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The Pros of Omni To Buy Weed Seeds

by Neal Brown . Updated: June 9, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Omni From weed-seeds.com

The time has come! You can safely, quickly and anonymously pay for your favorite cannabis seeds using cryptocurrency. This is a simple method of payment that allows you to get your hands on impeccable seeds with a little education and a few painless steps. Weed Seeds is a virtual seed bank that offers more than 500 different types of seeds for you to browse through, purchase and cultivate at home. We have found the best breeders and have sourced unadulterated, premium pot seeds that are the best for your home grow. We wanted to find a way to offer you the most secure payment options for purchasing our exceptional seeds, and so we now offer the ability to complete your order using Crypto. This is the most direct and inexpensive way to pay for your seeds. It also happens to be the most anonymous, thanks to blockchain technology which encrypts and decrypts your transactions without any link to your name or your item. Opting to anonymously pay with cryptocurrency is a sublime for most, but there are a few steps to get yourself setup to do so. With a little bit of time and energy, you can find an exchange that supports your chosen coin, sign up for a virtual wallet, and go through the verification process. Using bank transfer, credit card or debit, you can stock your wallet up with crypto and you will be ready to spend. If this is your first time purchasing from weed-seeds.com, you will also need to enter some personal information to open an account. Now the fun part, you can start sifting through the extensive list of seed options. We have seeds that will easily grow in various climates around the world, and that will generate generous yields of sticky buds that can be perfectly paired with any adventure at any time of day. Choose the optimal strains to meet your various needs, add them to your virtual cart, and select coinpayments at checkout. While the initial purchase takes a little time, every subsequent purchase can be made simply with a few clicks. The payment takes seconds and, once received, we will gather your order and have it shipped out to you within a day. This is not only a direct, inexpensive and private way to make purchases, it is also a way to empower your financial freedom. Your funds and your spending are entirely your own. Every transaction is not run through an institution that is taking fees for services that you may not even use. No one can monitor your spending and you are free to purchase whatever you desire within a few seconds without any discernible record. Be part of the shift to decentralized finances while securing safe, untraceable access to your desired pot seeds! Let us delve into the benefits, the necessary steps and the technology a little deeper so you understand the steps you can take to start buying all of your cannabis seeds with Omnicoin.

What is OMNI: The Pros of Omni To Buy Seeds

Omni is a cryptocurrency that hit the market in 2018. There are many benefits to switching from the centralized banking model that has previously dominated the market, to the decentralized model that has been presented through crypto in recent years. Banks charge you fees for holding, spending, and transferring your money, whereas cryptocurrency payments have a miniscule transaction fee and are far less expensive. You can also make purchases, like buying pot seeds for sale, without there being any record of your purchase, your connection to it, or who the payment was made to. All without a third party being privy to your spending. A series of codes that are public knowledge provide the confirmation that the transfer happened, but the specifics are kept entirely private. When you are purchasing from companies that do not accept credit cards, but accept various cryptocurrencies, you are able to inadvertently use your credit to buy crypto. Finally, there are no barriers to your acquiring points or purchasing while you wait for your next paycheck! While the amount of retailers that accept crypto is not as vast as those who take fiat currency, you can still stock up on marijuana seeds for sale. Weed Seeds is just one of the technologically savvy companies out there that recognizes crypto as the way of the future and wants to offer our loyal customers the safe and anonymous payment option. We not only offer it, but reward it. If you opt to use your crypto to complete your transaction, you are given a bonus, like free seeds! These are some of the benefits of crypto in general, but choosing Omni comes with a few exclusive rewards of its own. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are run on systems that cannot support the amount of transactions in a timely manner, Omni can process over 50,000 transactions per second. You will receive confirmation of the successful transfer of funds for weed seeds for sale within 10 seconds, as fast as using another form of payment like credit. Not only are the processing times fast, they also use little computing power which makes this an eco-friendly payment method as well. When paying with most crypto, each individual involved is labeled with a long string of numbers which is how purchases remain anonymous. Omni Coin allows you to create a username, rather than a complicated code, to simplify the user experience. The last point we will mention here is that Omni Coin has employed the Proof of Participation security protocol to create safety within a somewhat volatile market. This is a system where only the folks with the highest investment in the Omni market are able to process transactions. This ensures that those who have the power to negatively infiltrate the system are the ones that would be the most impacted if anything were to go wrong. Consider it a built-in safety net! When you are sifting through our cannabis seeds for sale, know that your purchase will be easy and confidential!

The Difference Between Omni and Bitcoin

The Anonymous Way To Buy Cannabis Seeds

How To Buy OMNI / Omni

Spending crypto on your preferred seeds starts with the simple action of acquiring it. This is an easy process that only takes a few steps and a little time. Fortunately, this time investment is only required in the start up phase, and once you are all set up, you can utilize your wallet quickly and with ease. So, the first step is to find an exchange account through which you can open your virtual wallet. The most important thing to look at when you are selecting your exchange is that it supports the cryptocurrency you prefer to buy and use. Once you have made your choice, you will be asked to enter some basic personal information and walk through a couple steps to secure your account. Then, you are ready to start