owns that account or what they bought, it just means that every single piece of this currency has its entire history inscribed on it.

Thanks to the rapid verification time made possible by blockchain technology, Ravencoin only takes between a few minutes and two hours to verify a transaction. It’s still a small network, but a block is added to the chain at the rate of roughly one a minute these days. When you’re looking for cannabis seeds for sale and want to make sure your payment goes through fast, cryptocurrencies are always the best bet, but Ravencoin is even better than others thanks to this rapid verification. RVN is also way cheaper than a lot of other cryptos out there. We don’t mean just in the accessibility of buying some, we mean in fees as well. Ravencoin’s still-fledgeling infrastructure is strong, but not very highly-trafficked, so there isn’t the premium on server work that there is on the Bitcoin or Ethereum networks, whose fees are higher due to the sheer number of people looking for proof-of-work to be done. So when you buy marijuana seeds for sale from Weed Seeds USA and send us money using RVN coin, you’re saving as much as ten or eleven bucks in some cases on fees. Another great advantage of using RVN to purchase weed seeds for sale is that RVN can be bought with credit or debit cards with relative ease depending on which exchange you visit, which makes accessing our larders even easier. You won’t have to wait around for a bank verification or worry about working with the Mesh platform, which we use to process our debit and credit transactions. Simply buy some RVN with your debit card and use them to buy our seeds. Not only is the wait shorter, but it’s more discrete as well thanks to blockchain technology that anonymizes your purchase and makes it virtually impossible to discern what you’ve actually bought. Another reason to use Ravencoin when you’re looking at pot seeds for sale at WS USA is that we give bonus seeds to people who pay with cryptocurrency. That’s right, you’ll get more than you pay for, do it more anonymously, and the payment will go through faster. Plus, with no central bank authority to hack, you can be more sure that your money is safe while also participating in the cryptocurrency revolution. Supporting decentralized finance goes a long way to supporting a better world in the future, and WS USA is excited to journey into that world with you.

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How To Buy RVN / Ravencoin

The first step to buying seeds with crypto is to set up a wallet and buy some tokens. Ravencoin runs its own desktop app wallets, but RVN cryptocurrency can also be bought using popular third-party ones including Trust, Crypto.com, and Coinpayments. A best practice is to find one that deals in many different kinds of cryptocurrencies and uses two-factor authentication to keep your information secure. Once you’ve confirmed your identity and fiddled around with your wallet a little, head to the buy part of the wallet and select the amount you’d like to purchase. Most coins will have a minimum you’re allowed to buy, usually around fifty dollars. If you do it from a wallet, you’ll have a range of third parties that will offer RVN at slightly different prices. Pick the best one, enter your payment information, and deposit your coins. If you’re using an exchange outside of your wallet, be sure to transfer and deposit them before moving forw